September 13, 2013

Ky Senate Sneaks Gun Control Bill Through

Residents of Kentucky need to vehemently oppose the bill that Senate lawmakers quietly and sneakily passed, which forces gun owners in the commonwealth to have an RFID system installed on all registered firearms.

This is an outrage, one that should and will result in the removal of lawmakers who have outrageously went against the will of the people of Kentucky.

The corrupt officials have chosen the town of Winchester in Clark County in an attempt to send a message to the populace that they will implement gun control measures on the people of the state. We must send a message to these officials that they will no longer represent the people of Kentucky. Winchester was chosen because of its name.

If the people of Kentucky don't take immediate action, this bill will result in the forced installation of RFID chips on all registered firearms.

People who don't comply with the law will be heavily fined, face jail time, or possibly have their firearm taken away from them.

Let your representatives know that they will pay a heavy price if they don't repeal this evil law. We must let them that no longer represent us understand and experience the pain of recall or being voted out of office.

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