August 2, 2013

Kentucky Mayor Attacked for Being Christian

Hawesville Mayor Rita Stephens has been under attack for sharing her beliefs while writing a
monthly column for the Hancock Clarion newspaper, which talks about things happening around the city.

Some are calling her writing about Christianity as offensive and divisive, asserting an unsubstantiated and unproven proclamation that she has made herself "unapproachable" to a portion of the city.

According to clueless Edward Dewitt, who isn't a Christian, mentioning Christ and Christianity in her columns is creating a divide in the community.

That's of course what Christianity has been doing since its inception when Jesus Christ came into the world as a man, so there is no point being made by Dewitt that has any relevancy.

Only someone who believes in salvation through politics (without God) like Dewitt would assert someone talking about their Christian believes somehow interferes with political participation.

Dewitt, in an attempt to strong-arm Stephens, wrote to the so-called Freedom of Religion Foundation, which in an attempt to intimidate and manipulate Stephens, has sent a letter concerning the false idea that her talking about Christianity in a news column is a violation of church and state. When did Stephens become a church? We don't know.

The letter from the Freedom of Religion Foundation made a veiled threat by "asking" the Hawesville City Council what it is going to do to deal with the matter.

What should be done is nothing, and Stephens should continue to write on her beliefs in the column. Writing about Christ will offend people, and they'll just have to get over it. Christians shouldn't be afraid to offend, especially when it's in regard to simply talking about their faith in a conversational manner.

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  1. you the clueless one Gary Bourgeault I have followed this issue for the last 18 mo. Mayor Stephens is a vain , egotistical person who craves the attention she gets by going overboard on her religious opions. Rita could be just as good a Mayor with out Tammy Fay Baker act. Of course she won t get all the attention that way or get reelected by the Christian community Its a shame that you or Stephens can not see beyond the religious part of this issue and take hold of the facts if you are a public servent you need to remain neutral on things of this nature. To use God Fearing christian people to spring board your self into office is cruel do you not seeit that way Eddie DeWitt I value your thoughts Gary fell free to express you self I will keep an open mind I only ask you open yours as well Thank you