August 13, 2013

Kentucky Creation Museum Adds More Attractions

The popular Creation Museum in Kentucky is adding new features to attract more visitors, including a terrific bug exhibit, zip line course outside, and a display exploring the idea of whether or not some of the ancient stories about dragons were really a reference to dinosaurs.

Called Dr. Crawley's Insectorium, the new bug exhibit showcases hundreds of a variety of bugs and insects, such as butterflies and beetles. Included is a cool life-sized animatronic professor, which talks about how the complexity and variety of insects contradict the idea they had evolved over a period of millions of years.

The zip line cables are located outside, and along with the sky bridge course, are 2.5 miles long.

Finally, the display which explores the possibility ancient dragon and/or monster myths may have been when human beings roamed the world with dinosaurs, is placed close to the entrance of the building.

It has been six years since the Creation Museum has opened, and it has attracted almost 2 million visitors since that time.

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