August 30, 2013

Kentucky Man Murders Cancer-Ridden Wife

There are a growing number of murders that allege the person doing the killing was asked to by a
suffering spouse or loved one. The problem is there is no way of knowing if that was the reason for the killing or not.

That's the case with Ernest Chumbley, who shot his wife to death after saying she asked him to because of pain associated with breast cancer.

Chumbley and all other performing these murders need to be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. If this pattern and trend isn't stopped, anyone wanting to end the life of someone that happens to be suffering, can do so with little or no fear of suffering the consequences.

Think of the reasons for wanting to kill someone. It could be anger from a past wrong; irritation over having to go through the suffering of the person in question; even possible insurance policies or a big estate could be the reasons.

Considering these possibilities and more, it makes no sense to allow someone to kill a person, attempt to describe it as a mercy killing, and then expect to be considered innocent of a crime.

Chumbley claims he was just doing what his wife asked him to. But what if she had asked him to go shoot the neighbor? Would he have obediently proceeded with her demand?

No one has the right to play God. And when someone is suffering we can pray, encourage and do everything we can to ensure it is as limited as possible.

To allow this dangerous precedent to go forward can result in so much mischief, it would basically give people permission to murder. All they need is for someone to be sick who allegedly asks them to kill them.

How come most of these murders are done when it's only two people involved? Why aren't there ever any witnesses to testify to the facts of the event?

There is no such thing as a mercy killing. It's murder. And if it isn't brought to justice in this life, it will be when the murderer faces almighty God.

You can see where this is going. The media reports these types of murders as mercy killings in order to eventually press for euthanasia as an alternative to these private murders.

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