April 13, 2017

Larue Country loaded with wild turkeys

I get around Larue County country roads a lot, and recently, as you can see in the video below, I've come across a lot of turkeys.

Unfortunately, the video below was taken with an older iPod, which has limited zoom capabilities. That's why the turkeys appear so far away, and in fact, were far away.

What I wanted to show was how many wild turkeys were in this flock. It's the largest flock of wild turkeys I've ever seen.

Interestingly, I think I've seen this flock before, although it wasn't quite as large as this one. If it's not the same one, there are a lot of turkeys running around Larue County.

This should be a good turkey season for everyone that knows where to look.

Let us know in the comments of how successful you've been this year.

Also, the turkeys above are only those seen on one day. Almost every time I drive around I see them.

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