January 8, 2014

Corruption in Alison Lundergan Grimes Campaign?

The Democratic Party in Kentucky appears to be imploding, with the latest fiasco being accusations from Ed Marksberry, who claims the campaign of Democrat Alison Lundergan Grimes offered him money to drop out of the Kentucky Senate race.

In a document provided to Page One Kentucky, Marksberry, a Democrat who eventually went independent, blasted the incompetency of Grimes. He said "her future campaign would have more rookie mistakes," referring to not even having Internet domain names secured in case she decided to run at the time.

He also noted the indecisiveness of Grimes, saying it wasn't "a good trait for a US Senator. Marksberry added that Grimes continues "to amaze us with buffoonery and missteps."

He added that eventually he "was told that Alison’s campaign would like to ask me to consider stepping out of the race."

Referring to the actual payoff deal, Marksberry said he was told this: “They want to ask you to step out of the race and they understand you have some debts with your campaign and they can take care of it if you want, the money is there and they can make it happen if you want to.”

Grimes is over her head in this race, and should really step down so she doesn't embarrass herself any more than she has. The Democratic Party of Kentucky should aggressively pursue this allegation, which would allow voters to know what exactly they're getting with the candidacy of Grimes. It's looking like we're getting a disaster with this train wreck.

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