November 17, 2013

Democratic Governor Steve Beshear Allows Same-Sex "Marriage" Benefits to National Guard

Putting his boot in the face of the people of Kentucky once again, Kentucky Governor Steven Beshear, a Democrat, is allowing so-called spouses of homosexual National Guard members to apply for benefits.

As with a growing number of Democrats, Beshear simply sidestepped the will of the people of Kentucky, who don't recognize gay marriage as legitimate in any way.

Beshear used the decision by the Supreme Court which struck down part of the Defense of Marriage act which didn't recognize same-sex marriages, as an excuse to give the go ahead to provide benefits to these non-married people.

Based on the recommendation of Kentucky Adjutant General Edward Tonini and Beshear's affirmation of the recommendation, now homosexual National Guard members are allowed to apply for federal marriage benefits in Kentucky, even though they aren't recognized as legally married in the state.

This isn't just an outrageous slap in the fact to the people of Kentucky, but it is an direct insult to Jesus Christ whose commandments forbid homosexuality, let alone them getting married and receiving benefits.

The people of Kentucky need to remember this as the 2014 elections approach, as liberal Alison Lundergan Grimes runs for the Senate. Grimes also refuses to reject the extremely unpopular Obamacare, and instead is walking lockstep with the Democratic Party on supporting it.

Kentucky needs to let the Democratic Party know that they will no longer put up with its opposition to the conservative will of its people. The only way they will hear that message is to vote them out of office in large numbers.

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