October 25, 2014

Kentucky Bow Hunter Scores 27 Points and 230 1/8" Non-Typical White Tail

Justin Mooney, of Dixon, Kentucky has had a great year for personal reasons and bow hunting, as he because a father of a new daughter, took first place in a state tournament of the Archery Shooters Association, and shot the largest buck of his life using a bow.

photo credit: Outdoor Life

The monster weighed in at over 200 lbs., and scored 27 points and 230 1/8".  For the county he took the deer in, he shattered the previous record of 167 1/8, as listed by Pope and Young, and also the 204" ranked by Boone and Crockett for a non-typical. It has to be confirmed, but the buck may also be the No. 3 ranked non-typical ever taken in Kentucky.
photo credit: Outdoor Life
Using trail cam photos, Mooney found the deer and tried to project his most likely patterns.
“This hunt was on probably the smallest piece of property I hunt, but that’s usually how it is,” Mooney said. “The deer is never where you think he’s supposed to be.”
photo credit: Outdoor Life

It only took him forty minutes of hunting to spot and take down the buck.

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