October 20, 2016

Larue Country Rocked by Corruption, Scandals

There is something desperately wrong in Larue County, as corruption at the highest levels in the recent past, as well as the scandals surrounding the LCHS Principal and high school and middle school girls' basketball teams calls to our attention the need for a moral assessment of the people of Larue County itself, of which I am one, and those vetting candidates for positions that can have a profound effect on the children of Larue County.

The first thing we need to do is to call upon God for repentance for our failures, and from there examine what we must do to turn this despicable situation around.

Simon Ford

It's outrageous that we vote in or appoint these types of people to lead in some capacity in our County, and if the corruption or scandals aren't enough to do some soul searching before God, then we'll deserve the type of people we allow to influence our local government and children.
As for the moral failure surrounding the school system, parents should seriously consider taking their children out of it. For many years it has taught that which opposes the Bible and our Christian faith, and the recent outrageous events confirm not only the reality of that worldview, but that those embracing it are getting bolder and bolder in acting it out before our eyes.

What will it take to turn this situation around? It needs a dramatic reversal of how we view the leaders we put in place, and call upon God in Jesus Christ to help us find those that are representative of His laws and serve the God of the Bible. Anything less than that is too little. It's obvious that it's already too late.

There is also the need to examine closely those, in the case of being hired by the school district, as to why the vetting of these people is missing so much of who they are.

The best thing to do with school is to remove our children from the system that opposed our world view and train them ourselves, or get together and create an alternative to the school system which will train our children up according to the Word of God.

If you don't think the Larue Count school system is in opposition to the teachings of the Bible, you need to go through the books and computers used to train the children up. I've done it. They don't represent the Holy Scriptures.

As usual the response of many will be there are some good Christian people teaching in the school system. And that is true. But that has nothing to do with what our children are being taught as a whole, and the types of people that are being placed in authority over them.

If the corruption and scandals don't move you to action, then Larue County is already lost.