November 5, 2014

Mitch McConnell's Crushing Defeat of Liberal Grimes

Not only did Republican Mitch McConnell beat liberal Alison Lundergan Grimes, he destroyed her in a contest that had been spun in the media as up for grabs.

McConnell garnered 57 percent of the vote while Grimes was only able to get 40 percent. It calls into question the integrity and qualifications of those conducting these polls, as well as the accuracy and legitimacy of mainstream media outlets, which attempted to make this look like an upset in the making, all the way up to McConnell crushing Grimes.

It also calls attention to the fact that Grimes doesn't represent the people of Kentucky, and if she attempts to run for office in the future, we need to send her and the Democratic Party in Kentucky that we have no interest in liberals running for office.

Now that McConnell is majority leader, he needs to get aggressive and do the things Republicans and conservative Democrats and Independents voted him in for, which is to stand against the renegade Obama and his Democrat stooges.

We'll be watching him closely on Obamacare and illegal immigration to see what he does about it.


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