November 7, 2013

Baptist Sunrise Children’s Services May Allow Gay Workers

Smithwick secretly called a Sunrise Children’s Services board meeting in August in an attempt to pressure members to accept gays as a matter of expediency. This alone disqualifies him from what is identified as a "Christian" ministry.

This brings up some important issues that Christians need to face. First, ministry should never become a god, as it has with some, who consider the most important thing in life is to ensure its survival. Second, the matter of accepting government funds as part of the growth and expansion of the "ministry" must be abandoned, as there is no doubt in the years ahead in Kentucky and America there will be more efforts to slash that funding.

If Jesus Christ is really behind a work and/or ministry, there should be no problem with Him providing the resources needed for it to succeed. The idea that we need funds from the government to support God's work is one that is not Biblical in any way, and a slap in the face to Jesus Christ; as if we're a bunch of beggars that must petition an earthly king to serve Christ and people.

Kentucky Baptists and Christians in general should rise up against this atrocity, not to battle the government over accessing funds, but to have Smithwick removed, offer an opportunity to support the work through donations, and to allow whatever happens to happen in order that the spiritual integrity associated with the work remains in place.

At the board meeting Smithwick specifically called for gays to be allowed to work at Sunrise, a direct contradiction of promises he made for years.

Smithwick needs to leave, the ministry needs to be considered in light of being representative of Jesus Christ and His teachings, and a new look at growing at the pace Christ desires for a work must be considered.

Jesus Christ is never moved primarily by need, and those who proclaim Christ and want to do something in His name need to embrace all He is and what He represents when reaching out on His behalf.

We need to get out of this mindset of "ministry at any cost" and any dependence on the government to make it happen.

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