December 17, 2013

Kentucky Parks Targeted in New Bill

In a bill proposed by Rep. Kenny Imes has the possibility of providing a financial benefit to state parks in Kentucky.

How it would work is private companies would be given the go ahead to lease and/or develop state park property in Kentucky.

The types of companies in mind would be related to the tourist industry, although it isn't clear if that is the only types of companies that could do business on park property around the state. The bill is specifically introduced in order to give local tourism a boost.

"Many of our state parks have acres of unused and undeveloped property, which has long been a wasted source of taxpayer dollars," Imes said.

A better idea to me would be for the state to sell off all its land and use the revenue to pay down its unsustainable spending levels.

Per the bill, it would transfer the parameters of an existing law related to property development that is overseen by the Kentucky State Fair Board, and include land owned by the Kentucky Department of Parks.

How much better it would be to shrink the Kentucky government and rid the productive private sector of over-compensated government workers. That would be a good start to slashing the bloated Kentucky budget of 2014.

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