November 2, 2013

Kentucky Rejects Gay Divorce Tactic

In an attempt to destroy Kentucky's marriage laws, two lesbians who are allegedly getting divorced, are attempting to change Kentucky law by attempting to get divorced in the state.

So why do I say this is an alleged divorce? Because Kentucky law not only doesn't recognize same-sex marriage as marriage, but also doesn't recognize same-sex marriages performed in other states.

That means there is no marriage that exists, so the idea of getting divorced makes no sense whatsoever. All it is is a strategy to attempt to bring the case before the Supreme Court of Kentucky in hopes they'll overturn the law.

A lawyer of one of the lesbians says the couple shouldn't have to return to Massachusetts to get a divorce because of how it would disrupt their lives. How is that Kentucky's problem? It isn't. They know this, and are deliberately focusing on the so-called hardship in order to garner sympathy. All to the end of overthrowing the will and law of the people of Kentucky, whose values reject the deviant lifestyles of the two lesbians.

Listening to lawyer Louis Waterman, you can see the tactic being employed. He already stated he will appeal the dismissal of the divorce and seek to have the Kentucky Supreme Court throw out the marriage amendment, based upon the lie that it violates equal protection under the federal constitution.

The comments of homosexual advocate Beth Littrell, an attorney for Lambda Legal, a homosexual activist group, confirm this is a show case to attempt to undermine the Kentucky marriage amendment. She said the requirement to force a same-sex couple to continue to be married doesn't make sense.

Okay, let's clear this up one more time. Under Kentucky law, this couple isn't married. There is no requirement for them to remain married, because they aren't married.

What is being attempted is to make it look like there is a hardship as a result of Kentucky law, and that it is draconian because it forces this couple to remained married against their wishes.

Again, they aren't married, and just because they are recognized in the state of Massachusetts, it has no bearing whatsoever on the laws of Kentucky.

Homosexuals are going to continue to get married where it is recognized in order to bring all sorts of scenarios into the legal realm in order to undermine state laws rejecting gay marriages. Another one in Kentucky was when a lesbian murderer attempted to bypass Kentucky law by petitioning the court concerning her lesbian partner not having to testify because it violated the law where spouses aren't required to testify against one another.

This is simply another version of attempting to have a court of some type recognize gays as being married, in order to take the next step of removing the marriage law.

Homosexuals aren't married who live in the state of Kentucky, and every attempt to manipulate and bypass the will and values of the people of Kentucky needs to be struck down with extreme prejudice.

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