November 5, 2013

Kentucky Obamacare a Disaster


The idea being put forth that Kentucky is a success for Obamacare is one that can't be backed up by facts, as the only metric being used assert success is the number of people signing up and the exchange itself is running fairly well.

When you think of it though, so what? It's the law that people have to sign up, so the idea that some people are signing up, albeit only a small percentage, can't be taken too seriously. All it means is the other exchanges around the United States are a disaster in comparison.

Where the disaster comes in is in regard to the approximate 280,000 residents of Kentucky who will lose their existing health insurance because of this disastrous health plan, even though Obama said it wasn't going to happen in large numbers.

According to Kentucky officials, around 130,000 individuals will lose their insurance and another 150,000 residents of Kentucky that are part of a small group policy will have their insurance canceled.

It's incredible that Democratic President Obama promised people this wouldn't happened, yet it is happening in such large numbers. Kentucky Democratic Governor Steve Beshear should be ashamed of himself for supporting Obamacare so strongly while the people of Kentucky suffer because of it. It's another of a growing number of reasons to vote Democrats out in the next election, including Alison Lundergan Grimes, who is running to represent the people of Kentucky in the Senate.

Her connection to Hollywood elites, who don't represent the values of the people of Kentucky, and Obama and the Democratic Party, point to her being out of touch with the the average person.

Kentucky Obamacare is already infuriating thousands of Kentucky residents, as they are forced to take on new insurance policies and drop their old policies. I guess this is what Obama, Beshear, Grimes, and Democrats consider success.

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