July 12, 2013

Thousands of Venezuelan Youth Commit to Sexual Purity

Speaking at a youth festival in Venezuela, Evangelist Luis Palau presided over a gathering of about 45,000 people, where thousands not only accepted Christ as Lord and Savior, but also committed themselves to remaining sexually pure until marriage.

Chants of "yes to sexual purity" were repeated over and over again; with sexual purity being something the world desperately needs.

Palau said, "If each and everyone one of you gives your life to Christ, not only will you all revolutionize Venezuela, but Colombia and the entire world. Tonight, the Lord tells you, you have more than hope, you have the security that the power of God will be upon your life."

The event was organized by Gabriel Blanco, who has a vision of seeing the youth of Venezuela transformed to live lives based upon the Bible.

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