May 11, 2014

Beshear Tackles Gay Marriage while Jack Conway Hides

After the ungodly and corrupt U.S. District Judge John G. Heyburn II imposed his will on the citizens of Kentucky by striking down Kentucky's constitutional amendment banning gay marriage, where 1,222,125 voters overwhelmingly voted to pass the law, Governor Steve Beshear has had to hire an outside law firm because the immoral Attorney General Jack Conway refused to stand up for the people and law of Kentucky, basically saying it wasn't moral.

It's an odd thing for someone elected to represent the people of Kentucky, to refuse to do so. Now this elected official who refused to perform his duty, is running for governor. We know what we must do to send the message that we won't be stepped on by Conway.

Not only that, but the people of Kentucky will now have to pay out a lot of money for the law firm because of Conway's refusal to perform his sworn duty.

The strategy of Beshear's office, which is to argue against having to recognize gay marriages performed in other states, focuses on the inability for homosexuals to bear children, which is of course a major reason God instituted marriage in the first place, in order that people would fill the earth in accordance with His plan.

Of course Jesus Christ forbids people to be homosexuals in the first place, and  they aren't born that way, but choose it for a variety of reasons. The idea of gay marriage then is a mute one with God, as the practice of homosexuality is forbidden, so going from there to marriage makes no sense.

To me, this should have been the argument, as the people of Kentucky reject homosexuality and gay marriage of any kind. The issue is this corrupt judge is saying by his outrageous decision that the state of Kentucky doesn't operate as part of a democracy, as he, by exceeding his authority, stated that voters don't matter. This is activism and ideology trumping the law of Kentucky.

Essentially what this judge did is force the laws of a small number of state onto the people of Kentucky. He has no right to transfer law across state lines. He should be removed out of his office.

Just remember that Jack Conway refused to stand up for the people of Kentucky and Kentucky law when he runs for governor.

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