April 28, 2015

Jack Conway Cannot Be Trusted

The people of Kentucky must remember that Jack Conway, who is running for Governor, refused to perform his duty as attorney general and oppose the decision made by a corrupt and anti-Christian and anti-Biblical judge, who simply brushed aside what the vast majority of the people stand for and believe in, and outrageously ruled against the rejection of so-called same-sex marriage in the state.

In a huge lie, Conway said at the time of the decision that the judge got it right "from a constitutional perspective," and he wouldn't appeal the decision, which was his legal and moral duty. Now he wants us to trust him to lead the state. It must not be allowed.

Conway has admitted his rejection of an appeal was based upon his personal beliefs, and said the people of Kentucky were discriminating against gays, even though Christians, who believe the Bible is the word of God, were following the commands of Jesus Christ, and not being allegedly intolerant of gays, who are sinning against God and will end up and hell and the lake of fire if they don't repent of their lifestyles.

For Conway to oppose this and even supposedly "pray" about the matter, only shows he needed to do his required duty and search out the Bible and what God has already communicated through it. There is no need to pray when God commands homosexuals to repent. That means there is not only no law that can support gays in the eyes of God the Father and Jesus Christ, but there obviously is no such thing as same-sex marriage either. Conway is flaunting his personal beliefs and throwing them in the face of God almighty and the people of Kentucky. We need to throw it back in his face and vote against him overwhelmingly in the election, to show he needs to repent for his sins against God, His people, and those living in Kentucky.

Finally, Conway is delusional when he asserts the United States Constitution protects the rights of homosexuals in regard to being able to marry one another. That's an outright lie that has been refuted by constitutional experts for years.

In the end, we can't trust a man like Conway who like his mentor Barack Obama, has decided he will rule by his personal beliefs and feelings, rather than the law. This makes Conway a dangerous man. We need to let him know that at the voting booths.

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