November 19, 2013

Kentucky "Pastor" Accused of Being Drug Kingpin

The so-called pastor of Holiness Tabernacle Church in Olive Hill, Kentucky, Scott Gilliam, was arrested and accused of being a drug kingpin by police. He is being called the head of the largest pill trafficking ring in the history of Kentucky.

The unidentified lead detective of the state's FADE drug task force said that Gilliam "pastored a church while he was engaging in a major drug trafficking organization [which] is pretty heinous."

"Tens of thousands of pills that have a street value of $40 to $45 each. So you're talking [a] multi-million dollar trafficking organization," added the lead detective.

Gilliam used the church building as a base to traffic the drugs. Arrested with Gilliam was Brandon Logan, 28. The two were charged with conspiracy to distribute oxycodone and possession with intent to distribute.

This underscores the need for Christianity to take a much closer look at changing its practices, as people that are in fellowship and close relationships would have been able to see what was going on, and deal with it before it reached these proportions.

Another important factor is Christians must perform far better due diligence when identifying leaders, as there are clear mandates in the Bible as to what constitutes a leader, and those requirements must be not only identified, but proven over time.

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