January 31, 2013

Snow Expected Tonight in Larue County

We're ending January on a cold note, as tonight temperatures are expected to drop to 15 degrees, with a 50 percent chance of snow.

Winds are expected to be WNW at about 20 mph. Humidity will be just under 50 percent.

The snow showers will include winds that are expected to ebb and flow throughout the night, with winds gusting up to 30 mph, although the average should be around 20 mph, as mentioned.

Snow accumulation shouldn't be too much, with about an inch forecasted, but you never know with weather patterns, so be alert if you must go out.

On Friday it'll remain cold with highs expected to reach 27 degrees, and lows probably coming in at 21 degrees.

Weekend temperatures will warm up a little with highs coming in at 40 degrees on Saturday and Sunday. Saturday could receive some snow as well.

Heading into next week temperatures should gradually warm up to the low to mid-50s.

Kentucky Soldier Dies in Alabama Accident

A member of the U.S. Army since he enlisted two weeks after he graduated from Bourbon County High School, CW2 Kenneth Lee Barker, who earned twenty-eight medals while serving his country, died tragically in a car accident while stationed in Alabama.

He served for 12.5 years before his untimely death.

Barker was in instructor school, which he was close to completing when he was killed.

He did two tours in Iraq as a crew chief, according to his uncle Don Barker, who said he also did a combat tour in Afghanistan as a pilot.

Left behind is his wife, Krystal Barker and their two sons, Branson And Kohen.

Barker will be laid to rest on Friday, February 1st at 11:30 at Southland Christian Church in Nicholasville.

Kentucky Tea Party: Beware of Democrats Bearing Gifts

The idea that Democrats in Kentucky are worried about Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY), getting re-elected, and want to work together with Republicans and Tea Party representatives is a joke.

This is nothing other than the old but effective tactic of dividing and conquering. If the Tea Party members go along with this, they will be rightly tarnished as an arm of the Democratic Party of Kentucky; they would lose credibility and effectiveness.

More importantly, what Democrats are attempting to do is create the illusion that the Republican Party has lost its vision, and they want to exploit that by appearing to be concerned over the situation, but once McConnell was removed from the Senate race, would aggressively attack the candidate they originally talked Republicans and Tea Party representatives into backing.

In case you think I'm a supporter of Mitch McConnell, I'm not, my loyalties lie with the Tea Party, assuming they remain on message.

But at this point in time, unless the Tea Party puts forth a strong candidate, it would probably be better to re-elect Mitch McConnell than to have a person lacking character and not representing Kentucky values, such as actress Ashley Judd, who has been throwing out trial balloons all over the place to see if she would have any real chance of becoming a Senator from Kentucky.

It's best to spread the message of liberty around and build up at the grass roots level than to accept any money from the liberal, Democrat machine that has shown in its major representative Barack Obama, that it doesn't matter if you lie, cheat or steal to get your way, as long as you get it.

The Kentucky Tea Party should focus on the long-term and stay away from these types of proposed alliances which will rob it of its soul.

In truth the Democrats know of the potential of the Tea Party in Kentucky and around the nation, and are attempting to co-opt it by appearing to be friends with them against a common enemy. Mitch McConnell, because of some of his wrong-headed decisions, has become their poster boy for doing this.

Don't be taken in by it Tea Party. To be successful, we must not engage and enter into short-term strategies which have no long-term benefit to us. Removing Mitch McConnell may send a message - and talk of it already has - but to look at it from a larger point of view and longer time frame, it's really not that important.

Liberal Democrats view Obama as their chance of a lifetime, and they're doing everything they can to replace anyone that may oppose his repugnant agenda. Could you imagine abortionist and liberal Ashley Judd representing the people of Kentucky? Mitch McConnell looks like a saint compared to that Hollywood nut job.

Forget the idea of attempting to get rid of Mitch McConnell as some type of major goal and strategy. If it can be done with a strong liberty-minded candidate, I'm all for it; one that could defeat any candidate the Democratic Party of Kentucky could throw at them. But to get rid of McConnell for the purpose of punishing him, and them punishing the people of Kentucky with someone like Ashley Judd, would set the Tea Party back for years, and isn't worth the effort for some temporary satisfaction.

Don't reach across the aisle to the Democrats. As bad as Mitch McConnell is in some areas, he does have some conservative values that line up with the people of Kentucky, something most Democrats don't have.

Notice all the Democrats running around Kentucky and blabbing to mainstream media outlets how they back Obama in his radical agendas, including attempts to strip us of our 2nd Amendment rights. To vote for that party is to vote against liberty and ourselves. Don't do it.

Proposed Ky Public Pension Changes Nowhere Near Enough

The changes being put forth by Kentucky Senate Republicans, based largely upon recommendations of a task force, don't even begin to deal with the issue, as we see the problem being kicked down the road yet again.

While there are some good things in Senate Bill 2, such as cutting some of the retirement benefits and eliminating an existing law that requires cost-of-living increases, it does nothing to deal with the real problem, which is the unfunded liabilities.

The Kentucky Retirement Systems requirements stand at $11 billion, with only 44 percent of that available to meet the needs.

Didn't Kentucky get the memo from Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker? His simple answer to the challenge in his state was to have the actual people receiving the benefits pay a little more into them rather than the taxpayers. It worked extremely well, as Wisconsin quickly recovered from the weight of having to underwrite the outrageous wages and benefits public workers get over the more productive workers in the private sector.

Not only that, but the language in SB 2 says that Kentucky must totally fund its contribution starting in 2014. That means the Commonwealth must come up with $327 billion for fiscal year 2015. After that the required amount would increase by hundreds of millions of dollars.

As I said, absolutely nothing is being done to address the real issue, which is government workers were given more benefits than can be paid for, and now it has brought the state and the rest of us to the brink of insolvency. Call it what you want, but that's exactly what it is.

Why haven't the lawmakers of Kentucky - both Republican and Democrat - dealt with the issue? They are hoping they can kick the can far enough down the road so they don't have to deal with the outcome of the hard steps that need to be taken to deal with this disaster.

Senate leaders said they would have preferred to see more changes in the government worker pension system, but don't believe the bill would have passed if they didn't work along the guidelines suggested by the task force.

That's incredibly stupid by the Republican-led Kentucky Senate, as they should have put forth a comprehensive bill that would have radically dealt with the problem in a way that would have actually solved it. If that would have been done, it would have been on the Democrats when the house of cards comes tumbling down after they voted against the changes.

As it is, reality will deal with the pensions of government workers in Kentucky because there simply isn't enough money to pay for it, and there will be drastic austerity measures put in place sooner or later. It should have been now, as it would have helped to ease the transition for those counting on the promised benefits. Unfortunately, when the hundreds of million of dollars are needed in the future, nothing being offered as change will do anything to provide for it.

One thing for sure, Kentucky politicians better not even thing of boosting taxes on the productive private sector and free market in order to pay for the outrageous promises they made to government workers, promises that are now being exposed as the fool's gold they were.

Sentate Committee Approves Abortion Bills

In an attempt to stop further murders of babies by abortion, two bills were recently approved by a Senate committee which would probably help reduce the number of abortions in Kentucky.

One of the bills were introduced in order to help clear up an existing law which requires that women seeking abortions must have face-to-face consultations with a health professional or social worker recommended by a physician before an abortion can be performed.

The other bill would make it mandatory for a women to have an ultrasound before having an abortion.

The first bill deals with the misinterpretation of the "informed consent" law already in effect as being able to impersonally listen to a pre-recorded message on a phone rather than by talking to a doctor or other health professional.

Now the bill will be defined specifically as being in the same room with the health professional or social worker for the counseling session.

January 30, 2013

Kentucky Child Care Cost Subsidies to be Cut

The reality is beginning to settle in concerning government promises that it can't be the healer it has positioned itself to be, and that is evidenced in area of child care cost subsidies, which will be cut later in 2013, affecting thousands of low-income families in the Commonwealth.

Estimates are over 10,000 children will be impacted from the cuts.

No new applicants will be taken, according to the Kentucky Department of Community Based Services, nor subsidies be paid out for neglected or abused children beginning in April.

At this time the program has an $86.6 million shortfall based on cuts in state and federal funding, along with growing numbers of applicants, said Audrey Tayse Haynes, secretary of the Cabinet for Health and Family Services.

Starting in July, the child care assistance program income requirements for a family of four will be cut from $33,075 to $22,050.

Tree Falls on Home of N.KY. Woman

A woman from Highland Heights in northern Kentucky woke up to a surprise after harsh weather swept through the area, as a neighbor called and let her know that a tree had landed fallen on her house.

Fortunately for Amy Doherghty there wasn't much damage from the tree landing on her home. It apparently must had slowly pulled from its roots since she didn't hear the tree hit her home. The strong winds also could have contributed to the situation.

I had a similar situation happen to be several months ago when a tree was uprooted after very wet weather followed by severe weather and strong winds. Doherghty said she was told by a tree service that it was what happened in her situation as well.

If the roots of a tree aren't real deep, this can happen to ever very established trees. In my case the tree was very mature, spanning at least about 8' to 10' in diameter.

Missing Dog, Family, Have Happy Ending

In a feel-good story that even a Hollywood script writer couldn't make up, a 5-month-old puppy disappeared 18 months ago from a family living in Fort Campbell, Ky., and now has been found in the northern part of New Mexico.

The Chihuahua-dachshund is now a 2-year-old nursing mom, although unfortunately when found, its litter remained lost after a search by shelter workers.

Named Pooka, owner Mandi Smith said when she was first contacted by the Espanola Valley Humane Society in New Mexico, she thought someone was playing a joke on her. She was happily wrong.

What made the happy ending for the family and missing dog was an embedded microchip that had been implanted in Pooka just a few days before she went missing. She was discovered on January 12 walking about the streets of Espanola, NM.

Smith was reunited with Pooka on Wednesday in Albuquerque.

Kentucky Tornadoes Touch Down in Marion, Warren Counties

A second tornado has touched down in Kentucky, according to the National Weather Service, with the latest one being in Warren County, following an earlier sighting in Marion County.

The latest tornado was categorized as an EF-2 with winds from 120 to 125 mph. At this time the majority of the damage from the tornado was in the area northeast of Bowling Green, although it may have moved beyond the boundaries of Warren County.

Earlier reports of the first tornado in Marion County said it had blown a trailer off of its foundation, and there were two known injuries. Marion County Emergency Management Director Hayden Johnson said a 7-year-old boy and 32-year-old woman were injured.

A truck was reportedly blown of I-24 close to Oak Grove, although no injuries were associated with that incident.

According to Rachel Trevino, meteorologist for the National Weather Service in Paducah, tornadoes may have touched down in the Christian and Muhlenberg county areas of Kentucky, although that has yet to be confirmed.

In the Larue County area, high winds continue to hit the area into the evening hours as the temperature drops towards freezing.

Ban Democrat John Yarmuth

Rep. John Yarmuth, D-Ky., continues his assault on the 2nd Amendment and the freedom of the residents of Kentucky, joining Obama in an attempt to cut back on American freedoms even more.

Yarmuth attacked the National Rifle Association members and CEO Wayne Lapierre, saying their major focus is to sell more weapons. The idea that members of the NRA's primary purpose is to sell more weapons is an outrageous lie that Yarmuth and the Democratic Party he belongs to needs to apologize for.

The idea that members of the NRA in Kentucky have as their goal the selling of weapons can't even be taken seriously. These are the types of lies and strong-arm tactics Obama and his allies like Yarmuth are using in an attempt to strip away our rights. We must oppose them totally and completely.

As Wayne Lapierre said, “Independent studies, including a study from the Clinton Justice Department, proved that ban had no impact on lowering crime.” He's correct of course, and the gun issue has nothing to do with firearms, but the condition of the human heart and individual person that is wielding them.

No law or restrictions can change that, and it's only the criminals that will have guns once Democrats like John Yarmuth are given their way.

So the idea of background checks having any deterrent on violent crime where guns are used is a false and faulty one. Like anyone is naive enough to believe a criminal is going to check in somewhere before obtaining a gun of any sort. It's ridiculous to the point of being laughable.

What's driving this is the sense of helplessness people feel after a tragedy happens when guns are used to kill people. Unfortunately we live in a world with sin, and no law will ever be able to change the fact that there is evil in the world.

People are arrested all the time for killing with a variety of weapons, including baseball bats, knives, and other implements. Are we to ban all of them too. Are we to have background checks with those and other items as well?

In the end we'll just become a police state attempting to create an utopia on earth that will become an enemy of freedom and the citizens it asserts it's trying to protect.

We will never live in a perfect world, and the Utopian and dangerous liberals like John Yarmuth better learn that quick. Next election let's remind him of that fact as we vote him out of office.

Some at this time may be thinking or asking themselves the question of what about the next time innocent people and children are killed? The answer is how can anybody stop a person intent on killing anyone else.

The only way to limit or stop the damage is to train and arm some of the administrators and teachers in schools and other public areas to the point where they can defend their charges. This has worked in church buildings around America, which had had its members attacked on a consistent basis until they started defending themselves. That will work in every circumstance, and is a strong deterrent from wannabee killers.

New Kentucky Highway Map Now Available

A new highway map of Kentucky for 2013 has been released by the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet. Every year a new map is published in order to reflect the changes and improvements in the highway system in Kentucky.

Copies of the map can be obtained at state parks in Kentucky, rest areas, local convention and tourism offices, and welcome centers around the state.

An example of changes this year is the new Kentucky 873 in Clay County, which now allows drivers to access the Hal Rogers Parkway from U.S. 421. Information like this is important because I've found myself using old maps in the past which didn't take into account the changes in the highway system, which caused me travel problems.

The cover of the map includes a strong Kentucky theme, with horses and riders traveling along the shore of Land Between the Lakes National Recreation Area.

Thousands of Power Outages in Kentucky

The powerful winds sweeping across Kentucky in the early hours of Wednesday resulted in almost 9,000 power outages across the state, with approximately 6,200 of them in the south-central Kentucky counties of Hart and Barren.

Winds in some areas surpassed 60 mph, reaching as high as 67 mph at one time.

Other areas hit hardest by the winds and sustaining damage and outages were located in eastern Kentucky.

According to Kentucky Utilities and LG&E, there were about 500 power outages around the state.
A cold front is now following the severe weather, with temperatures Wednesday night expected to dip to 28°F, plummeting to as low as about 15°F on Thursday evening and Friday in the early morning hours. The coldest of the weather could linger until Saturday.

Courier-Journal Gun-Control Poll a Joke

The liberal newspaper rag of Kentucky, the Courier Journal, is using polls to attempt to make it appear the residents of Kentucky support Obama's attack on the 2nd Amendment and the values of the vast majority of Kentucky residents.

Most people must understand that polling, in many cases, are used as a tool to sway public opinion, and the questions are asked in a way that confuses respondents.

So when the Courier Journal screams in it headlines that "Many of President Barack Obama's gun-control measures supported in Courier-Journal Bluegrass Poll," and then deceivingly assert "a majority of Kentuckians support gun-control measures proposed by President Barack Obama," you can see they are using SurveyUSA polling as a means of trying to make the people of Kentucky believe something they in fact don't.

In other words, these are mind games being employed because of the cynical paper believing the people of Kentucky are too stupid to see through their strategy.

An anemic 700 Kentucky residents took part in the poll, and allegedly 56 percent of them are in favor of "stricter gun-control laws."

What is 56 percent of 700 people polled? It's 392 people. So according to the Courier Journal, the 392 people in Kentucky (assuming they even understood the poll questions) who say they believe that gun laws need to become stricter, encompass the beliefs and values of the entire state.

Again, this is pathetic, and using the same polling company, found out from 609 registered voters that they oppose U.S Senator Mitch McConnell by a 2-1 margin. Here's the link to that "poll." Bookmark this page and come back when McConnell runs again to see if the 2-1 margin yelled out by the Courier Journal is true or not.

The bottom line is polling, even when done honestly and correctly, isn't an exact science, or a science at all, and many times are found to be nowhere nearly as accurate as the results portray. There is no doubt with these two polls that this is true, as we'll see going forward.

It's amazing to see this newspaper subject itself to be the laughing stalk it is by printing these poll results as if they are meaningful or accurate in any way. This mainstream media newspaper is already considered a joke by many, but to reveal itself as the court jester of news, or class clown of Kentucky media, is a terrific, but unexpected surprise.

Men in Kentucky Terrorism Case Receive Sentences

The two men who had terrorist charges against them in Kentucky were sentenced on Tuesday, with one receiving a life sentence and the other a 40-year sentence.

U.S. District Judge Thomas B. Russell had 25-year-old Mohanad Shareef Hammadi protest his being sentenced to life in prison without possibility of parole. He claimed before the judge that all his role in the incident, which involved a plan to ship cash and weapons to Iragi insurgents, was to help his friend load up a truck in order to make some money. Even so, he told an informant he had partaken in at least eleven improvised explosive-device attacks on U.S. soldiers.

Hammadi's attorney, James Earhart, said he'll appeal the life sentence of his client. Earhart has sought a 25-year sentence for Hammadi.

The other defendant, Waad Ramadan Alwan, who got the 40-year sentence, would have also received a life sentence if he hadn't cooperated, said U.S. Attorney David Hale.

While no weapons ever left America because Alwan and Hammadi believed they were working with another insurgent, when in fact he was a confidential informant, they planned on sending thousands of shoulder-firing missile, machine guns, rifles and grenades to al-Qaida in Iraq.

Alwan had recruited Hammadi for the purpose of building a terrorist cell on American soil.

January 29, 2013

NRA: Gun Owners Won't Accept Blame for Violent Criminals

The CEO of the National Rifle Association (NRA), Wayne LaPierre, is set to speak to a Senate panel Wednesday, reportedly ready to tell the lawmakers that there should be no new gun-control laws put into effect.

“Law-abiding gun owners will not accept blame for the acts of violent or deranged criminals,” LaPierre said.

“Nor do we believe the government should dictate what we can lawfully own and use to protect our families,” added LaPierre.

This comments come from a press release of the NRA concerning what LaPierre's initial comments will be.

Per the release, he also will state this:

While we’re ready to participate in a meaningful effort to solve these pressing problems, we must respectfully — but honestly and firmly — disagree with some members of this committee, many in the media, and all of the gun control groups on what will keep our kids and our streets safe.

But there are things that can be done and we ask you to join with us. The NRA is made up of millions of Americans who support what works … the immediate protection for all — not just some — of our school children; swift, certain prosecution of criminals with guns; and fixing our broken mental health system.

The attempt to implement gun control, which without a doubt will eventually lead to the attempt to confiscate all firearms, is completely wrong-headed. Why that's so is because God Himself has revealed to us it's what is inside of man that is wrong.

That's why there are all sorts of ways people murder other people, with guns being just one of many. 
LaPierre has called for armed security guards at all schools, while Republican Kentucky Senator Rand Paul says there should be administrators and teaches in schools that are trained and armed to deal with any shooter that may show up.

The bottom line is law has never been able to deal with the actions of man, as it's what's inside of man where the evil comes from. That's why Jesus Christ came, saying the law can never save, but was put in place in order to point to Him, who is the only one that can change people within.
Gun owners and the NRA have absolutely nothing to do with the crazy and evil people that kill; it's a human condition which can't be solved through laws, but only by meeting that force with an equal force that will end the attempted carnage.

Those in churches that were being attacked found out when they started having armed members who didn't hesitate to defend the congregation, the shootings almost completely dried up. That looks to be the best way to approach a problem that is one of human nature, not one that has anything to do with guns other than it's the weapon of choice of some of those looking to kill people.

What is really happening is the liberals, most Democrats, and the current administration, are using the recent tragedy of murdered school children in an attempt to confiscate the firearms of law-abiding citizens, to the end that once they do that there will be nothing to stop a corrupt government from doing anything it chooses to. That's why the Second Amendment was added when it was, in order to be a final check and balance to rulers who want to become dictators and abandoning the rule of law.

Hawks Wrestling Coach Gary Canter Facing Last Home Match

Larue  County High School Hawks wrestling coach is poised to coach his last home match on Wednesday, as the team faces Oldham County at 6 p.m., in what should be an emotional experience for all involved. Canter was approached by the school to coach the wrestling team in 1990, after a less-than-inspiring stint as the girl's basketball coach, which he started in the 1986-87 season.

In a humorous memory, Canter has recalled how he had to educate the community and his young wrestlers concerning the type of wrestling they would be doing wouldn't be the type they saw on TV in the roped in areas.

There have been few coaches with the success in Kentucky that Canter has had, who has led the Hawks to second-place state finishes in 2001, 2005 and 2012. Canter honestly admits that is the one thing that he regrets in his career, but says it isn't as big of a deal in wrestling because it's more of an individual than a team sport.

Wins and success are only part of the story of Canter and his wrestling coaching career, as he has garnered the respect of his colleagues who know him, who say he is ready to help them whenever they have asked him for help and advice in the past.

His wrestlers also testify to the fact that his focus has been one of selflessness, only wanting the best out of and for his wrestlers over the years. Larue County High School will definitely miss his presence on the sidelines going forward.

It will definitely be one of the highlights of 2013 for the county Wednesday night, with those people attending sure to create and experience memories they won't soon forget. Gary Canter will without a doubt be one of them.

HMH Offering Free Lipid Profile at Saturday Fair

Hardin Memorial Health (HMH) announced it will offer a a free lipid profile at Heart Fair 2013 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. The fair will be held at the inside fifth floor auditorium of the hospital.

A lipid profile entails a total cholesterol, HDL, LDL, triglyceride and glucose checks. The profile is valued at $75.

To qualify of for the free profile, Karen Blaiklock, health and wellness promotion manager for HMH, said people must pre-register by end of business Wednesday. You can schedule an appointment by calling (270) 706-1250, or go to www.hmh.net.

Other things attendants can do is get a body mass index examination, have blood glucose levels checked, as well as their blood pressure.

According to Blaiklock there will be booths available with information on heart healthy nutrition, cardiac catheterization, disease and weight management, stroke prevention, diabetes and fitness.

Also available will be information associated with what are called the simple seven measures of life by the American Health Association: Get active, control cholesterol, eat better, manage blood pressure, lose weight, reduce blood sugar and stop smoking.

She added that if a person is older than 20 they should get their cholesterol checked at least one time every five years.

For those that aren't able to attend the fair, the hospital says they can go to the website to find out where the Wellness on Wheels mobile health unit can be found during the month of February.

Frigid Weather Returning to Larue County

Don't get too relaxed over the unseasonably warm weather we've been enjoying over the last couple of days, as after a warm Wednesday, where highs are predicted to reach into the low 60s, not too long afterwards during the night hours it could plunge as much as 40 degrees, dropping to the mid 20s.

What is happening, according to head forecaster Mark Adams for the Fort Knox weather station, is warm, moist air is being brought up from the Gulf of Mexico in the front of a low-pressure system, with cold air coming up behind it.

Conditions could quickly change for the worst, says Adams, with possibilities of light snow, high winds, and thunderstorms later Tuesday or early Wednesday.

The good news is we're past the traditionally coldest part of the winter and other than occasional cold fronts, should start to gradually warm up going forward.

Radcliff Man Pleads Not Guilty to Murder

The charges against Jarrod D. Davis, 23, were upgraded from second-degree manslaughter to murder and first-degree criminal abuse, in regard to his one-month-old son, who was found dead on January 15, 2013.

Ja'Vion Davis died of multiple injuries, according to the Hardin County Coroner, including blunt force trauma to his head.

The Radcliff resident, who was arrest on January 16, pleaded not guilty to the new charges.

Owsley County Clerk Behind Bars for Theft, Taxes

Photo: Franklin County Regional Jail
Owsley County clerk Sid Gabbard was arrested on charges of failure to pay taxes and theft.

Gabbard allegedly failed to make payments to the Kentucky Revenue Cabinet after employees had taxes withheld from their checks. He was also charged with failure to file state tax returns in 2010 and 2011.

At this time Gabbard is being held in Franklin County Regional Jail on a $20,000 full cash bond, according to the website of the jail.

Prescription Drugs Growing Kentucky Problem

In a report on the crime statistics for three southeastern Kentucky counties in 2012, the biggest increase in crime came from those peddling prescription drugs.

What happens is people go to areas to the south and buy prescription drugs, and then return and sell them for high prices; up to $25-$30 each on the street. Most of these pills are painkillers.

Also unsurprising is the growing number of shoplifting cases, as well as domestic violence. Both of these are the direct result of economic conditions in the eastern Kentucky counties of Whitley, Laurel and Knox, although substance abuse continues to be part of domestic abuse.

Theft of copper is a growing problem, as prices still are high enough to make it worthwhile to thieves.

Grayson Business Robbed, Worker Assaulted

Center Stage Studio in Grayson was the scene of a robbery and assault on Thursday, where police arrived at the scene at about 10 PM last Thursday.

The story is when the business was being closed at night by a female employee, a male assaulted her and was able to get away with an undisclosed amount of money. There was apparently a second suspect on the scene, which the person doing the actual assault ran away with once they acquired the money.

While there was no description available of the second person on the scene, the first one was described as a  white male, between 5'6" and 5'10", between 160 and 180 pounds, wearing a brown coat and dark toboggan.

The victim of the crime received some minor injuries to her head and face during the assault.
I've worked as a manager at businesses in the past where I had to deliver the store's receipts to the bank after the business closed for deposit the next day. One thing we've all been taught is you should never resist when confronted by an assailant. Money can always be replaced, people can't.

If you have any information concerning this matter contact the Kentucky State Police Post 14 Ashland by calling 1-800-222-5555 or 606-928-6421.

Henderson Man Gets 10 Years for Bat Assault

Pleading guilty to a charge of second-degree assault, Michael A. Parm, a resident of Henderson, Ky, was sentenced to 10 years by Henderson Circuit Court.

The charges came from Parm being accused of using an aluminum bat to hit a person during an altercation at Lawndale Apartments, where he lived.

According to Henderson Judicial Center records, the victim of the assault had a number of injuries, including bleeding on the brain during the fight in May, 2012.

Parm was originally charged with first-degree assault before pleading to the second-degree charge.

I wonder if anyone is going to call for an aluminum bat ban? Maybe Democrat John Yarmouth, who has joined Obama in fighting against Kentucky values.

Kentucky Government Union (KEHP) Get More Perks

As if the above-market wages and benefits taxpayers of Kentucky pay for government workers aren't bad enough, now the approximate 275,000 members of Kentucky Employees' Health Plan (KEHP) will get even more perks, as they'll be able to participate in a program where they'll get an additional 5 percent savings off of healthy products such as vegetables and fruit, among other similar items when they shop at Wal-Mart (WMT).

While it's a good idea to remind and incentivize people to eat healthier, it is a questionable practice by Wal-Mart to offer this to government workers only who are already over-paid and underwritten by the people working in the private sector that are far more productive and beneficial to Kentucky.

HumanaVitality CEO Joe Woods, said this, "The Commonwealth has become a national leader in inspiring healthy behavior through its LivingWell program and now through Vitality HealthyFood. Helping people make healthier choices in their daily lives is how we're going to solve the healthcare cost crisis in this country. Unique collaborations such as this, among employers, health companies and retailers, are the key to making that happen."

This is a mistake by Wal-Mart in that they are favoring public employees to the neglect of the private sector, which actually provides terrific benefit to the people of Kentucky. Why didn't they roll this out as a benefit for all of the people rather than those in a public union? It makes little sense at all, and tarnishes them with favoritism against the regular customers of the retail giant.

The idea that the people with the least need for price cuts are the recipients of the benefits of them shows how far we've been removed from being able to rightly discern the needs of our communities and the people living in them.

Bad move Wal-Mart. Those working in the productive private sector should be those that receive better prices, not those that the private sector supports to the end that it has to bear the weight of wages and benefits of the type they will never receive, and which has unfunded liabilities in the billions for the state employees who aren't willing to pay their fair share of those benefits, but instead throw them on the rest of the people to prop them up.

Wal-Mart should have rolled out this program for all residents of Kentucky, not the overpaid government workers who need a pay and benefit cut so we no longer have to support their lavish lifestyles.

January 28, 2013

Rand Paul on the Benghazi Coverup

Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky, boldly continues to keep the disaster that was Benghazi in the public eye, as the mainstream media continues to act as if it never happened, even though Ambassador Christopher Stevens and three others were killed.

The idea that some video on the Internet was what caused the murderous uprising is now laughable, as the Obama Administration continues to coverup the real reasons for the attack, and also why it's being ignored.

According to Paul, his concerns stem from the “lack of security in advance of the attack, how they responded to the attack and the political coverup after the attack.”

There are suspicions from Paul the reason the distancing by the White House and the disgraceful failure of Hillary Clinton, come from the probability that there was a gun running operation going on that is still attempted to be hidden.

Paul said that  his “suspicion, although I don’t have any proof, is that guns were being smuggled out of Libya, through Turkey and into Syria.”

As for the hapless Hillary Clinton, her alleged cluelessness and incompetence surrounding that which was her responsibility as the Secretary of State, she said she never read the cables sent from the Embassy calling for help.

Why she is even Secretary of State any longer is beyond Rand Paul, who said if he had been President she would have been fired.

Concerning following up on the disaster, Paul noted that if the House had any courage it would call in people who were at the annex for testimony, while having Ambassador Rice come in to answer questions about the coverup and the military commanders connected to the incident.

Boys Scouts Going Gay?

In what could be a moral disaster, the Boys Scouts of America appears to be caving on the issue of excluding gays from leadership in the organization.

At this time, what appears to be a trial balloon, the Boy Scouts organization has thrown out the possibility of leaving it in the hands of local groups and their donaters as to whether or not to allow homosexual leaders and youth members into the organization.

It's a disaster because there is no way to police the organization and who the members are.
For example, what happens if there are jamborees involving Boy Scout organizations from a variety of areas, some of which allow and others which forbid homosexual involvement? Those who expect there to be no gay leaders and members involved, will now have their boys exposed to the aberrant lifestyle, which is always evangelistic in nature, no matter what the proponents assert.

If the Boys Scouts of America goes forth with this compromise, we need to immediately take our boys out en masse, and allow them to see just how deeply we oppose this outrageous measure.

For Larue County and the surrounding area, we need to let the organization know we won't settle for these actions by the national organization, and will stop funding in any way, shape or form the Boy Scouts in this area.

There are plenty of ways a similar group can be put together, one that is safe and focuses on what the Boy Scouts are supposed to be focused on; not to create another group involved with social engineering which could result in our young boys being exposed to and recruited in this lifestyle that is opposed by Jesus Christ and the Bible.

Are Christians the Abortion Problem?

There are disturbing numbers and trends that suggest the reason abortion continues to be difficult to battle against is because there could be women in large numbers who identify themselves as Christians that are getting abortions. If true, a battle can't be won that is undermined by those from within.

The Guttmacher Institute noted in 2008 that of those women getting abortions, 37.3 percent identified themselves as Protestants and 28.1 percent identified themselves as Catholic. Assuming those numbers are close to being accurate, there is a major but unsurprising number of those asserting they're Christians who participate in the murder of their babies. There is no way a victory can be achieved with that type of rank hypocrisy.

A number of pro-lifers, of which is am one, have disputed these percentages, but I'm not so sure they are correct in their believe the numbers are probably inflated.

I've known a lot of people across the United States, and when talking to women that say they are Christians, quite a number of them have acknowledged they have had abortions; many of them doing so after saying they came to Christ.

If that's the case, there is a huge problem in Christianity, one which I've known about for years, but is finally being revealed in issues such as the abortions mentioned above.

Before we get into that, also keep in mind that the Republican party has continued to support Planned Parenthood, supported by the fact when they have been in the majority the baby-killing organization continues to receive funding from them. What more can be said? It's the truth.

The Future of Freedom Foundation says this:

"According to Planned Parenthood’s latest report, the organization received $542.4 million in 'government health services grants and reimbursements,' including 'payments from Medicaid managed care plans.' Yet the report also states that Planned Parenthood performed 333,964 abortions in 2011. But Planned Parenthood could not have received a dime of taxpayer money unless Republicans in the House — who play the pro-life card at every election — voted for the funding. They were, after all, in the majority."

That there is a Trojan Horse in the Republican Party is without a doubt. In this article though I want to focus on the Trojan Horse in the Christian community, where the actions in this one issue has undermined the battle to end the hatred and murder of unborn children.

First, the term Christian, just like "church," has become meaningless. They have become interchangeable in a way that goes beyond what is revealed in the Holy Scriptures, and so many people asserting they are Christians, are in fact not really Christians, and the same is true with those organizing, buying a building, and then calling it a church.

Using the name Christian and church doesn't make you one, any more than calling a baby a fetus doesn't make it a human being. In other words, playing games with the meaning of words doesn't change the reality from God's point of view.

A real Christian will bear the fruit of that life, meaning will start to conform to the image of Jesus Christ, and corporately, any real church will do the same. That's really what being born again, or more fully, born from above, really means. It's a new life that comes into those who truly place their faith in Jesus Christ, and the life of Christ at that time takes up residence in a human being by the Holy Spirit in response to that faith.

Those that are really born from above will take on the characteristics of Christ, as the Holy Spirit lives to reveal Christ to us and change us into what He is like.

So in regard to abortion and any other practice that opposes Jesus Christ as revealed in the Bible, those who participate in those activities have to be questioned as to the truth of being born again, as we know that we are told that we know who they really are because they'll walk and live as Christ did.

The bottom line is we need to think over what it means to be a Christian, and must take that to the various battles we are fighting, as those who say they are Christians are fighting against those of us who want to see Christ released into this world as Savior and Lord.

This is another reason why homosexuality continues to rampage across the land. So-called pastors and leaders welcome them into the congregations; not to call them to repentance, but to make them feel welcome in their sins. The fight against homosexuality will never be won unless the church rises up and opposes this sin, as it's meant to oppose all sin.

When homosexuals are accepted in the churches, then we have yet another instance of a Trojan Horse weakening us from within. If we continue to wrongly believe that those allowing such things are Christians or churches, then we'll begin to accept their conclusions simply because those we know of are usually national ministries which are trusted for no other reason than being on "Christian" television.

To not understand the battle we're up against could lead many to despair, as they'll think just because some celebrity preacher gets wobbly in the battle against homosexuality, abortion, and other evils, that maybe those doing the fighting are wrong.

Don't believe that, give in, or give up. You're not wrong. They are. What is happening is the religious world is turning away from Jesus Christ in the name of the false god tolerance and acceptance, resulting in an growing false Christianity, which is increasingly in the life of individuals and congregations.

We no longer can assume those naming Christ are Christians, or that those having the term "church" on a building or papers means they are a church.

That is the only way to be strengthened in the battle as discouragement arises and we see those that proclaim they are Christians are in truth wolves in sheep's clothing set in place by Satan to discourage the elect.

There will be much more than this happening concerning issues such as abortion, as we begin to understand there are false Christians, false politicians, and false churches which undermine the work we're attempting to do by positioning themselves as allies, when in fact they're working from within to destroy us.

A time of prayer and fasting needs to arise where we cry out to God and Jesus Christ that we are given wisdom to see through the mixture and see exactly who He is and what He wants of us, while not being afraid to call out those that have abandoned the faith but continue on in the form of religion that denies its power and truth.

Wrestling: Hawks Finish Third at State Duals

At the State Duals in prep wrestling in Louisville over the weekend, the Larue County Hawks finished third, led by B.J. Carman and Caleb Canter, both going 4-0 for the competition.

Carman wrestled with a vengeance against his Louisville Moore opponent Justin McDaniel, who last week ruined what would have been an undefeated season for Carman, beating him at the South Oldham Dragon Invitational.

This week Carman would have none of that, as he pounced on McDaniel for a 10-2 victory, helping lead the Hawks to a third place finish. Carman excelled in the third period after leading McDaniel by only a point after the first two periods.

Also doing well for the Hawks was 152-pound senior Spencer Hines, who went 3-0 for the team, which beat Fort Campbell, 36-33 and Louisville Fairdale, 46-29 in pool matches. Union County, which won the small-school State Dual championship, beat the Hawks 43-24.

Larue County Results from State Duals on Saturday

Third Place. LaRue County (3-1)

Defeated Fort Campbell, 36-33

Defeated Louisville Fairdale, 46-29

Lost to Union County, 43-24

Defeated Louisville Moore, 37-33

Individual Results

106: Dawson Bingham                             2-2

113: Dalton Bell                                       1-3

120: Kyle Edlin                                        2-2

126: Tanner Mouser                                 0-1

126: Hunter Harrison                               1-2

132: Dylan West                                       3-1

138: Raymundo Perez                               2-1

145: Griffen Dulak                                    0-2

152: Spencer Hines                                   3-0

160: Jared Whitlock                                  1-2

170: Caleb Canter                                     4-0

182: B.J. Carman                                      4-0

195: Tony Couch                                      3-1

220: Cody Strausser                                  0-4

285: Nathan Bell                                       1-2

285: Charlie Roarx                                    0-1

Lady Hawks Looking to No. 1 Seed for 18th District Tourney

The LaRue County Lady Hawks got a double-double from star Junior guard Ivy Brown, who led them a little closer to becoming the No. 1 seed in the upcoming 18th District Tournament.

Brown contributed 22 points, 15 rebounds, four assists and four steals to the cause, as Larue County beat Caverna, 47-42 Saturday.

Also having a good night was Sophomore guard Alexis Brewer, adding 17 points, eight rebounds, three assists and three steals for the Lady Hawks (16-4, 5-0), who have now won five in a row.
Caverna played the Lady Hawks tough all night, never allowing them to pull away, and outscoring them in the second and fourth quarters.

Stats on the night for the two teams:

Ivy Brown 22, Alexis Brewer 17, Alley Evans 4, Alisha Durbin 2, Haley Holt 2. FG: 19-50. FT: 7-11. 3-pointers: 2-11 (Brewer 2-4, Brown 0-5, Delany Eastridge 0-2). Rebs: 38 (Brown 15, Brewer 8). Assists: 11 (Brown 4, Brewer 3). Steals: 8 (Brown 4, Brewer 3).

The next contest for the Lady Hawks is at Bardstown Bethlehem at 7:30 p.m. Wednesday.

Kentucky Woman Stop LSU 73-60

Led by Azia Bishop, who scored a career-high 17 points, Kentucky pulled out a victory over pesky LSU 73-60.

It was a seesaw battle in the first half, with the lead changing hands several times, with not team allowing the other to pull away, and with LSU never being able to moved ahead by more than one possession. At halftime the Wildcats took a 31-26 lead, which they never relinquished.

The closest the Lady Tigers (12-8, 3-4) got after the half was with 8:40 to play, when they shrunk it down to 49-45.

This was a morale booster for Kentucky (19-2, 7-1), which had its 17-game win streak stopped by No. 18 South Carolina last Thursday.

Kentucky Public Retirees Unfunded Liabilities Surpass $18 Billion

Unfunded liabilities for the Kentucky Retirement Systems is now over $18 billion, and shows no signs of coming down any time soon, worsening annually.

While the attempt to make this look like something that can be solved without concessions by those with pensions in the KRS, it's highly unlikely it can happen without that, and Kentucky should follow in the steps of Wisconsin, which with a law which had public employees of that state pay in a very small amount. That quickly moved the state into the black as to its budget, showing the way this type of problem must be solved.

The problem goes back a long way, one in which, as with most government employees, more is promised than can be sustainable over a period of time, as evidenced by the baby boomers entering their retirement age. Younger people can't pay for the outrageous perks, so the unfunded liabilities continue to mount, with few lawmakers in Kentucky willing to make the tough decisions that must be made.

Not only that, but there appears to be no will to cut back on spending, which is the answer to the problem, while making KRS retirees more responsible for their own pension fund, not the taxpayers of Kentucky.

The problem is, as mentioned, is that benefits beyond the market were promised by the government, and now that it's time to pay them out as more and more employees retire, the taxpayers can't and won't support that for which they don't come close to getting in their own benefit packages.

Why should productive, private citizens pay for promises that shouldn't have ever been made, and for which they are hurt even more if taxes are increased to pay for those irresponsible lawmakers who in the past allowed them to be made?

Kentucky Rates #1 in Major Cancers

With over 25,000 new cancer cases diagnosed in 2012, the terrible disease remains a major challenge for the Commonwealth, as it still holds the unwanted distinction of having the worst number of deaths attributed to cancer of all the states.

The specific cancers Kentucky ranks worst in are colon and rectum, oral cavity and pharynx, and lung and bronchus. Other areas the state ranks high in are kidney and renal pelvis (2nd), brain (3rd) and cervix (8th).

Hit particularly hard is the Appalachian region of the Kentucky, where the death rates for some cancers are the worst in the nation.

From 2000 - 2009, the overall mortality from cancer in the United States has fallen.

January 26, 2013

Hornback Realty Donates Land for Pregnancy Center

Clarity Solutions for Women was the happy recipient of a land donations from Lamonte and Mimi Hornback, owners of Hornback Realty Co. The donated property is located at 105 E. Memorial Drive, Elizabethtown, Ky.

According to director of development for Clarity Solutions for Women, Peggy Adams, there are no financial strings attached to the gift.
We might have paid the legal fees to get the deed transferred and the inspections, but it was minimal.
The property is located on the street where the center is currently located, making it fairly easy to transfer anything that is needed to the new property concerning its proposed use.

At the time of this writing the specific use of the building and property hasn't been decided upon, but Adams said it's probable that the medical services offered by the center are what will be transferred there, which includes free pregnancy testing and ultrasound examinations.

The purpose of Clarity is to aid in encouraging women to "choose life," said Adams, while helping the parents by offering counseling, training and supplies for the babies.

Goals for the opening are for the extension of the Center to be available sometime in the latter part of the summer of 2013.

Covington's First Female Mayor Ready to Tackle Growth

Even though struggling under the weight of the threat of of the growing contributions needed to fund the state retirement system, which accounts to almost 13 percent of the Covington, Ky budget, new Mayor Sherry Carran is ready to tackle the challenge of growth for the city.

As for the funding of the state retirement system, those benefiting from it, as in Wisconsin, should be required to increase their contributions so the productive citizens and businesses in the private sector don't have to bear the weight of it.

That's important because of the inflated benefits state workers get, who aren't near as productive as those in the private sector.

The new mayor, along with city commissioners and staff, said they're committed to working together to boost the business climate in Covington and to expand its tax base.

Offering support for the strengthening of the business climate in the state is a good idea, but the tired old idea of doing it for the purpose of growing the tax base in the city is one that needs to be retired.
What needs to be done is for taxes and outdated and stifling regulations to be removed so the market can do its some with as little as impediment as possible.

Until that is done, and taxes significantly reduced, we'll never see the type of prosperity that could emerge as the free market and entrepreneurs are allowed to do what they do best.

Unfortunately, Sherry Carran identifies herself as being an activist rather than a politician. While it's welcome to hear someone say they don't consider themselves a politician, it's potentially worse to hear them call themselves an activist. An activist in government usually is a buzzword for socialist, and/or big government thinking, where it takes the place of God in the lives of the people as the healer and protector. That's unacceptable, and needs to be resisted by the people.

I'm not saying Carran is that, but it's definitely suspicious, at minimum, to enter into office declaring oneself an activist.

Tea Party Battling Health Exchange, King Beshear

The Kentucky Tea Party is battling to end the new health insurance exchange before it takes hold in the state, which was forced into place by Governor Steve Beshear, a Democrat.

Beshear simply created an executive order in the manner that Obama does, essentially bypassing the checks and balances in inherent in state and federal governance.

What the Tea Party is looking for is that the Kentucky Health Benefit Exchange be dismantled until it is approved by the legislature. To that end they are supporting a bill which would require the exchange be approved before it is implemented by the state.

They are right to demand that, as the last thing Kentucky needs is a king in Frankfort following in the footsteps of Obama by sending out decrees from the capital.

January 25, 2013

Newport, Ky. Home Destroyed by Gas Explosion

A gas explosion leveled a Newport, Ky home, with three people inside being injured; one of them critically.

Two of the three victims of the gas explosion and fire were taken to Cincinnati's University Hospital for treatment. One of them was diagnosed as in critical condition. No names of the residents have been released yet. There was also no release of the injuries, if any, sustained by the third resident in the home at the time of the accident.

According to Newport fire Captain Phil Dietz, the home was in flames by time firefighters came on the scene.

All that was left of the home was the foundation and the chimney, added Dietz. As of this report, there was no evidence of damage to surrounding homes, even though there were debris from the house located in trees and around the immediate neighborhood.

Unborn Child Murders Reach 55 Million

Photo: AP

After 40 years from the day the Supreme Court of the United States of America declared it legal to kill babies hidden in the closets of their mother's wombs, approximately 55 million babies have been murdered; many of them in the most gruesome and evil of ways.

With a goal of attracting about 500,000 pro-life proponents, March for Life appears to have reached and surpassed that goal, as hundreds of thousands turned out to protest the ongoing holocaust of babies as they're hidden within wombs that were created to hold and grow life, not a laboratory to kill them in away from the pubic eye.

The purpose of the March for Life is of course to continue to keep in the pubic eye the worst type of child abuse there is - the killing of innocent unborn babies, the most vulnerable of all human beings.

We need to keep our resolve high and never give up on opposing the cheapening and murdering of life that has permeated America, which once in the past deeply valued life and freedom as taught and revealed by the Son of God, Jesus Christ.

Baptist Gay "Minister" Arrested for Trespassing

Highland Baptist Church (Louisville, KY) apparently "ordained" homosexual Maurice "Bojangles" Blanchard, who also has adopted the title Reverend before his name.

Blanchard was recently arrested for refusing to leave a clerk's office in Jefferson County, after being refused a marriage license. Marriage in Kentucky, as it commanded by God to be everywhere and at all times, is only between a man and a woman.

Talking to reporters, Louisville Metro Police Lt. Robert Shadle said Blanchard and his partner "Dominique James asserted they had a ""spiritual obligation" to refuse to leave and were consequently arrested.

Blanchard said he was "trusting in God and deeply called to do this."

Odd that someone who has rejected the commands of the Holy Scriptures concerning homosexuality, then using language real Christians use as an appeal to his protest.

If Highland Baptist indeed "ordained" him, then they are culpable, not only for this anti-Christian behavior, but for enabling homosexuals to believe they can continue on living in sin, which ultimately will lead to eternal damnation for them.

Evidently in the name of the false god of tolerance, Highland Baptist Church is opposing God, not only in the acceptance of the lifestyle of these people, but in teaching the people attending the building that it's okay for them and their children as well. We truly are in a time of sorrows.

This is why we must remove ourselves from religious trappings and focusing on the outward, and not only reading and teaching biblical Christianity, but living it.

The two were also wearing caps together with the saying "God is love" on them. The problem is Jesus Christ said if people say they love Him they must obey His commandments. No obedience equals no love of Christ. It's as simple as that.

Highland Baptist Church, which really shouldn't use the name church any longer, as least as it relates to being real followers of Jesus Christ, "ordained" Blanchard so he could begin a ministry to the gays, lesbians, bisexuals and transgendered.

What is wrong with that is a person must have repented of their sin so they can help people living in sin be delivered from it by the power of the gospel of Jesus Christ. It is a false gospel and practice to allow a person living in sin then have a ministry towards those who are living in sin.

It's really not a ministry approved by God, of course, but one that seeks to make it acceptable to live in this sin and still be considered a part of the family of God. The lie is despicable, and against everything that Jesus Christ stands for.

Picture someone that is a thief having a ministry to others concerning delivering them from shoplifting, while at the same time, by the life that is being lived by that person, and their belief system, telling them the sinful life they're living is acceptable to God, and they have no need to repent and turn to Christ for forgiveness. That's not a ministry, it's a demonic lie.

That is ludicrous of course, yet the lie that homosexuals are born that way has been increasingly accepted by those asserting not only to be Christians, but those that are supposedly in positions of real spiritual authority.

In the end, the term church, reverend, pastor, minister, among other "Christian" definitions, are no longer valid, as they have been hijacked by the ungodly and disobedient in order to make them appear respectable to those who aren't trained in righteousness.

This is why the 'Radical Christanity' page is included on this news site, to challenge everyone that it has come time to abandon the outward trappings of religion and seek out the only God, Jesus Christ, who has come to intimately dwell within them.

It's only together and in a daily commitment and practice that we can walk and grow in Jesus Christ together. We must encourage and challenge one another to continue in that corporate walk until we leave this earth or Jesus Christ returns to resurrect us all.

To see this type of behavior not only condoned, but embraced by those alleging to be Christians, only shows how far we have strayed from the real Jesus Christ.

Highland Pastor Joe Phelps had the group of people he's over resign from the Kentucky Baptist Convention and the Long Run Baptist Association in order to avoid being disciplined.

Kentucky Gun Law Good Step Forward

In a bill that was overwhelmingly passed in March of 2012, and signed into law by Gov. Steve Beshear on April 11, 2012, residents of Kentucky can now carry a legal firearm in any local government building or property. The state House voted 88-8 to approve the measure, while the Senate approved it 34-2.

Now people can carry firearms in places like city hall, city council chambers, parks, and libraries, among other places.

For those carrying the proper permits, these protective weapons can also be concealed when entering government-owned property.

Areas where firearms cannot be carried are prisons, jails, and schools. Colleges and universities can make their own rules concerning allowing firearms on their properties, per the law. Concerning judicial facilities, the judicial branch decides whether or not to put restrictions in place.

A separate state statute allows for cities to ban concealed firearms on their premises if they choose to. Concerning private businesses, they are also empowered to make the decision on whether or not to allow firearms on the property.

Concerns over various scenarios have been brought up, but they are unwarranted because the safest thing we can have in this world is when law-abiding citizens carry firearms for the purpose of self-defense. Many of the tragic deaths from crazies would have been avoided if trained people had been on site to protect the innocent.

If you look at church facilities, there have been very few incidents now that it is widely known that trained people are ready and willing to bring down anyone trying to shoot up the congregation.

Also per the statute, it was made clear that only the state has the authority to regulate guns, not localities. Any local ordinances are now voided by the new law that has now been enacted.

Ice Covers Larue County Roads

For those living in Larue County, it's best to simply sit tight and stay at home, as ice is on the roads all over the city, and many cars have gotten stuck as a result.

On College Street, where I just took a look, cars are lined up because they got stuck attempting to go up the grade, going from North to South.

Some vehicles are sideways and others just a foot or two from crashing into other vehicles.

Maple has similar problems, as some cars have went off the road and into some yards in the area.

Unless you absolutely travel, it's best to stay home until it warms up or the crews get some salt on the roads.

Having said that, at least one county ice truck has itself went off the road, so it's unclear how long we may have to way for relief, other than the weather warming up and the ice melting.

Schools in the area are closed.

The two photos below are on College Street. The first one is of a car that almost hit into another car on the street. The bottom picture is the intersection of College Street and College Hts.

Not too long after posting the first picture below, a car slammed into the one on the left below and damaged the green car.

Pictures of the ice storm in Larue County

A car hit the car above and did this.
Now you see the car that was to the left above after it got hit and smashed into the green car.
After hitting the car it slid on the ice and ended up in this position in front of the car it hit.
Below: Intersection of College Street and College Hts.

Above Photo Credits: Sally Bourgeault

The first photo below is Airline with a sheet of ice.

Photo Credit: Deborah Fantasia
The ice-covered trees are in a yard along Airline

Photo Credit: Nicole Fantasia

January 24, 2013

Beshear, Democrats: "Increase Taxes"

Democratic Kentucky governor Steve Beshear, is throwing his support behind an effort to empower counties around the state to have the option of raising taxes beyond the already-high 6 percent sales tax residents of Kentucky already have to pay.

This is of course spearheaded by metro-area mayors of Louisville and Lexington - Greg Fischer and Jim Gray. Fischer said an increase in tax of 1-cent would result in an additional $90 million for the government coffers. That's all we need, even larger government than we already have.

“With all the needs we have with our roads and sidewalks and infrastructure, that could take care of it pretty quickly because our general fund cannot,” Fischer said. “So the governor’s voice in this effort is really big.”

What's the problem with all of this? What's wrong with improving infrastructure? The problem is you won't hear about the need to cut government spending. Slashing out-of-control government spending is the answer, not raising taxes on the citizens of Kentucky.

Speaking at a chamber of commerce event organized by Greater Louisville Inc., Beshear said he he traveled to Oklahoma City to see how the concept work, and the tired and unproductive old idea of revitalizing downtown areas was proffered as an example of success. I'm not kidding. Beshear actually said that.

Anyone that has looked into the arena strategy will find they're a disaster, and require and constant stream of taxpayer funds to survive. Once they start to wear out, there is another arena requested which the taxpayers have to fund as well, resulting in a perpetual funding requirement for the people of the respective state.

Kathy Stein, a Democratic senator from Lexington, initiated what is called Senate Bill 30, which would provide the legal backing for what is identified as an amendment to the Kentucky constitution called the "local-option sales tax amendment."

It is time for citizens of the Commonwealth to rethink the Democratic party in Kentucky, as also evidenced by John Yarmouth joining Obama in trashing the 2nd Amendment.

Democrats in Kentucky look like they're joining the Obama bandwagon, which is far afield from the values people in Kentucky hold dear.

For the quest for higher taxes in Kentucky, all Beshear could say was, “It makes sense.” No Governor Beshear, it doesn't make sense.

Contact your representatives and be sure to let them know you oppose the ability for local governments to tax people even more.

Should Kentucky Allow Teachers to Pack?


Several states already have laws in place which allow teachers and school officials to carry guns, and it is time that Kentucky looks at the issue and empowers their schools to protect the children under their care.

The stupid idea of trashing the constitution by attempting to ban guns is irrelevant, as all of us know that criminals and crazies will always have access to guns, and making a law forbidding firearms only results in law-abiding citizens turning them in and making themselves vulnerable to criminals.

Beyond that, there is no way the majority of Americans will ever turn in their guns anyway, so it does nothing to deal with the real issue of protecting children attending public or private schools.

Anti-Gun Hysteria Harming Students

Melody Valentin - Fox 29
The battle by liberals against the 2nd Amendment continues, with many of the students being victims of the hysterical assault on anything even resembling a gun, even a piece of paper, as one little girl found out.

In the Philadelphia area, student Melody Valentin was turned in by a classmate for having a paper gun her grandfather had made and given her. Not only that, but the piece of paper had been thrown in the garbage can in the school.

Not only that, but when the media is reporting on it they are calling it a fake gun, as if there was some type of uncertainty as to whether a piece of paper could shoot real bullets.

Kentucky Unemployment Down in 97 Counties

Of the 120 counties in Kentucky, estimates are 97 of them had unemployment rates drop December 2011 and December 2012, according to the Kentucky Office of Employment and Training.

There were 21 counties that had unemployment rates rise, while the other two counties in the state remained the same during that period of time.

The worst unemployment rate in the state by county was Magoffin County, which was suffering at a 16.9 percent rate; next was Fulton County, 15. 8 percent; Leslie County, 14.6 percent; Letcher County, 14 percent; Knott County, 13.8 percent; Bell, Wolfe and Harlan counties  13.5 percent; Jackson County, 12.9 percent; and Perry and McCreary counties, 12.7 percent.

January 23, 2013

Kentucky Tea Party Wants to "Retire" McConnell

Dissatisfaction with U.S. Sen. Mitch McConnell by Tea Party members of Kentucky have them working hard to retire him in 2014.

Speaking on behalf of United Kentucky Tea Party, John T. Kemper III said that "we are working on a battle plan with the ultimate goal to retire him next year." Some see Kemper, who has unsuccessfully run for Congress and state auditor, as a potential candidate to oppose McConnell.

Viewed as an establishment candidate by most Kentucky tea partiers, McConnell has confirmed that in some of his votes, the latest one being the brokering of the deal concerning the fiscal cliff that did nothing to help cut federal spending, which the nation is in dire need of.

Rand Paul Blasts Hillary Clinton for Failed Leadership in Benghazi Debacle

Kentucky Republican Senator Rand Paul chastised Secretary of State Hillary Clinton for her lack of leadership concerning the death of Libyan Christopher Stevens, who was murdered in an uprising that resulted from a lack of security at the Embassy.

Clinton asserted she had no knowledge of the request for increased security at the Embassy, confirming her ineptitude in the circumstance, calling into serious question whether or not she should have been allowed to continue on as Secretary of State.

Kentucky Kingdom Investors Offered Up to $300,000 in Financial Incentives

Investors attempting to reopen Kentucky Kingdom have been offered incentives that could reach as high as $300,000 a year.

Governor Steve Beshear, a Democrat, said this about the lease part of the incentives, “This lease agreement is a fair deal for both the operators and for Kentucky taxpayers — it protects the state’s investments without putting taxpayers on the hook for private debt, and accelerates the park’s reopening.”

January 22, 2013

Legalize Industrial Hemp Says Rand Paul

At the Kentucky Commodities Conference, U.S. Senator Rand Paul said he would like to see Kentucky legalize industrial hemp in the state.

Paul said the key there would be to obtain a waiver which would allow the state to grow the commodity. In the past Paul has supported federal legislation to legalizing growing the crop.
Some in law enforcement oppose legalizing industrial hemp because it looks very similar to marijuana.

January 21, 2013

Larue County and the Future of its People

A recent warning from Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack concerning rural America, concerning the fact Americans living in those areas are a vanishing breed, and consequently are becoming less important politically, may not bode well for those living in Larue county in the years ahead.

"Unless we respond and react, the capacity of rural America and its power and its reach will continue to decline," Vilsack said. "Rural America, with a shrinking population, is becoming less and less relevant to the politics of this country, and we better recognize that, and we had better begin to reverse it."

Just over the last 4 years, according to Vilsacck, over 50 percent of the rural counties in American had a declining population base.

January 20, 2013

Democrat Extremist Schumer: NRA is "Extreme"

Goofy Democratic senator from New York, Chuck Schumer, said in an interview with the liberal, leftist HuffPost that the National Rifle Association is a "very extreme" and "fringe group." Fringe group? It has millions of members, and most of those that own guns agree with what the NRA represent.

Schumer made up a story and said that the NRA "don’t even represent average gun holders.” What does that nonsensical comment even mean? Does he mean that there are millions of Americans that have guns that aren't part of the NRA? If so, so what? That's a meaningless statement.

Obama, Abortion-Loving Ashley Judd Considering Kentucky Run Against Mitch McConnell

Representing everything the vast majority of people in Kentucky oppose, liberal actress Ashley Judd is throwing out some trial balloons to see if she has a chance if she decides to run against U.S. Sen. Mitch McConnell in 2014.

A rabid supporter of Democrat Barack Obama, who is in opposition to almost everything Kentucky residents believe, Judd expects us to not view her radical believes and agenda and vote for her because she starred in a few movies.

She is a strong supporter of killing babies via abortion, and opposes animal control such as practiced in Alaska concerning wolves, blabbing about the practice of killing them in order to maintain control of the caribou population in Alaska, even though many of the residents count on a healthy population for food.

Judd apparently believes it's more important to control baby populations by killing them than it is to kill wolves so people can eat. She's also communicated with Democrat Kentucky governor Steve Beshear concerning homeless animals in Kentucky, calling upon him to protect them via overbearing enforcement of the Humane Shelter Law. No protection of babies for this actress and out-of-state woman, but she sure is worried about the animals of this world instead.

The idea of this Hollywood representative attempting to run and represent the people of Kentucky, even though she has almost no credibility or affinity with what we believe and want in a lawmaker, is despicable.

Let's send her a message right away that we don't even want to hear her named mentioned in regard to Kentucky. She no longer lives here and is completely out of touch with us. She's so far left she goes past the last house (referring to horror film of the same name).

A concerted liberal, Democrat-led attack has begun on the people of Kentucky, and we must oppose this vigorously if we don't want our state to change its unique character. Democrat John Yarmuth has already joined Barack Obama in his fight against the 2nd amendment, and he needs to be voted out of office as soon as possible.

All of this is to say they think they see weakness in the conservative and libertarian bent of the people of Kentucky. We need to send them a clear message that they have read us wrong.

If people like Steve Bashear won't represent who we are and speak up against these radicals, we need to send him packing and get someone who will. It doesn't matter if he has gotten a few businesses to come to Kentucky if he and his Democrat, liberal, progressive cohorts attempt to persuade us to sell our selves in response. We must not do it. We will not do it.

January 19, 2013

13 Kentucky Students Charged with Felonies for Prank Bomb, Gun Threats

A group of 13 Kentucky students were arrested for allegedly making prank bomb and gun threats at Greenup County High School in Lloyd and at West Carter High School in Olive Hill, Kentucky.

As usual in these cases, because of the rare, but tragic cases where there are causalities, law enforcement over-reacts by going too far the other way, as the case here appears to be, where the students are all charged with felonies for the stupid, but immature pranks made to do nothing other than disrupt the school schedule.

While young people need to be taught on the world we now live in in regard to stunts like these, the idea of potentially ruining the lives of these young people because of media pressure from so-called progressives, is an outrage.

The point isn't that all threats need to be taken seriously, and some form of punishment administered for the cost of having to go through the process of securing schools and children, to charge these young people with a felony in what appears to be an effort by police to send a message to other young people in the area, goes beyond the bounds of law, and their age and who they are needs to be taken into consideration.

It is possible that there is no intention of actually taking the young people to trial which would result in destroying their lives, law enforcement does need to be careful about what they charge people with, as when compared to real crimes, they're more of a nuisance and disruptive, rather than being dangerous to a community.

When you consider children in the age range of 5 to 10 years old are being kicked out of school for pointing a finger and saying "bang," or carrying a toy nerf gun which is impossible to be confused with a real gun, you know the mainstream media frenzy that is attempting to trash the 2nd amendment is in full force, and there could be many more victims that do nothing other than get involved with pranks that are now considered extremely illegal, when in fact they're no different than any of the pranks that were done in past generations.

The ability to discern the situation is needed, along with the refusal to arrest, charge and pursue convictions over what everyone knows was a stupid, but harmless prank. Our children deserve better than for communities to succumb to illogical and unwarranted fear and response over a very few sick people that do engage in activities that result in fatalities.

January 17, 2013

John Yarmuth Trashes 2nd Amendment

Kentucky Democratic Congressman John Yarmuth joined Obama at the hip concerning attempting to gut the 2nd Amendment, cynically using the recent tragedy of Sandy Hook to reveal his true colors. Remember this next election.

"I have been largely silent on the issue of gun violence over the past six years, and I am now as sorry for that as I am for what happened to the families who lost so much," Yarmuth said.

Just like Obama, he is using the tragedy that came about from a crazed gunman killing children to gain political capital. It's despicable to see this man use the death of children in order to attack our diminishing freedoms, using them as political shields.

In a buffoonish attempt at appearing as if he's brave and principled, Yarmuth disgustingly said, "I will not be silent any longer."

On the other hand, Republican Senator Rand Paul acknowledged there needs to be something done, pointing to teachers and principals being trained and armed in order to combat the potential menace. Kentucky needs to adopt that as part of their defensive strategy and make it lawful for trained principals and teachers to pack on school grounds.

The idea that Yarmuth is siding with Barack Obama against the people of Kentucky speaks to the fact he is out of touch with our values, and demands he be removed from office for this outrage.

No one in the world can create a Utopian society; even Jesus Christ acknowledges it'll never happen in this world. So what makes Obama's sycophant Yarmuth think he can do it here?

The point is murder will never stop, and no matter what the government does, there will always be tragedies like this.

We need to understand that government isn't God, and it's not meant to be our healer, and isn't able to be our protector. It's main function is to punish crime after the fact. History has shown that there is no real way for governments to protect its citizens; it's up to them to take responsibility for that themselves.

Yarmuth thinks he has an issue that will help him gain voters. Next election let's totally remind him that for us of us living in Kentucky, that we should do everything we can to protect everyone from violence of any kind, but it's not going to be done in a way that we lose our freedoms and ability to protect ourselves.

It's the gun-free zones at public schools that make them vulnerable to these types of assaults, not the guns that are mostly used for protection, hunting, and shooting activities by law-abiding citizens of the Commonwealth.

January 16, 2013

Kentucky Sheriff Won't Enforce Gun Control Laws

Denny Peyman, Jaskson County Kentucky Sheriff, said he will do nothing to enforce any federal gun control laws imposed on people in the country he represents.

Reminding people Kentucky is a commonwealth, Peyman said he has power over any federal or state officials, and contends that that power extends to him telling anyone representing those agencies to leave the county.

He said, “My office will not comply with any federal action which violates the United States Constitution or the Kentucky Constitution which I swore to uphold. Let them pull that stuff in other places if they want, but not in Jackson County, Kentucky. Just a few of us have to be willing to stand up to political opposition putting our people at risk. The other side will back down.”

A number of other sheriffs around the country have echoed similar sentiments, saying they won't enforce any gun ban either.

People in Larue County deserve to hear from their sheriff as to where he stands on the issue.

As for Obama, he has no authority to pass or implement any law, as that is the function of the legislative branch.

Sen. Rand Paul (R) Talks Nullification of Obama Gun Grab

In an interview with Sean Hannity, Kentucky Senator Rand Paul (R) said the separation of powers in the U.S. government forbid President Obama from putting laws into effect by executive fiat; laws such as those he created out of thin air outside of the legislative branch.

Paul says in the video that he is concerned over the arrogance and actions of Obama, where he is acting more like a king than he is a president of the United States.

Legislation is being put forth which will nullify anything Obama attempts to do outside of Congress in order to stop the actions of a man that has quickly become a megalomaniac.