December 17, 2013

Campbellsville Attracts Seasonal Mobile Workers

Nicknamed Camperforce, a group of mobile RV travelers have traveled to Campbellsville to work the Christmas season for (AMZN).

As locals in the area know, the seasonal, mobile workers stay at one of four campgrounds in the area while they do their jobs. These workers travel around the United States, getting hired in a variety of places which need people for specific times of the year.

The Campbellsville workers work three or four days a week from the latter part of September to around Christmas, or a period of about three months. It's estimated as many as 600 people may have been hired by Amazon at the Kentucky fulfillment center, doing jobs such as unloading trucks, picking, stowing, labeling, among other similar work.

Other parts of the country including Campforce initiatives are Coffeyville, Kan., and Fernley, Nev.

It isn't clear if workers from Kentucky participate in the program or not.

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