August 2, 2013

Kentucky Boy Helps Raise Money for Dog Wheelchair

After 9-year-old Cacious took a tumble down the stairs and was diagnosed with degenerative
mylopathy in the fall of 2012, eight-year-old Ryder McConathy knew he needed to do something to aid his friend if he wanted him to live.

"He fell down the whole set of stairs and the next day his feet were sort of dragging and we realized [what] had happened to him," said Ryder

"We knew the next step was to get him some wheels," said Lyssa McConathy, Ryder's mother.

Ryder decided to sell magnets and key chains to raise the money to buy a wheelchair for Cacious, which cost several hundred dollars. In a few days Ryder was able to raise $315, and was able to buy the chair for his canine friend.

While not as fast as he used to be, the boxer rolls along now when wanting to follow the family or Ryder around.

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