October 18, 2013

Kentucky Government Gone Wild

Outrageous new changes by the Kentucky Department of Charitable Gaming has resulted in cake walks used to raise funds in schools being designated at "gaming."

To make it even harder for booster clubs to help students, they now have to have tax identification numbers and carry liability insurance as well.

Not only cake walks are considered gaming or gambling now, but interested parties will have to get a state gaming license to offer raffle prizes.

Even worse, the Kentucky Department of Charitable Gaming now has the authority to approve each booster or organization wanting to participate in these activities.

We people of Kentucky need to rise up against these types of outrages if we don't want all of our freedoms taken away.

To see the other terrible changes and increased government control of these benign activities, go here.

The changes made are in the Kentucky Department of Education's accounting manual for school activity funds called the Redbook.

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