July 26, 2013

Medi-Share Back in Business in Kentucky

After a wasteful 10-year battle between the Kentucky Department of Insurance and Medi-Share, lawmakers from the state intervened after a judge ordered the health ministry to quit operating in the state.

Kentucky lawmakers changed the insurance code of the state to allow Medi-Share in programs like it to operate in the state.

"We appreciate that Kentucky Christians once again have the freedom to manage their medical bills by sharing them with other Christians through Medi-Share," said Christian Care Ministry President Tony Meggs. "We've already heard from a number of Kentucky families who are grateful and excited to rejoin Medi-Share."

Medi-Share was taken to court because the Department of Insurance theorized some participants may believe it was an insurance plan that guaranteed coverage.

What it is is a cost-sharing ministry which people pay into and share expenses with others as they may have need. Participants in Kentucky have had about $25 million paid in medical bills over the last decade.

Those in the health program must agree to not drink, smoke, or have sex outside of marriage.

Some of the approximate 800 residents of Kentucky who lost the coverage have already started signing back up for the service.

July 24, 2013

San Antonio City Council Prepares to Attack Christians

The evil thought police of the San Antonio City Council are attempting to enact an ordinance that would discriminate against Christians who believe and follow the Bible.

Included with the ban for those the speak or show a "bias" under a wide range of descriptions, would not be allowed to participate "in city government, business or employment."

The new ordinance will declare this: “No person shall be appointed to a position if the city council finds that such person has, prior to such proposed appointment, engaged in discrimination or demonstrated a bias, by word or deed, against any person, group or organization on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, veteran status, age, or disability.”

According to Pastor Charles Flowers of Faith Outreach International, it would exclude those accused of bias won't be allowed to "get a city contract. Neither can any of your subcontractors [who have demonstrated a bias] sign on to the contract.”

Christian leaders in Houston said "it allows the city council 'to prohibit those that speak their religious beliefs regarding homosexuality from serving on city boards.'”

Make no mistake about this, this is an attempt to suffocate Christianity by punishing its adherents from speaking the truth about false religions like Islam or perverted lifestyles of homosexuals and other deviants.

Not only should this be resisted, but the followers of Jesus Christ need to go on the offensive and not only battle to disallow the ordinance, but follow it up with pressuring to have those on the city council supporting this evil to be removed, and then suing the city for millions for its attack on Jesus Christ and his commands in the Bible we're required to believe, live, and speak.

We in Kentucky and Larue County need to be vigilant because liberals and their Democrat supporters and enablers are attempting to creep in and stealthily take over the state to promote their hideous agendas that go against the beliefs and way of life of its people.

July 18, 2013

ACLU Seeks Ban of Bible Distribution in Kentucky Schools

In its usual intimidation and strong-arm tactics, the ACLU has pressured Kentucky school districts to
forbid the distribution of Gideon Bibles in schools.

A Christian legal group named “Alliance Defending Freedom” is resisting the attack on Christianity by sending their own letters to the school districts the ACLU sent its letters to.

Here's part of what the ACLU said in its letter:

“[T]his practice violates both federal and state constitutional guarantees barring governmental endorsement of religion, and it also impermissibly encroaches upon parents’ prerogative to direct the religious upbringing of their children.

“By allowing an outside group to distribute sectarian materials directly to public elementary school students during school hours, school officials create the impression that the school endorses those religious views which subjects the students to ‘subtle coercive pressure’ to accept the proffered religious materials.”

The response from Alliance Defending Freedom was this:

“Public schools should encourage, not shut down, the free exchange of ideas. That’s why the schools frequently allow a wide array of groups to distribute literature of various sorts to students. Singling out the Gideons while allowing other groups to distribute literature would be clearly unconstitutional.

“Kentucky schools should not allow the ACLU to brow beat them into a constitutional violation. The First Amendment does not allow religious speech to be singled out for discrimination.”

Larue Country Register totally supports Alliance Defending Freedom in the matter, as well as the continuing distribution of Gideon Bibles in Kentucky schools.

July 17, 2013

Kentucky Goes Censorship Crazy on Psychologist Issue

photo credit: Institute for Justice/AP
In a move that was disguised as concern over offering one-on-one advice to a parent in Kentucky
about their “highly spoiled underachiever,” the chair of the Kentucky Board of Examiners of Psychology sent a cease-and-desist letter to syndicated parenting advice columnist John Rosemond.

What was Rosemond's crime? He told the parents they should take away electronic devices and suspend privileges until the child improved his grades.

According to former child psychologist Kerby Neill, who lives in Kentucky, this was the ultimate sin.

Here's what he said:

“If I was a physician, and I got a letter from someone I didn’t know, asking me to help them with an issue they described in cursory fashion in a letter, and I sent them a prescription for a medicine that had disastrous results, I would be hard-pressed to use free speech to justify what I’ve done. He does not know if this child is on drugs, if the child is clinically depressed, if the child will respond to this advice by becoming suicidal.

So telling a spoiled kid he can no longer have his electronic gadgets or the use of other privileges has the potential to become suicidal. That's his conclusion?

What's the real issue? Rosemond actually tries to help people before they reach the stage of having to go to a psychiatrist. That's no different than someone eating better or exercising to prevent disease. It's about psychiatrists losing patients. You know, the people that get a piece of the action for pumping people up on legal drugs.

Jeff Rowes, a lawyer at the Institute for Justice, who has filed suit on behalf of Rosemond, sheds humorous light on the silliness of the Kentucky Board of Examiners of Psychology in its attempt to forbid competition in the state.

“If John Rosemond is a criminal, than Dear Abby was on a 50-year crime spree,” Rowe says. “And Dr. Phil can be banned by the air waves, and Dr. Oz should be sentenced to hard labor.”

Is this what Kentucky and America is coming to, where free speech and helping someone is now considered a crime?


July 12, 2013

Thousands of Venezuelan Youth Commit to Sexual Purity

Speaking at a youth festival in Venezuela, Evangelist Luis Palau presided over a gathering of about 45,000 people, where thousands not only accepted Christ as Lord and Savior, but also committed themselves to remaining sexually pure until marriage.

Chants of "yes to sexual purity" were repeated over and over again; with sexual purity being something the world desperately needs.

Palau said, "If each and everyone one of you gives your life to Christ, not only will you all revolutionize Venezuela, but Colombia and the entire world. Tonight, the Lord tells you, you have more than hope, you have the security that the power of God will be upon your life."

The event was organized by Gabriel Blanco, who has a vision of seeing the youth of Venezuela transformed to live lives based upon the Bible.

July 6, 2013

Christians Violently Attacked at Seattle "Gay Pride" Event

Women screeching profanities and threats, and men physically attacking two street preachers in Seattle is what America is increasingly coming to when Christians point out the sin in the lives of people. As you can see in the video below, the Christian men were simply holding a sign and a Bible while the homosexual event was going on. The response by the crowd only confirms the violent tendencies of those being called out for their sins. Watch the video, as it speaks better to the hatred and brutality of those supporting and participating in homosexuality than any words could. These people think they can extinguish the testimony of God by calling preaching against sin a "hate" crime, or disallowing almost any public discourse on the subject so it is accepted as normal by the masses. Jesus Christ will never allow that to happen, but it will be costly to resist the sin in the lives of people in order to lead them to repentance and salvation.