September 20, 2013

3 Dead in Danville, Ky Robbery

Photo: The Advocate-Messenger, Clay Jackson

A customer and the owners of ABC Gold Games & More pawn shop in Danville, Kentucky are dead after what appears to be a robbery. Also inside the store at the time of the even were children 9-years-old and 18-months-old. The 9-year-old was the one who called 911 to alert authorities.

After the shooting Centre College and the Kentucky School for the Deaf were put on lockdown.

The alleged shooter is described as "a white male, about 20, with a scruffy beard and black hoodie who was riding a bicycle."

The shooter has yet to be apprehended.

Ron Paul Talks Home Schooling on the 700 Club

Ron Paul talks about the importance of alternative education with Pat Robertson on the 700 Club.

Alison Lundergan Grimes Raising Money for Harry Reid

Liberal Kentucky Democrat Alison Lundergan Grimes, who attempts to position herself as a moderate in the state, has revealed her true colors as she on speaks out one side of her mouth in faux support of the coal industry in Kentucky and apparent opposition to Obamacare, at the same time is offering her total support of the controversial Harry Reid, who opposes much of the values the people of Kentucky hold dear.

“Grimes is trying to fool Kentuckians — serving up platitudes on Obamacare and coal while getting ready to raise cash in Las Vegas with Harry Reid, the chief defender of Obamacare and the War on Coal,” said Riggs Lewis, of Kentuckians for Strong Leadership. “Alison Grimes has two new middle names: Harry Reid — and everyone in Kentucky is going to know it.”

The Kentucky Secretary of State is running against Mitch McConnell in the Senate race.

Add to this the fact she is serving with a Democrat Governor who has called Christians "dangerous" because they "threaten public safety, health care, and individuals' civil rights."

Grimes is another liberal Democrat masquerading as a moderate until she gains power and misrepresents the people of Kentucky.

We not only must vote against radicals like Grimes, but against the overall Democratic Party for its support of those in the Party no matter how much they oppose the values of the people of Kentucky.

September 18, 2013

Obama's Energy Policies Continue to Crush Kentucky

Democrat President Barack Obama's energy policies continue to have a negative impact on Kentucky, as coal producer James River announced it'll be laying off 525 full-time workers as a result of faltering coal markets.

According to data compiled by the Kentucky Energy and Environment Cabinet, eastern Kentucky lost approximately 4,000 mining jobs in 2012.

Whether or not these mines will ever be restarted will be based upon market demand, said James River Coal.

Republican Mitch McConnell, the Senate Minority Leader, said in a written statement, "The President is leading a war on coal and what that really means for Kentucky families is a war on jobs."

Kentucky Secretary of State, Alison Lundergan Grimes, who is one of Obama's Democrats, attempted to distance herself from the policies of the president, calling his regulatory policies "overreaching," isn't believable, as she would have switched parties or run as an independent if she really felt that strongly about it.

Grimes and other Democrats need to be voted out of office in order to be sent a clear message that the people of Kentucky aren't going to embrace the radical, liberal, progressive agenda of Barack Obama, which doesn't represent the values of the people of Kentucky.

September 13, 2013

Ky Senate Sneaks Gun Control Bill Through

Residents of Kentucky need to vehemently oppose the bill that Senate lawmakers quietly and sneakily passed, which forces gun owners in the commonwealth to have an RFID system installed on all registered firearms.

This is an outrage, one that should and will result in the removal of lawmakers who have outrageously went against the will of the people of Kentucky.

The corrupt officials have chosen the town of Winchester in Clark County in an attempt to send a message to the populace that they will implement gun control measures on the people of the state. We must send a message to these officials that they will no longer represent the people of Kentucky. Winchester was chosen because of its name.

If the people of Kentucky don't take immediate action, this bill will result in the forced installation of RFID chips on all registered firearms.

People who don't comply with the law will be heavily fined, face jail time, or possibly have their firearm taken away from them.

Let your representatives know that they will pay a heavy price if they don't repeal this evil law. We must let them that no longer represent us understand and experience the pain of recall or being voted out of office.