December 31, 2013

Kentucky Man Says God Healed Him of Cancer

After suffering a stroke from a cancerous brain tumor, Perry County resident Roger Teague gives the credit to God for healing him of cancer after deciding to stop his chemotherapy treatment.

Even though Teague had the tumor removed, the cancer was still in his body. In 2012 he was given only a few months to live. The chances of surviving this type of cancer are approximately a million to one.

Teague stated he decided after battling the cancer for years to stop his chemotherapy.

According to Teague, he had an experience with God at the time which caused him to believe he had been healed of cancer. He was right.

After being taken home and given a short time to life, Teague says he saw the Lord "running through my body," adding it felt as if he was glowing.

Teague said he also saw the cancer cells being struck down in his body by God Himself. A few months later there was no longer any cancer left in his body.

His doctors confirm the cancer is gone, and conclude they have no medical explanation for the event.

One of Teague's doctors, Dr. Joe Kingery, said, “I think miracles happen, yes. Medically speaking a lot of things happen that we can't explain, especially with regard to cancer or other terminal diseases.”

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