December 26, 2013

Kentucky Government Pressing for Gambling Revenue

With the government of Kentucky, overall, refusing to make the tough decisions associated with
spending far more than it takes in, there is a growing move to make it legal for casinos to operate in the state.

Co-chairman of Kentucky Wins, a proponent of Kentucky gambling, Bill Robinson, says, “Statisticians, people that study these things, estimate over $500 million a year is leaving Kentucky going to surrounding states because of gambling in surrounding states. We need the money to stay home. We need the money to benefit Kentucky’s citizens.”

Concerns are the introduction of gambling would lead to government corruption, gambling addiction, and an increase in crime.

One bill has already been filed that would allow casino gambling to be placed on the November 2014 ballot. It would require a constitutional amendment to make gambling legal in Kentucky. This particular bill would require any casino to be operate in only counties bordering other states. There are plans for another bill to be introduced as well.

As usual, the major problem isn't addressed, which is out-of-control government spending, much of which is allocated to the pensions government workers who are paid benefits far above the private sector.

This is the real issue that must be addressed. With the government, if new revenues are found and spent, it will still do nothing to cut back on spending unless it's forced to.

Let's see cutbacks in outrageous government employee benefits so the rest of us don't have to continue to pay for them.

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