May 6, 2014

Liberal Jack Conway Announces He's Running for Governor

Liberal Democrat and Kentucky attorney general Jack Conway has officially announced that he will run for governor in 2015.

Conway got crushed by conservative Republican Rand Paul in the 2010 Senate race, and is unlikely to do well in the race for governor after he refused to fulfil his duty as Kentucky attorney general by not appealing a court ruling which would force Kentucky to recognize and uphold homosexual 'marriages' from out of state.

Conservatives across the state were outraged when Conway revealed he supported the judicial overreach when a federal judge corruptly intervened and bypassed Kentucky law.

Just like Ashley Judd, Conway is wrong for this state, and we need to send a clear message to politicians that they will represent us when we elect them or we'll boot them out of office. Conway must be booted out of office for his disrespect of the people of Kentucky based upon his liberal beliefs and agenda.

When liberals like Conway refuse to support the Kentucky Constitution, how much more mischief will he engage in like Obama has, who has also ignored the Constitution of the United State by calling it a living document; meaning he can make it mean whatever he personally wants it to. 

The reason Conway refused to defend the people of Kentucky against this federal intrusion? He said he did it on moral grounds. So where does Conway get his morality when the Holy Scriptures and Jesus Christ say marriage is between a man and a woman?

This liberal, Democratic morality is only sin under the guise of a tolerance. There is nothing more intolerant than the liberals who continue to attack and attempt to destroy Western civilization which is build on Biblical principles.

Fortunately Conway exposed his immoral beliefs, and we must send him back to the private sector to get a real job and repent for sinning against God and the people of Kentucky.

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