May 17, 2014

McConnell Continues to Hammer Obamacare Disaster

While some attempt to make the attempt of Kentucky Senator Mitch McConnell to blast the disastrous Obamacare initiative as a no-win situation, in truth it's a dynamic issue that is on the hearts and minds of the people of Kentucky, who are going to suffer from the extraordinary rise in insurance costs accompanying the law.

One misguided writer said this:

But Obamacare may not turn out to be the campaign issue that Senator McConnell hopes it will be. True, Kentuckians – like most Americans – disapprove of the Affordable Care Act. But they also live in a state where implementation of the ACA has been held up as a national model for its smooth roll out and easy interface with users. More than 1 in 10 residents is now covered by "kynect," the state-run exchange under the ACA.

The problem isn't how smoothly the state exchange was implemented; it has nothing to do with the disaster that Obamacare is. The disaster is the socialist health care law itself, which is suffocating hard-working Americans, who are paying far more than the Democrats, who are responsible for the bill, said it would.

There is also the growing long waits to get basic care, and the death panels that decide whether you're going to get care at all for some procedures.

When the election comes about in Kentucky for the Senate, Democrats and the inexperienced Alison Lundergan Grimes will have to give answers as to why they accepted Obamacare as a whole, and why the people of Kentucky are suffering as a result.

The soaring costs of medical coverage, along with the accompanying government oversight which results in it deciding who gets what type of coverage in specific cases, makes it an extremely unpopular law for those who actually make a living.

McConnell and the Republicans need to continue to hammer at this issue. It's one that the majority of the people of Kentucky oppose, as well as the majority of Americans.

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