April 13, 2017

Larue Country loaded with wild turkeys

I get around Larue County country roads a lot, and recently, as you can see in the video below, I've come across a lot of turkeys.

Unfortunately, the video below was taken with an older iPod, which has limited zoom capabilities. That's why the turkeys appear so far away, and in fact, were far away.

What I wanted to show was how many wild turkeys were in this flock. It's the largest flock of wild turkeys I've ever seen.

Interestingly, I think I've seen this flock before, although it wasn't quite as large as this one. If it's not the same one, there are a lot of turkeys running around Larue County.

This should be a good turkey season for everyone that knows where to look.

Let us know in the comments of how successful you've been this year.

Also, the turkeys above are only those seen on one day. Almost every time I drive around I see them.

October 20, 2016

Larue Country Rocked by Corruption, Scandals

There is something desperately wrong in Larue County, as corruption at the highest levels in the recent past, as well as the scandals surrounding the LCHS Principal and high school and middle school girls' basketball teams calls to our attention the need for a moral assessment of the people of Larue County itself, of which I am one, and those vetting candidates for positions that can have a profound effect on the children of Larue County.

The first thing we need to do is to call upon God for repentance for our failures, and from there examine what we must do to turn this despicable situation around.

Simon Ford

It's outrageous that we vote in or appoint these types of people to lead in some capacity in our County, and if the corruption or scandals aren't enough to do some soul searching before God, then we'll deserve the type of people we allow to influence our local government and children.
As for the moral failure surrounding the school system, parents should seriously consider taking their children out of it. For many years it has taught that which opposes the Bible and our Christian faith, and the recent outrageous events confirm not only the reality of that worldview, but that those embracing it are getting bolder and bolder in acting it out before our eyes.

What will it take to turn this situation around? It needs a dramatic reversal of how we view the leaders we put in place, and call upon God in Jesus Christ to help us find those that are representative of His laws and serve the God of the Bible. Anything less than that is too little. It's obvious that it's already too late.

There is also the need to examine closely those, in the case of being hired by the school district, as to why the vetting of these people is missing so much of who they are.

The best thing to do with school is to remove our children from the system that opposed our world view and train them ourselves, or get together and create an alternative to the school system which will train our children up according to the Word of God.

If you don't think the Larue Count school system is in opposition to the teachings of the Bible, you need to go through the books and computers used to train the children up. I've done it. They don't represent the Holy Scriptures.

As usual the response of many will be there are some good Christian people teaching in the school system. And that is true. But that has nothing to do with what our children are being taught as a whole, and the types of people that are being placed in authority over them.

If the corruption and scandals don't move you to action, then Larue County is already lost. 

June 4, 2016

Kentucky Pride Festival - Celebration of Sin

Identified as a our-day celebration, the Northern Kentucky Pride Festival, which is nothing more than a celebration of sin and refusal to repent and turn to Jesus Christ, is going on this weekend at Covington’s Mainstrasse Village.

Bonnie Meyer, president of Northern Kentucky Fairness, said this:

“This year, we celebrate the seventh year of Northern Kentucky Pride. Our Pride is a unique event in that we are not only community­ based, but intentionally inclusive of LBGTQ allies and families as we aim to celebrate and educate during this event. In light of recent anti-­LBGTQ policy in Kentucky, it is more important than ever to be visible in the community to advocate and celebrate together.”

The idea of inclusiveness in light of the Holy Scriptures is a lie. We are not to have fellowship with darkness, and to support any of this is to support the enemies of God, who rejects the evil lifestyles and worldview of these people.

There is nothing to celebrate with these sins, and it's these rejectors of Christ that need to be educated. Hopefully there were some real Christians there interacting with them not to friends, but to call them to repentance. I'm not talking about yelling and screaming at them, but engaging them with the truth in a non-combative attitude, if they're willing to receive instruction concerning the truth.

As seen multiple times in video, these people, when they're not in the spotlight, hideously attack Christians calling them out for their sins. At times I've seen Christians being threatened and attacked for doing nothing else but singing spiritual songs. Other times they're exercising their free speech rights by holding a sign at a so-called "Pride" parade, or other event. Many times they're physically attacked for simply being there.

This is the dark secret of these people who under the guise of inclusiveness attempt to gain allies that are deceived into thinking they're peaceful, until the time they start to sway a majority in a locality, whereby they go on vicious verbal and physical attacks. Look at the brutish hate exercised against Christians at universities and colleges by these deviants and their allies.

Never be deceived into thinking they want peace with believers. They don't want anything. They demand we accept their sin against the very will and word of God. I, for one, refuse to do so.

March 26, 2016

Atheist Group Attacking Kentucky Noah's Ark Theme Park

An atheist group called Tri-State Freethinkers, representing people from Kentucky, Indiana and Ohio, have ramped up its attack on the upcoming opening of Ken Ham's "Ark Encounter" theme park, calling it immoral, as it allegedly celebrates "genocide and incest."

The so-called Freethinkers, who are in reality slaves to a lie, said presenting the story of Noah is immoral, adding it shouldn't be considered for family entertainment.

The anti-Christian group used crowd funding as a means to raise money to counter the Ark theme park, using it to attack it using a big billboard and six smaller billboards over the period of a month.
Trying to garner more attention and money, it stated if it was able to raise $150,000, they would build their "very own genocide and incest park."

Another plan in the works is to use any extra funds in order to put together a protest on opening day of the par, which is scheduled for July 7, 2016.

For what they consider a non-existent God, they sure worry about something they consider a myth.

September 4, 2015

Kentucky Magistrates Need to Rise Up and Resist Same-Sex Tyranny

It's unfortunate a tremendous opportunity has been missed, at least in the early stages, concerning the bold and righteous resistance of Kim Davis, the Kentucky magistrate, who refused to hand out marriage licenses in response to the Obergefell Supreme Court decision that allowed homosexuals to "marry."

The issue at hand is her attorneys decided to battle over "religious liberty," as the issue at hand. Instead, the battle needs to move to the authority of lesser-magistrates, who have the responsibility and right to make decisions based upon the constitution of the people they were voted in by, which in this case is Kentucky.


July 24, 2015

Kentucky Says Pastors Can't Call Homosexuality 'Sinful'

In what would have been considered unthinkable even a few months ago, the state of Kentucky has now ordered volunteer pastors they can't tell the people they're ministering to that homosexuality is "sinful."

As of now, if the volunteers don't obey this religious test, they won't be allowed to minister in the Kentucky Department of Juvenile Justice, and will have to resign, according to Liberty Counsel.

There has already been one victim of this outrage - Pastor David Wells, who has been a volunteer at the Warren County Regional Juvenile Detention Center for over a decade. He operated under the auspices of "the prison ministry of Pleasant View Baptist Church in McQuady."

Liberty Counsel said this:

“Many juveniles are in DJJ custody because of sexual crimes. Pastor Wells must be able to discuss what the Bible says about matters of sexuality with the juveniles he is trying to help. To remove the Bible from a pastor’s hands is like removing a scalpel from a surgeon’s hands. Without it, they cannot provide healing.”

Here's the order called DJJ Policy 912:

Volunteers "[S]hall not refer to juveniles by using derogatory language in a manner that conveys bias towards or hatred of the LGBTQI community. DJJ staff, volunteers, interns, and contractors shall not imply or tell LGBTQI juveniles that they are abnormal, deviant, sinful, or that they can or should change their sexual orientation or gender identity."

This is an outrage that Christians in Kentucky must rise up against. What they are doing is calling God's word and God Himself as speaking hateful, biased, derogatory things. 

Liberty Counsel sent a letter to the Commissioner Kentucky Department of Juvenile Justice saying he and it have until July 31 to reinstate Wells.

It said in part:

“Liberty Counsel writes regarding the blatantly unconstitutional revocation of volunteer prison minister status of ordained Christian minister David Wells, who has provided voluntary spiritual counseling and mentorship to juvenile inmates under the control of the Department of Juvenile Justice. … This revocation was issued by Warren County Regional Juvenile Detention Center on the basis of the April 4, 2014, DJJ Policy 912, which mandates full DJJ support of homosexuality and transvestism."

Not only must we totally resist this evil, but find out whose behind it and have them removed from office, and possibly prosecuted. It needs to be done quickly or we'll find out our freedoms have been totally eroded .
in Kentucky.

July 10, 2015

Democrat Jack Conway A Total Hypocrite

Ever since Jack Conway refused to do his job when a federal judge overruled the will of the people of Kentucky to have marriage defined as between a man and a woman, he is acting all lawful concerning the anti-Biblical decision to redefine marriage as also between people of the same sex.

As Attorney General, Conway refused to battle for the people of Kentucky as he was required to do, by appealing the decision of the immoral Judge John Heyburn, passing his responsibilities onto Governor Steve Beshear.

Conway even went so far as to identify the people of Kentucky as discriminating against homosexuals because of their belief in Jesus Christ. For that reason alone he should have been removed from office. It's an outrage that he flaunts himself before the people of Kentucky, like his colleague Obama.

Also despicable was Conway's renewed legal religion, where he said the Supreme Court "made clear that the government cannot pick and choose when it comes to issuing marriage licenses and the benefits they confer."

In other words, like Obama, Conway believes he can pick and choose the laws he wants to follow, while the people of the Christian faith in Kentucky need to submit unto laws that go against our Creator and Savior Jesus Christ. 

For these reasons, we must vote against Conway and get him out of state politics. Let him go get a real job and let those who are moral and upstanding guide the commonwealth.

April 30, 2015

Printer Doesn't Have to Print Gay Pride Shirts, Says Kentucky Court

In the ongoing attack on Christians by the gay mafia, a printer from Lexington, Ky. found himself having to defend himself against a ruling by the Lexington-Fayette Urban County Human Rights Commission, which asserted he had to print messages supporting Lexington Pride Festival.

Blaine Adamson of "Hands On Originals," was forced to appeal the decision in order to keep himself from having to print messages on shirt that were against his religious beliefs.

ADF Senior Legal Counsel Jim Campbell, who argued before the court in Hands On Originals v. Lexington-Fayette Urban County Human Rights Commission, said this:

“The government can’t force citizens to surrender free-speech rights or religious freedom in order to run a small business, and this decision affirms that. The court rightly recognized that the law protects Blaine’s decision not to print shirts with messages that conflict with his beliefs, and that no sufficient reason exists for the government to coerce Blaine to act against his conscience in this way.”

This of course is the correct decision, but it was implied that because Adamson employed and did business with some who identify as homosexual, he didn't make a decision based upon that in particular, but because he disagreed with the message.

My thought is this shouldn't have any bearing whatsoever on the case. This is private property and a private business. A person can accept or deny services for whatever reason they choose. Having a politically correct outlook is irrelevant.

Any real Christian vehemently opposes homosexuality, in agreement with the only God, so it's their right to decide whether or not to engage in a business transaction with homosexuals, no matter what the reason is.

April 28, 2015

Jack Conway Cannot Be Trusted

The people of Kentucky must remember that Jack Conway, who is running for Governor, refused to perform his duty as attorney general and oppose the decision made by a corrupt and anti-Christian and anti-Biblical judge, who simply brushed aside what the vast majority of the people stand for and believe in, and outrageously ruled against the rejection of so-called same-sex marriage in the state.

In a huge lie, Conway said at the time of the decision that the judge got it right "from a constitutional perspective," and he wouldn't appeal the decision, which was his legal and moral duty. Now he wants us to trust him to lead the state. It must not be allowed.

Conway has admitted his rejection of an appeal was based upon his personal beliefs, and said the people of Kentucky were discriminating against gays, even though Christians, who believe the Bible is the word of God, were following the commands of Jesus Christ, and not being allegedly intolerant of gays, who are sinning against God and will end up and hell and the lake of fire if they don't repent of their lifestyles.

For Conway to oppose this and even supposedly "pray" about the matter, only shows he needed to do his required duty and search out the Bible and what God has already communicated through it. There is no need to pray when God commands homosexuals to repent. That means there is not only no law that can support gays in the eyes of God the Father and Jesus Christ, but there obviously is no such thing as same-sex marriage either. Conway is flaunting his personal beliefs and throwing them in the face of God almighty and the people of Kentucky. We need to throw it back in his face and vote against him overwhelmingly in the election, to show he needs to repent for his sins against God, His people, and those living in Kentucky.

Finally, Conway is delusional when he asserts the United States Constitution protects the rights of homosexuals in regard to being able to marry one another. That's an outright lie that has been refuted by constitutional experts for years.

In the end, we can't trust a man like Conway who like his mentor Barack Obama, has decided he will rule by his personal beliefs and feelings, rather than the law. This makes Conway a dangerous man. We need to let him know that at the voting booths.

November 5, 2014

Mitch McConnell's Crushing Defeat of Liberal Grimes

Not only did Republican Mitch McConnell beat liberal Alison Lundergan Grimes, he destroyed her in a contest that had been spun in the media as up for grabs.

McConnell garnered 57 percent of the vote while Grimes was only able to get 40 percent. It calls into question the integrity and qualifications of those conducting these polls, as well as the accuracy and legitimacy of mainstream media outlets, which attempted to make this look like an upset in the making, all the way up to McConnell crushing Grimes.

It also calls attention to the fact that Grimes doesn't represent the people of Kentucky, and if she attempts to run for office in the future, we need to send her and the Democratic Party in Kentucky that we have no interest in liberals running for office.

Now that McConnell is majority leader, he needs to get aggressive and do the things Republicans and conservative Democrats and Independents voted him in for, which is to stand against the renegade Obama and his Democrat stooges.

We'll be watching him closely on Obamacare and illegal immigration to see what he does about it.

October 25, 2014

Kentucky Bow Hunter Scores 27 Points and 230 1/8" Non-Typical White Tail

Justin Mooney, of Dixon, Kentucky has had a great year for personal reasons and bow hunting, as he because a father of a new daughter, took first place in a state tournament of the Archery Shooters Association, and shot the largest buck of his life using a bow.

photo credit: Outdoor Life

The monster weighed in at over 200 lbs., and scored 27 points and 230 1/8".  For the county he took the deer in, he shattered the previous record of 167 1/8, as listed by Pope and Young, and also the 204" ranked by Boone and Crockett for a non-typical. It has to be confirmed, but the buck may also be the No. 3 ranked non-typical ever taken in Kentucky.
photo credit: Outdoor Life
Using trail cam photos, Mooney found the deer and tried to project his most likely patterns.
“This hunt was on probably the smallest piece of property I hunt, but that’s usually how it is,” Mooney said. “The deer is never where you think he’s supposed to be.”
photo credit: Outdoor Life

It only took him forty minutes of hunting to spot and take down the buck.

October 6, 2014

Alison Lundergan Grimes Secretly Opposes Coal Industry Says Staffers

In a blockbuster revelation that is sure to have implications on election day, Alison Lundergan Grimes, the Democratic candidate for the Kentucky Senate, running against incumbent Mitch McConnell, is believed by her staffers to be lying about here support for coal in order to win Kentucky voters over.

Conservative filmmaker James O'Keefe and his team caught Grimes' staff talking about the cynical support of coal, undercutting the attempt by Grimes to distance herself from the very unpopular Obama, who she is in fact in align with on many issues, including her support of abortion and gay marriage.

Kentucky voters need to vote against her and her fraudalent campaign. It would be a disaster to have this anti-Christian, anti-coal person representing the people of Kentucky in the Senate, when in fact she is in support of Obama and his disastrous policies which have torn apart and decimated the nation.