October 25, 2014

Kentucky Bow Hunter Scores 27 Points and 230 1/8" Non-Typical White Tail

Justin Mooney, of Dixon, Kentucky has had a great year for personal reasons and bow hunting, as he because a father of a new daughter, took first place in a state tournament of the Archery Shooters Association, and shot the largest buck of his life using a bow.

photo credit: Outdoor Life

The monster weighed in at over 200 lbs., and scored 27 points and 230 1/8".  For the county he took the deer in, he shattered the previous record of 167 1/8, as listed by Pope and Young, and also the 204" ranked by Boone and Crockett for a non-typical. It has to be confirmed, but the buck may also be the No. 3 ranked non-typical ever taken in Kentucky.
photo credit: Outdoor Life
Using trail cam photos, Mooney found the deer and tried to project his most likely patterns.
“This hunt was on probably the smallest piece of property I hunt, but that’s usually how it is,” Mooney said. “The deer is never where you think he’s supposed to be.”
photo credit: Outdoor Life

It only took him forty minutes of hunting to spot and take down the buck.

October 6, 2014

Alison Lundergan Grimes Secretly Opposes Coal Industry Says Staffers

In a blockbuster revelation that is sure to have implications on election day, Alison Lundergan Grimes, the Democratic candidate for the Kentucky Senate, running against incumbent Mitch McConnell, is believed by her staffers to be lying about here support for coal in order to win Kentucky voters over.

Conservative filmmaker James O'Keefe and his team caught Grimes' staff talking about the cynical support of coal, undercutting the attempt by Grimes to distance herself from the very unpopular Obama, who she is in fact in align with on many issues, including her support of abortion and gay marriage.

Kentucky voters need to vote against her and her fraudalent campaign. It would be a disaster to have this anti-Christian, anti-coal person representing the people of Kentucky in the Senate, when in fact she is in support of Obama and his disastrous policies which have torn apart and decimated the nation.