July 10, 2015

Democrat Jack Conway A Total Hypocrite

Ever since Jack Conway refused to do his job when a federal judge overruled the will of the people of Kentucky to have marriage defined as between a man and a woman, he is acting all lawful concerning the anti-Biblical decision to redefine marriage as also between people of the same sex.

As Attorney General, Conway refused to battle for the people of Kentucky as he was required to do, by appealing the decision of the immoral Judge John Heyburn, passing his responsibilities onto Governor Steve Beshear.

Conway even went so far as to identify the people of Kentucky as discriminating against homosexuals because of their belief in Jesus Christ. For that reason alone he should have been removed from office. It's an outrage that he flaunts himself before the people of Kentucky, like his colleague Obama.

Also despicable was Conway's renewed legal religion, where he said the Supreme Court "made clear that the government cannot pick and choose when it comes to issuing marriage licenses and the benefits they confer."

In other words, like Obama, Conway believes he can pick and choose the laws he wants to follow, while the people of the Christian faith in Kentucky need to submit unto laws that go against our Creator and Savior Jesus Christ. 

For these reasons, we must vote against Conway and get him out of state politics. Let him go get a real job and let those who are moral and upstanding guide the commonwealth.

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