December 31, 2013

Kentucky Man Says God Healed Him of Cancer

After suffering a stroke from a cancerous brain tumor, Perry County resident Roger Teague gives the credit to God for healing him of cancer after deciding to stop his chemotherapy treatment.

Even though Teague had the tumor removed, the cancer was still in his body. In 2012 he was given only a few months to live. The chances of surviving this type of cancer are approximately a million to one.

Teague stated he decided after battling the cancer for years to stop his chemotherapy.

According to Teague, he had an experience with God at the time which caused him to believe he had been healed of cancer. He was right.

After being taken home and given a short time to life, Teague says he saw the Lord "running through my body," adding it felt as if he was glowing.

Teague said he also saw the cancer cells being struck down in his body by God Himself. A few months later there was no longer any cancer left in his body.

His doctors confirm the cancer is gone, and conclude they have no medical explanation for the event.

One of Teague's doctors, Dr. Joe Kingery, said, “I think miracles happen, yes. Medically speaking a lot of things happen that we can't explain, especially with regard to cancer or other terminal diseases.”

Kentucky Native Josh Hutcherson of Hunger Games Welcomed by Wildcat Fans

Two of the leading characters in the 'Hunger Games' franchise are from Kentucky, one of which showed up at the Kentucky Wildcat, Louisville Cardinals Basketball game, getting a strong welcome from fans, along with the Mockingjay salute as well.

James Crisp/AP

Josh Hutcherson was dressed up in support of the Wildcats, who beat their interstate rival Louisville 73-66. Kentucky had been rated #18 in the nation, and Louisville #6 before the game.

The photos shown here are during halftime when Hutcherson made the familiar Kentucky 'Y' symbol while standing in the middle of the court. Fans responded with the Mockinjay salute, which was a symbol of solidarity in the film.


Also from Kentucky is star of Hunger Games Jennifer Lawrence, who plays the lead role of Katniss Everdeen. Hutcherson plays her boyfriend Peeta Mallark.

Hutcherson and Kentucky fans were delighted in the moment.

Murray Close/Lionsgate

December 30, 2013

Perry to Speak at Kentucky GOP Fundraiser

With the extremely unpopular Democratic President Barack Obama weighing on the party, it is good
news for the GOP in Kentucky. To add to Republican momentum in the state, Texas Gov. Rick Perry will visit Kentucky to headline a fundraiser at the Lincoln Reagan Dinner on March 15. The event will be held at Murray State University.

The hope and probability is that Republicans will take over the state House in 2014, as the debacle surrounding Obamacare, the attack on the coal industry, and the promotion of policies opposed by the majority of the electorate in Kentucky has the Democratic Party tottering, with little in the way of answers; especially when Democratic Kentucky Governor Steve Beshear continues to move almost lock-step with Obama on national policies.

It suggests the Democratic Party in Kentucky is in bed with Obama, which doesn't sit well the people of Kentucky.

Along with Perry, Kentucky senators Rand Paul and Mitch McConnell have also been invited to attend the event.

At this time the Kentucky House is controlled by the Democrats by a 54-46 majority. It is believed that will change next year, with the Republicans controlling the House and Senate after the 2014 elections.

December 28, 2013

For to me to live is Christ

Nothing can or ever will be more important than that which Paul saw and experienced, which was
expressed in the Bible like this: For to me to live is Christ. (Philippians 1:21)

It represents in a simple but powerful way all that the New Testament expresses, and the eternal reason behind God's creation. He wants us to embrace Him as all.

For those willing to risk all that Christ may be all within us, it is an amazing adventure that will end up ridding ourselves of an endless number of nagging problems that so easily beset us and take us off of our focus on Christ.

We must go past the idea of "For me to live is Christ," to the fact of embracing and pursuing it as a practical reality.

Ask the Lord to give you this heart after Him, as David's was. There is nothing else that is really needed, as Jesus said when Martha confronted Him about her sister Mary not helping her with the chores. Jesus' response to her sitting at His feet with others, was that this was the really only necessary thing for her, and He wasn't going to take that away from her. He meant a person and people that wanted to be focused on Him, with everything else being a far distant last in importance.

Remember, we must be doers of the Word, not simply hearers of the Word. We can't make up "to live is Christ," we must have it as part of our very outlook, state, and being.

Larue County Benefiting from Elizabethtown Economic Growth

Hodgenville and Larue County will benefit from the growth in Elizabethtown and Hardin County, as it has enjoyed solid payroll growth since 2007. Much of that has been the result of jobs associated with Fort Knox.

As long as the next round of Base Realignment and Closure Commission is favorable to the area, this will continue to be the outcome in the region.

A recent report from the Kentucky Chamber of Commerce shows bordering Hardin County is among the better economically performing areas, along with Madison and Christian Counties; both of which also have military bases located in them.

The concern is how consistent the amount of dollars allocated to these bases will continue to remain level or increase. If it is decided to cut back on funding any time in the future, Hardin and Larue County will suffer as a result.

As for the overall state of Kentucky, since 2007, it still hasn't reached the job level it was at in 2007, still down by close to 34,000 jobs, or 2%.

December 26, 2013

Kentucky Government Pressing for Gambling Revenue

With the government of Kentucky, overall, refusing to make the tough decisions associated with
spending far more than it takes in, there is a growing move to make it legal for casinos to operate in the state.

Co-chairman of Kentucky Wins, a proponent of Kentucky gambling, Bill Robinson, says, “Statisticians, people that study these things, estimate over $500 million a year is leaving Kentucky going to surrounding states because of gambling in surrounding states. We need the money to stay home. We need the money to benefit Kentucky’s citizens.”

Concerns are the introduction of gambling would lead to government corruption, gambling addiction, and an increase in crime.

One bill has already been filed that would allow casino gambling to be placed on the November 2014 ballot. It would require a constitutional amendment to make gambling legal in Kentucky. This particular bill would require any casino to be operate in only counties bordering other states. There are plans for another bill to be introduced as well.

As usual, the major problem isn't addressed, which is out-of-control government spending, much of which is allocated to the pensions government workers who are paid benefits far above the private sector.

This is the real issue that must be addressed. With the government, if new revenues are found and spent, it will still do nothing to cut back on spending unless it's forced to.

Let's see cutbacks in outrageous government employee benefits so the rest of us don't have to continue to pay for them.

December 23, 2013

Phil Robertson Won't Back Down

It's a breath of fresh air to see a Christian like Phil Robertson stick up for Jesus Christ and the Bible, as to what it says about sin and homosexuality.

Homosexuals are the only group of people in history to self-identify as a sin. So in lining themselves up as sin, they now demand that everyone else confirm and support them in that sin. Roberson, as does Larue Country Register, totally opposed that manipulative demand.

Robertson, so far, is a great example of us not caving in to our enemies and being willing to suffer whatever repercussions we must for our faith in Jesus Christ.

In saying a prayer at his church recently, Robertson concluded it with this: "I will not give or back off from my path because you conquered death, Father, so we are not worried about all the repercussions."    

God has not given us a spirit of fear, and we must not give in when confronting people and the culture about Whom Christ really is, what He says, and what He represents.

December 17, 2013

Cruse, Hornback Face 69 Counts

There is more clarity on the indictments against Hodgenville Mayor Terry L. Cruse and city clerk Madonna Hornback, whom face a combined 69 counts.

Cruse's charges include 2 counts of forgery, 9 counts of abuse of public trust, one count of theft by unlawful taking, and two counts for not reporting campaign contributions.

Madonna Hornback faces one count theft of unlawful taking, and 54 counts for abuse of public trust.

The pair were both accused of making personal purchases with a credit card issued by the city and also for stealing money from Hodgenville.

Kentucky State Police raided the office in June, shutting it down while they confiscated computers and other materials as evidence. That came after residents of Larue County made complaints about the alleged abuses.

Kentucky Parks Targeted in New Bill

In a bill proposed by Rep. Kenny Imes has the possibility of providing a financial benefit to state parks in Kentucky.

How it would work is private companies would be given the go ahead to lease and/or develop state park property in Kentucky.

The types of companies in mind would be related to the tourist industry, although it isn't clear if that is the only types of companies that could do business on park property around the state. The bill is specifically introduced in order to give local tourism a boost.

"Many of our state parks have acres of unused and undeveloped property, which has long been a wasted source of taxpayer dollars," Imes said.

A better idea to me would be for the state to sell off all its land and use the revenue to pay down its unsustainable spending levels.

Per the bill, it would transfer the parameters of an existing law related to property development that is overseen by the Kentucky State Fair Board, and include land owned by the Kentucky Department of Parks.

How much better it would be to shrink the Kentucky government and rid the productive private sector of over-compensated government workers. That would be a good start to slashing the bloated Kentucky budget of 2014.

Campbellsville Attracts Seasonal Mobile Workers

Nicknamed Camperforce, a group of mobile RV travelers have traveled to Campbellsville to work the Christmas season for (AMZN).

As locals in the area know, the seasonal, mobile workers stay at one of four campgrounds in the area while they do their jobs. These workers travel around the United States, getting hired in a variety of places which need people for specific times of the year.

The Campbellsville workers work three or four days a week from the latter part of September to around Christmas, or a period of about three months. It's estimated as many as 600 people may have been hired by Amazon at the Kentucky fulfillment center, doing jobs such as unloading trucks, picking, stowing, labeling, among other similar work.

Other parts of the country including Campforce initiatives are Coffeyville, Kan., and Fernley, Nev.

It isn't clear if workers from Kentucky participate in the program or not.

December 16, 2013

Hodgenville Mayor Terry L. Cruse Indicted on 14 Counts

Mayor Terry L. Cruse, 56, of Hodgenville, along with City Clerk MaDonna Hornback, 52, were indicted Monday by a LaRue County grand jury.

The Mayor is facing nine counts of abuse of public trust; one count of theft by unlawful taking; two counts of campaign contribution restrictions/expense limits; and two counts of forgery.

For Hornback, she was charged with 54 counts of abuse of public trust; and one count of theft by unlawful taking.

A bond of $9,500 cash or property was set. The two should be in court sometime in January 2014.

The alleged abuse of city gas cards is the reason behind the charges.

More will be reported as the story unfolds.

December 15, 2013

Christmas Nativity Printables

This time of the year I always like to add a couple of Christmas printables for those looking for some interesting activities to do with their children or grandchildren, which will also provide a compelling and fun teaching moment for them. Here are a couple below.

The first one includes some elements of the Nativity story in the Bible, including the holy family and the Wise Men looking to the star to give direction to the King.


Next is a easier picture to color for those wanting an image of Jesus and His mother Mary. Both of these are excellent choices, with the top one catering more to a more skillful little artist, while the bottom one to one with lesser skills, because of the larger spaces to fill in.

December 14, 2013

Finding Jesus in the Quiet

While we know that Jesus is everywhere, for those that believe in Him there are times when it is difficult to connect because of the turbulence around us and/or in our lives.

One of the tools we can use to combat that is to quiet ourselves before Him and just be silent. This may be for a short period of time during the day, or possibly even over a season of time.

The point is Mark 4 tells us about the different types of ground which hinder the seed from being fruitful. And that seed is Christ, and He wants us to be fruitful people, consistently being conformed to His image, which is the overall purpose He created us.

Isaiah 30:15 says this:

15 For thus the Lord God, the Holy One of Israel, has said,
“In repentance and rest you will be saved,
In quietness and trust is your strength.”
But you were not willing, (NAS)
We must be willing to turn to the Lord consistently and rest in Him. That's what repentance means: turn back to Him, or simply turn to Him. When we turn to Him we can let our inner and outer struggles go, casting them upon him, and from there we find rest.

After that we are able to quiet ourselves and fully trust in Him. In that state we can not only enjoy our fellowship with Him, but also find a total place of rest and peace where He can guide us in even the smallest things of life.

If you find this is where you're at, take it upon yourself to read this verse over and over, or maybe write it down and place it in an area of your house that you walk buy or relax in so you have it ever on your mind. I have found it has changed my life.

December 12, 2013

Girl Shoots Awesome 23-Point Texas Buck

Deer hunting enthusiasts can't ever get enough photos of awesome bucks, and here's one taken in Texas that will likely result in the largest "free-ranging non-typical ever taken by a youth hunter in Texas."

The 23-pointer, shown below, green-scored 213 2/8 gross, 203 1/8 net. It won't be until after the 60-day drying period before it will be known if it is a record or not.  

Photo Credit: Field & Stream

What's an even more amazing part of the story, is Makayla Hay, who is pictured with her kill, saw a photo of the deer in a local newspaper before getting him in her sights on opening day of deer hunting season. He was swimming across a river.

Photo Credit: Field & Stream

It was a good thing Makayla passed on an 8-pointer not long before this monster came out, otherwise she would have lost her chance at shooting him.

She didn't know at the time it was the giant deer seen in the photo, and took her time to wait to get a broadside shoulder shot. The buck attempted to get to its feet and she shot it a second time to finish the kill.

Miles Blows Past Humphrey on Obamacare Issue

With the majority of Americans opposing Obamacare, it wasn't a surprise when Kentucky Republican Suzanne Miles blew past Democrat Kim Humphrey to win a house seat, after trailing Humphrey by 6 points.

The victory was attributed to a robust attack on Obamacare, which is forcing over 200,000 people in Kentucky to drop their insurance plans.

This is terrific news, as the state needs to turn even more conservative, as Democratic Governor Beshear has even called Christians dangerous when opposing protections for them.

With the victory, Republicans now have 46 seats in the 100-seat chamber.

This reinforces the strategy of Republicans to continue to hammer at the disastrous Obamacare bill, which most Americans want repealed.

If Republicans take over the chamber, it will be the first time since 1921.

December 6, 2013

Ice, Snow Hit Larue County, Kentucky

photo credit: Sally Bourgeault - Hodgenville

Larue County, Kentucky is getting hit with ice and snow, as temperatures are going to drop as low as the high teens on Friday, and as low as 16° Saturday evening. Sunday will have a mixture of snow and ice, so drivers should be extra cautious.

Above is the 5-day forecast for the Larue County, Kentucky area.

November 29, 2013

Kentucky Democrats, Beshear, Obamacare and Economic Growth


It is increasingly clear that Democratic Kentucky Governor Steve Beshear is a tool of the Obama administration, in light of the media assertion Obamacare is doing well in the state. That's being touted even though hundreds of thousands of people in Kentucky will lose their desired insurance carrier.

Beshear wrote an op-ed in the liberal New York Times saying Obamacare is going to be a boon for the state, and will be good for the health of the people of the commonwealth, even though it is proven there will be death panels to decide on who receives care, as well as money given to allow abortions.

What isn't reported by many news outlets in Kentucky is the fact Kentucky's economy is getting hammered, with unemployment climbing to 8.4 percent, higher than it was in October 2012.

From September 2013, the civilian labor force in Kentucky has shrunk by almost 10,000, led by a 2,100 plunge in manufacturing jobs in October. A combination of over 9,00 logging and mining jobs have been lost over the last 12 months, with the information sector losing 1,700 jobs. Building has also declining, shedding almost 2,000 jobs over the last 12 months.

Yet Beshear and the Democrats continue to plug the Obamacare disaster as a source of growth. Whenever a state counts on government programs for growth, it's going to decline, as has Beshear's Kentucky.

The pathetic and unprofessional Democratic Governor said in the op-ed when responding to the workability and/or constitutionality of Obamacare, that the people of Kentucky need to get over it.

No. The people of Kentucky need to get over Beshear, the Democrats, and senate candidate Alison Lundergan Grimes, who are all wrong for the conservative, god-fearing people of Kentucky.

We must reject the Democratic Party in Kentucky for moving lock-step with the liberal Obama. The only way to save the state is to vote in conservatives who represent the values of Kentuckians, and will represent them in the face of whatever opposition arises.

Big government programs are not economic growth, and until the liberal Democrats of Kentucky understand that, we need to vote them out in droves until they respond to who the people of Kentucky are and what they believe.

November 23, 2013

Deer from Larue County Area

Below are some photos deer shot in the Larue County, Kentucky area.

Andy Clemmons 4 pointer 117 lbs
Alex Brooks 10 pointer 143 lbs

Onnie Embry 10 pointer 162 lbs 

Cory "Popcorn" Skaggs
8 pointer
161 Lbs

Trey Decker
9 pointer
157 lbs

Dustin Decker
8 pointer

Ray Burroughs
10 point
field dressed at 230 LBs

Tonya Bland
8 point
168 lbs


 13 Point
Scott Burba
Bryon Florence
Nice Looking 8-Pointer
Scott Underwood
11 pointer
143 lbs
That's a nice looking group of deer, with just about everything you would like to see.

November 19, 2013

Kentucky "Pastor" Accused of Being Drug Kingpin

The so-called pastor of Holiness Tabernacle Church in Olive Hill, Kentucky, Scott Gilliam, was arrested and accused of being a drug kingpin by police. He is being called the head of the largest pill trafficking ring in the history of Kentucky.

The unidentified lead detective of the state's FADE drug task force said that Gilliam "pastored a church while he was engaging in a major drug trafficking organization [which] is pretty heinous."

"Tens of thousands of pills that have a street value of $40 to $45 each. So you're talking [a] multi-million dollar trafficking organization," added the lead detective.

Gilliam used the church building as a base to traffic the drugs. Arrested with Gilliam was Brandon Logan, 28. The two were charged with conspiracy to distribute oxycodone and possession with intent to distribute.

This underscores the need for Christianity to take a much closer look at changing its practices, as people that are in fellowship and close relationships would have been able to see what was going on, and deal with it before it reached these proportions.

Another important factor is Christians must perform far better due diligence when identifying leaders, as there are clear mandates in the Bible as to what constitutes a leader, and those requirements must be not only identified, but proven over time.

November 17, 2013

Democratic Governor Steve Beshear Allows Same-Sex "Marriage" Benefits to National Guard

Putting his boot in the face of the people of Kentucky once again, Kentucky Governor Steven Beshear, a Democrat, is allowing so-called spouses of homosexual National Guard members to apply for benefits.

As with a growing number of Democrats, Beshear simply sidestepped the will of the people of Kentucky, who don't recognize gay marriage as legitimate in any way.

Beshear used the decision by the Supreme Court which struck down part of the Defense of Marriage act which didn't recognize same-sex marriages, as an excuse to give the go ahead to provide benefits to these non-married people.

Based on the recommendation of Kentucky Adjutant General Edward Tonini and Beshear's affirmation of the recommendation, now homosexual National Guard members are allowed to apply for federal marriage benefits in Kentucky, even though they aren't recognized as legally married in the state.

This isn't just an outrageous slap in the fact to the people of Kentucky, but it is an direct insult to Jesus Christ whose commandments forbid homosexuality, let alone them getting married and receiving benefits.

The people of Kentucky need to remember this as the 2014 elections approach, as liberal Alison Lundergan Grimes runs for the Senate. Grimes also refuses to reject the extremely unpopular Obamacare, and instead is walking lockstep with the Democratic Party on supporting it.

Kentucky needs to let the Democratic Party know that they will no longer put up with its opposition to the conservative will of its people. The only way they will hear that message is to vote them out of office in large numbers.

November 7, 2013

Baptist Sunrise Children’s Services May Allow Gay Workers

Smithwick secretly called a Sunrise Children’s Services board meeting in August in an attempt to pressure members to accept gays as a matter of expediency. This alone disqualifies him from what is identified as a "Christian" ministry.

This brings up some important issues that Christians need to face. First, ministry should never become a god, as it has with some, who consider the most important thing in life is to ensure its survival. Second, the matter of accepting government funds as part of the growth and expansion of the "ministry" must be abandoned, as there is no doubt in the years ahead in Kentucky and America there will be more efforts to slash that funding.

If Jesus Christ is really behind a work and/or ministry, there should be no problem with Him providing the resources needed for it to succeed. The idea that we need funds from the government to support God's work is one that is not Biblical in any way, and a slap in the face to Jesus Christ; as if we're a bunch of beggars that must petition an earthly king to serve Christ and people.

Kentucky Baptists and Christians in general should rise up against this atrocity, not to battle the government over accessing funds, but to have Smithwick removed, offer an opportunity to support the work through donations, and to allow whatever happens to happen in order that the spiritual integrity associated with the work remains in place.

At the board meeting Smithwick specifically called for gays to be allowed to work at Sunrise, a direct contradiction of promises he made for years.

Smithwick needs to leave, the ministry needs to be considered in light of being representative of Jesus Christ and His teachings, and a new look at growing at the pace Christ desires for a work must be considered.

Jesus Christ is never moved primarily by need, and those who proclaim Christ and want to do something in His name need to embrace all He is and what He represents when reaching out on His behalf.

We need to get out of this mindset of "ministry at any cost" and any dependence on the government to make it happen.

November 5, 2013

Kentucky Obamacare a Disaster


The idea being put forth that Kentucky is a success for Obamacare is one that can't be backed up by facts, as the only metric being used assert success is the number of people signing up and the exchange itself is running fairly well.

When you think of it though, so what? It's the law that people have to sign up, so the idea that some people are signing up, albeit only a small percentage, can't be taken too seriously. All it means is the other exchanges around the United States are a disaster in comparison.

Where the disaster comes in is in regard to the approximate 280,000 residents of Kentucky who will lose their existing health insurance because of this disastrous health plan, even though Obama said it wasn't going to happen in large numbers.

According to Kentucky officials, around 130,000 individuals will lose their insurance and another 150,000 residents of Kentucky that are part of a small group policy will have their insurance canceled.

It's incredible that Democratic President Obama promised people this wouldn't happened, yet it is happening in such large numbers. Kentucky Democratic Governor Steve Beshear should be ashamed of himself for supporting Obamacare so strongly while the people of Kentucky suffer because of it. It's another of a growing number of reasons to vote Democrats out in the next election, including Alison Lundergan Grimes, who is running to represent the people of Kentucky in the Senate.

Her connection to Hollywood elites, who don't represent the values of the people of Kentucky, and Obama and the Democratic Party, point to her being out of touch with the the average person.

Kentucky Obamacare is already infuriating thousands of Kentucky residents, as they are forced to take on new insurance policies and drop their old policies. I guess this is what Obama, Beshear, Grimes, and Democrats consider success.

November 2, 2013

Alison Lundergan Grimes' Hollywood Handouts

Accurate depiction of who and what Grimes is

In a move that will eventually backfire dramatically for typical Democratic Kentucky senate candidate Alison Lundergan Grimes, she has went begging to Hollywood liberals to financially prop up her otherwise unispiring campaign, if you can even call it that.

All of the celebrities backing Grimes oppose the values of the people of Kentucky, but that has no effect upon Grimes, who cynically grabs what she can get in order to compete, although she has been awol for a long time, and has made little effort to carve out where she stands on issues important to Kentuckians.

Among the liberal, socialist celebrities Grimes has reached out to, include Woody Allen, Ben Affleck, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Ben Stiller, among many others, who have donated the maximum $5,200 to Grimes allowed under law.

It's way past time for Grimes to start telling the people of Kentucky what she stands for and why replacing McConnell is something we should give her.

The fact she is wooing Hollywood already sends a message to Kentucky that she doesn't have or support our values. That's enough to send her packing in the next election, as we can't have someone under the thumb of Hollywood liberals voting for proposals behalf of the people of Kentucky.

Kentucky Rejects Gay Divorce Tactic

In an attempt to destroy Kentucky's marriage laws, two lesbians who are allegedly getting divorced, are attempting to change Kentucky law by attempting to get divorced in the state.

So why do I say this is an alleged divorce? Because Kentucky law not only doesn't recognize same-sex marriage as marriage, but also doesn't recognize same-sex marriages performed in other states.

That means there is no marriage that exists, so the idea of getting divorced makes no sense whatsoever. All it is is a strategy to attempt to bring the case before the Supreme Court of Kentucky in hopes they'll overturn the law.

A lawyer of one of the lesbians says the couple shouldn't have to return to Massachusetts to get a divorce because of how it would disrupt their lives. How is that Kentucky's problem? It isn't. They know this, and are deliberately focusing on the so-called hardship in order to garner sympathy. All to the end of overthrowing the will and law of the people of Kentucky, whose values reject the deviant lifestyles of the two lesbians.

Listening to lawyer Louis Waterman, you can see the tactic being employed. He already stated he will appeal the dismissal of the divorce and seek to have the Kentucky Supreme Court throw out the marriage amendment, based upon the lie that it violates equal protection under the federal constitution.

The comments of homosexual advocate Beth Littrell, an attorney for Lambda Legal, a homosexual activist group, confirm this is a show case to attempt to undermine the Kentucky marriage amendment. She said the requirement to force a same-sex couple to continue to be married doesn't make sense.

Okay, let's clear this up one more time. Under Kentucky law, this couple isn't married. There is no requirement for them to remain married, because they aren't married.

What is being attempted is to make it look like there is a hardship as a result of Kentucky law, and that it is draconian because it forces this couple to remained married against their wishes.

Again, they aren't married, and just because they are recognized in the state of Massachusetts, it has no bearing whatsoever on the laws of Kentucky.

Homosexuals are going to continue to get married where it is recognized in order to bring all sorts of scenarios into the legal realm in order to undermine state laws rejecting gay marriages. Another one in Kentucky was when a lesbian murderer attempted to bypass Kentucky law by petitioning the court concerning her lesbian partner not having to testify because it violated the law where spouses aren't required to testify against one another.

This is simply another version of attempting to have a court of some type recognize gays as being married, in order to take the next step of removing the marriage law.

Homosexuals aren't married who live in the state of Kentucky, and every attempt to manipulate and bypass the will and values of the people of Kentucky needs to be struck down with extreme prejudice.

October 30, 2013

Hodgenville Halloween Trick or Treat Changed to Friday

Citing safety concerns for Hodgenville children, Mayor Terry Cruse issued an executive order to change Halloween trick or treat times from Thursday, October 31, to Friday, November 1.

According to the National Weather Service, windy conditions and heavy rains will arrive on Thursday.

Several Hodgenville residents reportedly asked for the changes because of safety concerns for the children.

October 18, 2013

Bevin Endorsed by Senate Conservatives Fund

Republican Matt Bevin, who is running against incumbent U.S. Sen. Mitch McConnell to represent Kentucky, has received the endorsement of the Senate Conservatives Fund on Friday.

Executive director Matt Hoskins said this: "We have interviewed a lot of candidates this year and Matt Bevin is one of the very best. He's principled, passionate, and has Ted Cruz-like courage.”

The endorsement came after McConnell brokered a deal to reopen the government with Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid.

Bevin said this about the deal: “When the stakes are highest, Mitch McConnell can always be counted on to sell out conservatives.”

On the timing of the endorsement, Hoskins said it was a coincidence, although the deal didn't help McConnell endear himself to the group which was founded by former Senator Jim DeMint.

Hoskins said, “McConnell's most recent betrayal of conservatives is certainly a reason to replace him, but it's not the only reason. He has a long record of siding with Democrats and supporting liberal policies.”

Of the approximate 70,000 members of the Senate Conservatives Fund, about 90 percent supported the idea of endorsing Bevin, said Hoskins.

Kentucky Government Gone Wild

Outrageous new changes by the Kentucky Department of Charitable Gaming has resulted in cake walks used to raise funds in schools being designated at "gaming."

To make it even harder for booster clubs to help students, they now have to have tax identification numbers and carry liability insurance as well.

Not only cake walks are considered gaming or gambling now, but interested parties will have to get a state gaming license to offer raffle prizes.

Even worse, the Kentucky Department of Charitable Gaming now has the authority to approve each booster or organization wanting to participate in these activities.

We people of Kentucky need to rise up against these types of outrages if we don't want all of our freedoms taken away.

To see the other terrible changes and increased government control of these benign activities, go here.

The changes made are in the Kentucky Department of Education's accounting manual for school activity funds called the Redbook.

September 20, 2013

3 Dead in Danville, Ky Robbery

Photo: The Advocate-Messenger, Clay Jackson

A customer and the owners of ABC Gold Games & More pawn shop in Danville, Kentucky are dead after what appears to be a robbery. Also inside the store at the time of the even were children 9-years-old and 18-months-old. The 9-year-old was the one who called 911 to alert authorities.

After the shooting Centre College and the Kentucky School for the Deaf were put on lockdown.

The alleged shooter is described as "a white male, about 20, with a scruffy beard and black hoodie who was riding a bicycle."

The shooter has yet to be apprehended.

Ron Paul Talks Home Schooling on the 700 Club

Ron Paul talks about the importance of alternative education with Pat Robertson on the 700 Club.

Alison Lundergan Grimes Raising Money for Harry Reid

Liberal Kentucky Democrat Alison Lundergan Grimes, who attempts to position herself as a moderate in the state, has revealed her true colors as she on speaks out one side of her mouth in faux support of the coal industry in Kentucky and apparent opposition to Obamacare, at the same time is offering her total support of the controversial Harry Reid, who opposes much of the values the people of Kentucky hold dear.

“Grimes is trying to fool Kentuckians — serving up platitudes on Obamacare and coal while getting ready to raise cash in Las Vegas with Harry Reid, the chief defender of Obamacare and the War on Coal,” said Riggs Lewis, of Kentuckians for Strong Leadership. “Alison Grimes has two new middle names: Harry Reid — and everyone in Kentucky is going to know it.”

The Kentucky Secretary of State is running against Mitch McConnell in the Senate race.

Add to this the fact she is serving with a Democrat Governor who has called Christians "dangerous" because they "threaten public safety, health care, and individuals' civil rights."

Grimes is another liberal Democrat masquerading as a moderate until she gains power and misrepresents the people of Kentucky.

We not only must vote against radicals like Grimes, but against the overall Democratic Party for its support of those in the Party no matter how much they oppose the values of the people of Kentucky.

September 18, 2013

Obama's Energy Policies Continue to Crush Kentucky

Democrat President Barack Obama's energy policies continue to have a negative impact on Kentucky, as coal producer James River announced it'll be laying off 525 full-time workers as a result of faltering coal markets.

According to data compiled by the Kentucky Energy and Environment Cabinet, eastern Kentucky lost approximately 4,000 mining jobs in 2012.

Whether or not these mines will ever be restarted will be based upon market demand, said James River Coal.

Republican Mitch McConnell, the Senate Minority Leader, said in a written statement, "The President is leading a war on coal and what that really means for Kentucky families is a war on jobs."

Kentucky Secretary of State, Alison Lundergan Grimes, who is one of Obama's Democrats, attempted to distance herself from the policies of the president, calling his regulatory policies "overreaching," isn't believable, as she would have switched parties or run as an independent if she really felt that strongly about it.

Grimes and other Democrats need to be voted out of office in order to be sent a clear message that the people of Kentucky aren't going to embrace the radical, liberal, progressive agenda of Barack Obama, which doesn't represent the values of the people of Kentucky.

September 13, 2013

Ky Senate Sneaks Gun Control Bill Through

Residents of Kentucky need to vehemently oppose the bill that Senate lawmakers quietly and sneakily passed, which forces gun owners in the commonwealth to have an RFID system installed on all registered firearms.

This is an outrage, one that should and will result in the removal of lawmakers who have outrageously went against the will of the people of Kentucky.

The corrupt officials have chosen the town of Winchester in Clark County in an attempt to send a message to the populace that they will implement gun control measures on the people of the state. We must send a message to these officials that they will no longer represent the people of Kentucky. Winchester was chosen because of its name.

If the people of Kentucky don't take immediate action, this bill will result in the forced installation of RFID chips on all registered firearms.

People who don't comply with the law will be heavily fined, face jail time, or possibly have their firearm taken away from them.

Let your representatives know that they will pay a heavy price if they don't repeal this evil law. We must let them that no longer represent us understand and experience the pain of recall or being voted out of office.

August 30, 2013

Kentucky Man Murders Cancer-Ridden Wife

There are a growing number of murders that allege the person doing the killing was asked to by a
suffering spouse or loved one. The problem is there is no way of knowing if that was the reason for the killing or not.

That's the case with Ernest Chumbley, who shot his wife to death after saying she asked him to because of pain associated with breast cancer.

Chumbley and all other performing these murders need to be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. If this pattern and trend isn't stopped, anyone wanting to end the life of someone that happens to be suffering, can do so with little or no fear of suffering the consequences.

Think of the reasons for wanting to kill someone. It could be anger from a past wrong; irritation over having to go through the suffering of the person in question; even possible insurance policies or a big estate could be the reasons.

Considering these possibilities and more, it makes no sense to allow someone to kill a person, attempt to describe it as a mercy killing, and then expect to be considered innocent of a crime.

Chumbley claims he was just doing what his wife asked him to. But what if she had asked him to go shoot the neighbor? Would he have obediently proceeded with her demand?

No one has the right to play God. And when someone is suffering we can pray, encourage and do everything we can to ensure it is as limited as possible.

To allow this dangerous precedent to go forward can result in so much mischief, it would basically give people permission to murder. All they need is for someone to be sick who allegedly asks them to kill them.

How come most of these murders are done when it's only two people involved? Why aren't there ever any witnesses to testify to the facts of the event?

There is no such thing as a mercy killing. It's murder. And if it isn't brought to justice in this life, it will be when the murderer faces almighty God.

You can see where this is going. The media reports these types of murders as mercy killings in order to eventually press for euthanasia as an alternative to these private murders.

August 14, 2013

Kentucky Snake Handling Preacher Gets Reality Show on National Geographic

After a bout with the law in Tennessee which garnered national attention, Kentucky preacher Jamie Coots of Full Gospel Tabernacle in Jesus Name church of Middlesboro, Ky., and Andrew Hamblin of Tabernacle Church of God in LaFollette, Tenn., will get their own reality TV show on the National Geographic Channel.

Coots was arrested in by officials in Tennessee for transporting snakes into the state, which are illegal for private citizens to own there, although legal in Kentucky. After a routine traffic stop, five rattlesnakes were discovered in Coots' car, all of which were confiscated by the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency. Apparently the interesting headlines attracted the attention of National Geographic, which made a deal with Coots and Hamblin. Hamlin was featured in the story, commenting on the arrest of Coots for transporting the snakes. One of the episodes will cover that particular story.

Dubbed "Snake Salvation," the series will launch on Sept. 10 at 8 p.m. Central time on the National Geographic Channel.

The scripture used to justify the snake-handling practice is found in Mark 16, where it says this: “And these signs shall follow them that believe; In my name shall they cast out devils; they shall speak with new tongues; They shall take up serpents; and if they drink any deadly thing, it shall not hurt them; they shall lay hands on the sick, and they shall recover.”

Not only will the preachers handle snakes, but people in the congregation will as well, based upon the belief that the above scripture includes everyone, and not just a special few.

Nonetheless, Coots says that while the series will include the snake-handling aspects of his belief, it will go beyond that to show the belief system goes beyond only holding and passing snakes around. To that end the show will include how the people deal with life on a daily basis. Tension will be seen because of the problems members face, including poverty, drugs, and marital problems.

And yes. In the series viewers will see one person that is bitten by a snake while handling it.

August 13, 2013

Kentucky Creation Museum Adds More Attractions

The popular Creation Museum in Kentucky is adding new features to attract more visitors, including a terrific bug exhibit, zip line course outside, and a display exploring the idea of whether or not some of the ancient stories about dragons were really a reference to dinosaurs.

Called Dr. Crawley's Insectorium, the new bug exhibit showcases hundreds of a variety of bugs and insects, such as butterflies and beetles. Included is a cool life-sized animatronic professor, which talks about how the complexity and variety of insects contradict the idea they had evolved over a period of millions of years.

The zip line cables are located outside, and along with the sky bridge course, are 2.5 miles long.

Finally, the display which explores the possibility ancient dragon and/or monster myths may have been when human beings roamed the world with dinosaurs, is placed close to the entrance of the building.

It has been six years since the Creation Museum has opened, and it has attracted almost 2 million visitors since that time.

August 2, 2013

Kentucky Mayor Attacked for Being Christian

Hawesville Mayor Rita Stephens has been under attack for sharing her beliefs while writing a
monthly column for the Hancock Clarion newspaper, which talks about things happening around the city.

Some are calling her writing about Christianity as offensive and divisive, asserting an unsubstantiated and unproven proclamation that she has made herself "unapproachable" to a portion of the city.

According to clueless Edward Dewitt, who isn't a Christian, mentioning Christ and Christianity in her columns is creating a divide in the community.

That's of course what Christianity has been doing since its inception when Jesus Christ came into the world as a man, so there is no point being made by Dewitt that has any relevancy.

Only someone who believes in salvation through politics (without God) like Dewitt would assert someone talking about their Christian believes somehow interferes with political participation.

Dewitt, in an attempt to strong-arm Stephens, wrote to the so-called Freedom of Religion Foundation, which in an attempt to intimidate and manipulate Stephens, has sent a letter concerning the false idea that her talking about Christianity in a news column is a violation of church and state. When did Stephens become a church? We don't know.

The letter from the Freedom of Religion Foundation made a veiled threat by "asking" the Hawesville City Council what it is going to do to deal with the matter.

What should be done is nothing, and Stephens should continue to write on her beliefs in the column. Writing about Christ will offend people, and they'll just have to get over it. Christians shouldn't be afraid to offend, especially when it's in regard to simply talking about their faith in a conversational manner.

Kentucky Boy Helps Raise Money for Dog Wheelchair

After 9-year-old Cacious took a tumble down the stairs and was diagnosed with degenerative
mylopathy in the fall of 2012, eight-year-old Ryder McConathy knew he needed to do something to aid his friend if he wanted him to live.

"He fell down the whole set of stairs and the next day his feet were sort of dragging and we realized [what] had happened to him," said Ryder

"We knew the next step was to get him some wheels," said Lyssa McConathy, Ryder's mother.

Ryder decided to sell magnets and key chains to raise the money to buy a wheelchair for Cacious, which cost several hundred dollars. In a few days Ryder was able to raise $315, and was able to buy the chair for his canine friend.

While not as fast as he used to be, the boxer rolls along now when wanting to follow the family or Ryder around.

July 26, 2013

Medi-Share Back in Business in Kentucky

After a wasteful 10-year battle between the Kentucky Department of Insurance and Medi-Share, lawmakers from the state intervened after a judge ordered the health ministry to quit operating in the state.

Kentucky lawmakers changed the insurance code of the state to allow Medi-Share in programs like it to operate in the state.

"We appreciate that Kentucky Christians once again have the freedom to manage their medical bills by sharing them with other Christians through Medi-Share," said Christian Care Ministry President Tony Meggs. "We've already heard from a number of Kentucky families who are grateful and excited to rejoin Medi-Share."

Medi-Share was taken to court because the Department of Insurance theorized some participants may believe it was an insurance plan that guaranteed coverage.

What it is is a cost-sharing ministry which people pay into and share expenses with others as they may have need. Participants in Kentucky have had about $25 million paid in medical bills over the last decade.

Those in the health program must agree to not drink, smoke, or have sex outside of marriage.

Some of the approximate 800 residents of Kentucky who lost the coverage have already started signing back up for the service.

July 24, 2013

San Antonio City Council Prepares to Attack Christians

The evil thought police of the San Antonio City Council are attempting to enact an ordinance that would discriminate against Christians who believe and follow the Bible.

Included with the ban for those the speak or show a "bias" under a wide range of descriptions, would not be allowed to participate "in city government, business or employment."

The new ordinance will declare this: “No person shall be appointed to a position if the city council finds that such person has, prior to such proposed appointment, engaged in discrimination or demonstrated a bias, by word or deed, against any person, group or organization on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, veteran status, age, or disability.”

According to Pastor Charles Flowers of Faith Outreach International, it would exclude those accused of bias won't be allowed to "get a city contract. Neither can any of your subcontractors [who have demonstrated a bias] sign on to the contract.”

Christian leaders in Houston said "it allows the city council 'to prohibit those that speak their religious beliefs regarding homosexuality from serving on city boards.'”

Make no mistake about this, this is an attempt to suffocate Christianity by punishing its adherents from speaking the truth about false religions like Islam or perverted lifestyles of homosexuals and other deviants.

Not only should this be resisted, but the followers of Jesus Christ need to go on the offensive and not only battle to disallow the ordinance, but follow it up with pressuring to have those on the city council supporting this evil to be removed, and then suing the city for millions for its attack on Jesus Christ and his commands in the Bible we're required to believe, live, and speak.

We in Kentucky and Larue County need to be vigilant because liberals and their Democrat supporters and enablers are attempting to creep in and stealthily take over the state to promote their hideous agendas that go against the beliefs and way of life of its people.

July 18, 2013

ACLU Seeks Ban of Bible Distribution in Kentucky Schools

In its usual intimidation and strong-arm tactics, the ACLU has pressured Kentucky school districts to
forbid the distribution of Gideon Bibles in schools.

A Christian legal group named “Alliance Defending Freedom” is resisting the attack on Christianity by sending their own letters to the school districts the ACLU sent its letters to.

Here's part of what the ACLU said in its letter:

“[T]his practice violates both federal and state constitutional guarantees barring governmental endorsement of religion, and it also impermissibly encroaches upon parents’ prerogative to direct the religious upbringing of their children.

“By allowing an outside group to distribute sectarian materials directly to public elementary school students during school hours, school officials create the impression that the school endorses those religious views which subjects the students to ‘subtle coercive pressure’ to accept the proffered religious materials.”

The response from Alliance Defending Freedom was this:

“Public schools should encourage, not shut down, the free exchange of ideas. That’s why the schools frequently allow a wide array of groups to distribute literature of various sorts to students. Singling out the Gideons while allowing other groups to distribute literature would be clearly unconstitutional.

“Kentucky schools should not allow the ACLU to brow beat them into a constitutional violation. The First Amendment does not allow religious speech to be singled out for discrimination.”

Larue Country Register totally supports Alliance Defending Freedom in the matter, as well as the continuing distribution of Gideon Bibles in Kentucky schools.

July 17, 2013

Kentucky Goes Censorship Crazy on Psychologist Issue

photo credit: Institute for Justice/AP
In a move that was disguised as concern over offering one-on-one advice to a parent in Kentucky
about their “highly spoiled underachiever,” the chair of the Kentucky Board of Examiners of Psychology sent a cease-and-desist letter to syndicated parenting advice columnist John Rosemond.

What was Rosemond's crime? He told the parents they should take away electronic devices and suspend privileges until the child improved his grades.

According to former child psychologist Kerby Neill, who lives in Kentucky, this was the ultimate sin.

Here's what he said:

“If I was a physician, and I got a letter from someone I didn’t know, asking me to help them with an issue they described in cursory fashion in a letter, and I sent them a prescription for a medicine that had disastrous results, I would be hard-pressed to use free speech to justify what I’ve done. He does not know if this child is on drugs, if the child is clinically depressed, if the child will respond to this advice by becoming suicidal.

So telling a spoiled kid he can no longer have his electronic gadgets or the use of other privileges has the potential to become suicidal. That's his conclusion?

What's the real issue? Rosemond actually tries to help people before they reach the stage of having to go to a psychiatrist. That's no different than someone eating better or exercising to prevent disease. It's about psychiatrists losing patients. You know, the people that get a piece of the action for pumping people up on legal drugs.

Jeff Rowes, a lawyer at the Institute for Justice, who has filed suit on behalf of Rosemond, sheds humorous light on the silliness of the Kentucky Board of Examiners of Psychology in its attempt to forbid competition in the state.

“If John Rosemond is a criminal, than Dear Abby was on a 50-year crime spree,” Rowe says. “And Dr. Phil can be banned by the air waves, and Dr. Oz should be sentenced to hard labor.”

Is this what Kentucky and America is coming to, where free speech and helping someone is now considered a crime?


July 12, 2013

Thousands of Venezuelan Youth Commit to Sexual Purity

Speaking at a youth festival in Venezuela, Evangelist Luis Palau presided over a gathering of about 45,000 people, where thousands not only accepted Christ as Lord and Savior, but also committed themselves to remaining sexually pure until marriage.

Chants of "yes to sexual purity" were repeated over and over again; with sexual purity being something the world desperately needs.

Palau said, "If each and everyone one of you gives your life to Christ, not only will you all revolutionize Venezuela, but Colombia and the entire world. Tonight, the Lord tells you, you have more than hope, you have the security that the power of God will be upon your life."

The event was organized by Gabriel Blanco, who has a vision of seeing the youth of Venezuela transformed to live lives based upon the Bible.

July 6, 2013

Christians Violently Attacked at Seattle "Gay Pride" Event

Women screeching profanities and threats, and men physically attacking two street preachers in Seattle is what America is increasingly coming to when Christians point out the sin in the lives of people. As you can see in the video below, the Christian men were simply holding a sign and a Bible while the homosexual event was going on. The response by the crowd only confirms the violent tendencies of those being called out for their sins. Watch the video, as it speaks better to the hatred and brutality of those supporting and participating in homosexuality than any words could. These people think they can extinguish the testimony of God by calling preaching against sin a "hate" crime, or disallowing almost any public discourse on the subject so it is accepted as normal by the masses. Jesus Christ will never allow that to happen, but it will be costly to resist the sin in the lives of people in order to lead them to repentance and salvation.

June 28, 2013

Dale Earnhardt Jr. Breaks Kentucky Speedway Record - Takes Pole

Credit: Sports Illustrated
Everything seemed right for the possibility of drivers breaking the Kentucky Speedway's record, as
weather conditions and the new Get 6 car raised anticipation of the event, and Dale Earnhardt Jr. didn't disappoint, as he clocked in at 183.636 mph, also taking the pole position.

While Earnhardt now holds the Kentucky Speedway record, seven others in the NASCAR Sprint Cup qualifying even also broke the record, including Hendrick Motorsports teammate Jimmie Johnson.

Johnson clocked in at 183.144 mph, also breaking the record of 181.818 he set in June 2012. He's the series point leader heading into Saturday's race.

For Earnhardt this is his 12th overall pole and first one in Kentucky.

June 25, 2013

Obama's Attack on Kentucky Continues - Lies About Global Warming

In a pathetic and outright string of lies, the president of the United States, Barack Obama, used the bully pulpit in an attempt to deflect attention away from his corrupt administration and on the fictitious tale that there is something called global warming happening in the world.

He didn't mind lying, even though there has been no global warming for 17 years. So why is he doing this? He's pandering to his base, which has been upset with him, along with the majority of Americans.

This will especially hurt Kentucky, as Obama has taken aim at the coal industry specifically, saying he will further reduce carbon admissions, which would drive up the cost of energy in the state.
"The policies of this administration are threatening the very way of life that has sustained Kentucky communities for generations," U.S. Sen. Rand Paul said in a statement.

Obama has been under pressure as leaks of corruption in his administration has resulted in only 43 percent of voters approving of his performance. To that end he has had to resurrect one of the few remaining issues he has that will rally his base, which has been increasingly dissatisfied with his presidency.

One poll shows that "majorities disapprove of his handling of the deficit (63 percent disapprove), the economy (58 percent), gun control (57 percent), health care (55 percent) immigration (53 percent) and foreign policy (50 percent)."

Obama's whore, Democrat, John Yarmuth, of Louisville, as usual backed the destruction of Kentucky's way of life for a climate change work of fiction that has never existed as far as it being related to man.

The people of Kentucky can choose what direction they want to go with energy, and Obama needs to focus on cleaning his own house before he attempts to destroy so many jobs and the people that have relied on their for so many years.

This is way the people of Kentucky must vote the Democrats out of office in our own state, as they have been far too complicit in backing and reinforcing this corrupt president.

June 20, 2013

Beshear's Kentucky Economy Worsens

Kentucky Democratic Governor Steve Beshear didn't receive welcome news, as the Kentucky economy worsened in May, as the unemployment rate jumped to 8.1 percent from 7.9 percent in April, according to the Kentucky Education and Workforce Cabinet’s Office of Employment and Training.

The U.S. economy also worsened in May, as unemployment climbed from 7.5 percent to 7.6 percent.

Kentucky Democrats are getting increasingly nervous about the weak economy and ties they have with Obama, as people are tired of the liberals and their attempt to force their ways and beliefs on other via legislation.

Refusing to cut back on government spending is one of those failures of Beshear and the Democrats in Kentucky, and we need to be determined to vote out the Democrats in order to get those that truly represent the values of the majority of people in Kentucky.

June 17, 2013

Killer Lesbian Has No Respect for Kentucky Constitution

A murderous lesbian named Bobbie Joe Clary is attempting to reject Kentucky law by claiming Vermont law supersedes Kentucky law because she and her lesbian partner Geneva Case had a civil union ceremony in Vermont, and so should be considered a married couple in Kentucky. The importance of that is Clary was heard by Case to admit she had murdered George Murphy of Portland during a robbery, and is now attempting to not have to testify against here, invoking the non-existent "Husband-Wife" privilege under Kentucky state law.

It's not existent because it only pertains to real marriages between one man and one woman, the only marriage recognized by Jesus Christ.

Clary claims she killed Murphy in self defense in response to him allegedly trying to rape her. She hit the 64-year-old man in the head with a hammer, ending his life.

It's definitely odd that she would clean blood out the van of a man that had attempted to rape here. You would think she would have reported it to police as evidence. Case heard Clary admit the murder, but now is attempting to not have to testify against her in a trial.

For some reason this has now turned into a circus, with it being not the case of a murder, but some outrageous attempt to turn it into whether or not Vermont law supersedes Kentucky law. It doesn't, and this should quickly be brushed aside so the trial can go on unhindered to give the murdered man justice.

It's sickening to see a murdered man's search for justice turned into whether or not Kentucky must recognize homosexual civil unions or marriages.

The answer is Kentucky doesn't because the people have spoken. The only marriage allowable and recognized under Kentucky law is that between one man and one woman. To be forced to recognize a same-sex marriage from another state is nothing more than an attempt to use this tragic murder as an excuse to force homosexual marriage to be legally recognized in the state, as all any homosexual would have to do is get married in a state that allows it and then come back to Kentucky, forcing the state to recognize it as a marriage.

The Kentucky constitution says this: "only a marriage between one man and one woman shall be valid or recognized as a marriage."

Clary's attorneys Angela Elleman Michael Ferraraccio argued in a motion. "Kentucky apparently recognizes that convicted felons have a protected right to marry, yet law-abiding homosexuals are denied legal recognition of their marriage."

Since when did a murderer suddenly become a law-abiding homosexual. But they aren't law-abiding, because beyond the murder and covering it up, they're attempting to trample on the constitution of Kentucky, which rejects totally and completely any type of homosexual union. 

The state Court of Appeals made a ruling in 2008 saying that people in a same sex relationship do not have the privileges and protections of marriage, calling it a "legal fiction" to give "equal protection, equal rights, to gay couples."

Jefferson Circuit Court Judge Susan Schultz Gibson has set a July 30 hearing date to address the issue. 

What's there to rule on. The court already made the decision, and there is no confusion or uncertainty as to what it means.

June 14, 2013

Ky. Community College Tuition Just Got Higher

Those wanting to attend community college in Kentucky will have to dig a little deeper, as the Kentucky Community and Technical College System Board of Regents voted to raise the wages of faculty and staff by 2 percent, and tuition itself by 2.86 percent.

Those full-time employees of Kentucky's 16 community and technical colleges will get a raise of $1,000 or 2 percent, whichever is larger. That assumes a positive evaluation for the workers.

Residents of Kentucky will get a tuition boost of $140 to $144 per credit hour.

President of Kentucky Community and Technical College System Board of Regents, Michael B. McCall, approved of the increases on Friday.

June 12, 2013

Southern Baptist Convention Takes Stand Against Gay Boy Scouts

On Wednesday the Southern Baptist Convention took an official stand against the gay Boy Scouts of America, saying the practices of homosexuals are contrary to the oath of a scout to do his duty to God.

This was in response to the irresponsible and immoral decision by the Boy Scouts of America to allow openly gay scouts into the membership.

Since Southern Baptist churches are independent, the leadership can't tell a church it has to sever ties with the Scouts.

According to the website of the Boy Scouts of America, approximately 108,000 Boy Scouts are sponsored by the Southern Baptists. The largest protestant denomination in America warned the Boy Scout leadership that allowing gays into the membership would result in many Southern Baptist churches to stop sponsoring troops.

Since the Southern Baptist Convention has an alternative boys youth program in place called Royal Ambassadors, it's unclear why the churches it represents don't completely leave the Boy Scouts, as the Boy Scouts are irrelevant, it's the raising of godly young men that matters.

The perverted idea that boys should remain in the Scouts because of it being considered an evangelistic opportunity is totally wrong and unbiblical. You don't place unsuspecting boys in the midst of a perverted and evangelistic lifestyle for the sake of supposedly winning some to Christ. Willfully exposing children to homosexuality is sinful, and to do it in the name of Christ even worse.

Jesus and John the Baptist, in the beginning of their ministries, said "repent," that means to turn away from your sin and believe in Christ. To remove repent from the equation in order to be considered "tolerant" is a sure way to lose all salt and light the people of Jesus Christ are called to be.

All real Christians need to totally break away from the Boy Scouts and start their own programs, if they already don't have one in place. The name Boy Scouts has no meaning, and it adds nothing to the training and experience of boys to have that name attached to them.

The Boy Scouts have been completely compromised, quit using the tired old mantra of staying on to change them from within. It isn't going to happen. Leave the Boy Scouts and let them become the irrelevant organization they are already on the way to becoming.

June 11, 2013

Over 3 Dozen Kentucky Students Hurt in Bus Crash

Returning from a visit to Eastern Kentucky University in Richmond, a bus carrying 42 people,
including students from Waggener High School in Louisville, crashed, resulting in injuries to all passengers, with some of them being critical. Most injuries were identified as minor to moderate, according to emergency management spokeswoman Jody Duncan.

Of the 42 passengers, thirty of the students and four adults were taken to hospitals. 

The chartered bus was going west on Interstate 64 close to the Jefferson-Shelby county line when the crash happened at about 2:30 p.m. EDT.

An investigation is underway over the cause of the accident, with one possibility it being related to tires, although nothing is conclusive at this time.

There was another bus involved with the trip which wasn't involved in the accident, with all aboard being returned safely to Louisville.