December 30, 2013

Perry to Speak at Kentucky GOP Fundraiser

With the extremely unpopular Democratic President Barack Obama weighing on the party, it is good
news for the GOP in Kentucky. To add to Republican momentum in the state, Texas Gov. Rick Perry will visit Kentucky to headline a fundraiser at the Lincoln Reagan Dinner on March 15. The event will be held at Murray State University.

The hope and probability is that Republicans will take over the state House in 2014, as the debacle surrounding Obamacare, the attack on the coal industry, and the promotion of policies opposed by the majority of the electorate in Kentucky has the Democratic Party tottering, with little in the way of answers; especially when Democratic Kentucky Governor Steve Beshear continues to move almost lock-step with Obama on national policies.

It suggests the Democratic Party in Kentucky is in bed with Obama, which doesn't sit well the people of Kentucky.

Along with Perry, Kentucky senators Rand Paul and Mitch McConnell have also been invited to attend the event.

At this time the Kentucky House is controlled by the Democrats by a 54-46 majority. It is believed that will change next year, with the Republicans controlling the House and Senate after the 2014 elections.

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