July 6, 2013

Christians Violently Attacked at Seattle "Gay Pride" Event

Women screeching profanities and threats, and men physically attacking two street preachers in Seattle is what America is increasingly coming to when Christians point out the sin in the lives of people. As you can see in the video below, the Christian men were simply holding a sign and a Bible while the homosexual event was going on. The response by the crowd only confirms the violent tendencies of those being called out for their sins. Watch the video, as it speaks better to the hatred and brutality of those supporting and participating in homosexuality than any words could. These people think they can extinguish the testimony of God by calling preaching against sin a "hate" crime, or disallowing almost any public discourse on the subject so it is accepted as normal by the masses. Jesus Christ will never allow that to happen, but it will be costly to resist the sin in the lives of people in order to lead them to repentance and salvation.

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