March 20, 2014

Kentucky Needs Conservative Governor, Politicians like Scott Walker

(AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin)
Conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh on Wednesday took a shot at the mainstream media and
even some conservative outlets for underreporting on the success of Gov. Scott Walker (R) in Wisconsin.

Limbaugh cited an Associated Press report run Wednesday on page A14 of the New York Times about the Wisconsin Assembly passing Walker’s $504 million tax-cut plan. As previously reported by TheBlaze, Walker intends to use part of Wisconsin’s projected $977 million surplus to pay for property and income tax cuts.

“He introduced a bill in January that would send $406 million to technical colleges to reduce their property tax hit and cut income taxes by $98 million by reducing the lowest bracket to 4 percent from 4.4 percent,” the report states. “The end result would be a $131 reduction a median home’s tax bill this December and $46 in annual income tax savings for the average worker.”

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