January 24, 2014

Kentucky Abortion Bill Would Require Face-to-Face Meeting with Doctor

A bill passed by the Kentucky Senate would require a face-to-face meeting with a doctor by women seeking to have an abortion.

The bill passed 33-5, with some Democrats opposing the bill asserting it was an attempt to "shame" women who wanted to end their pregnancy. This is a strange argument when you consider it's a medical procedure which has extraordinary consequences for the baby in the womb and the woman seeking to end its life.

Here's what Democrat Sen. Reginald Thomas, claimed:

"We want to engage in humiliation and embarrassment and shaming them because of their decision, which they have a constitutional private right to do."

It's the Larue County Register's position that just because man made a law doesn't make it legitimate in the sight of God and Jesus Christ, whether it was disingenuously considered hidden somewhere in the constitution from long ago.

The hypocrisy in this is if it was just about any other medical procedure, it would be considered irresponsible, and in some cases, criminal, not to go to a doctor to get the facts and an opinion. Suddenly when it comes to abortion there is no longer a need for a doctor?

This is a good bill, although we all need to keep on working and praying for this holocaust against children to end.

At this time Kentucky has two abortion clinics, one in Lexington and the other in Louisville.

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