November 23, 2013

Deer from Larue County Area

Below are some photos deer shot in the Larue County, Kentucky area.

Andy Clemmons 4 pointer 117 lbs
Alex Brooks 10 pointer 143 lbs

Onnie Embry 10 pointer 162 lbs 

Cory "Popcorn" Skaggs
8 pointer
161 Lbs

Trey Decker
9 pointer
157 lbs

Dustin Decker
8 pointer

Ray Burroughs
10 point
field dressed at 230 LBs

Tonya Bland
8 point
168 lbs


 13 Point
Scott Burba
Bryon Florence
Nice Looking 8-Pointer
Scott Underwood
11 pointer
143 lbs
That's a nice looking group of deer, with just about everything you would like to see.

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