November 29, 2013

Kentucky Democrats, Beshear, Obamacare and Economic Growth


It is increasingly clear that Democratic Kentucky Governor Steve Beshear is a tool of the Obama administration, in light of the media assertion Obamacare is doing well in the state. That's being touted even though hundreds of thousands of people in Kentucky will lose their desired insurance carrier.

Beshear wrote an op-ed in the liberal New York Times saying Obamacare is going to be a boon for the state, and will be good for the health of the people of the commonwealth, even though it is proven there will be death panels to decide on who receives care, as well as money given to allow abortions.

What isn't reported by many news outlets in Kentucky is the fact Kentucky's economy is getting hammered, with unemployment climbing to 8.4 percent, higher than it was in October 2012.

From September 2013, the civilian labor force in Kentucky has shrunk by almost 10,000, led by a 2,100 plunge in manufacturing jobs in October. A combination of over 9,00 logging and mining jobs have been lost over the last 12 months, with the information sector losing 1,700 jobs. Building has also declining, shedding almost 2,000 jobs over the last 12 months.

Yet Beshear and the Democrats continue to plug the Obamacare disaster as a source of growth. Whenever a state counts on government programs for growth, it's going to decline, as has Beshear's Kentucky.

The pathetic and unprofessional Democratic Governor said in the op-ed when responding to the workability and/or constitutionality of Obamacare, that the people of Kentucky need to get over it.

No. The people of Kentucky need to get over Beshear, the Democrats, and senate candidate Alison Lundergan Grimes, who are all wrong for the conservative, god-fearing people of Kentucky.

We must reject the Democratic Party in Kentucky for moving lock-step with the liberal Obama. The only way to save the state is to vote in conservatives who represent the values of Kentuckians, and will represent them in the face of whatever opposition arises.

Big government programs are not economic growth, and until the liberal Democrats of Kentucky understand that, we need to vote them out in droves until they respond to who the people of Kentucky are and what they believe.

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