May 23, 2014

Alison Lundergan Grimes: Obamacare's Lapdog

The extremely unpopular Obamacare law is under attack from senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell,
who is calling for a repeal of the costly health care law that the vast majority of Americans didn't want.

Only the outrageous attack and pressure of Obama on Democrats representing states and regions that didn't want the socialist law to be forced upon them brought the law into being.

Now that Mitch McConnell is calling for the repeal
of this disaster, Alison Lundergan Grimes has betrayed her real colors, as she uses the old idea that just because people in Kentucky are getting free health care, she opposes repealing the unworkable mandate.

Many people in Kentucky need to understand this is horrible for those that have to pay for their health care insurance, as costs will continue to rise because many young people refuse to sign up for it, which is the backbone of it being financially feasible in even a small way.

What Grimes and her socialist ilk don't tell you is the cost of health care for a majority of people is skyrocketing because they have to pay for others to get the care by having their premiums jump in price. This is also because Obamacare forces them to pay for health services they'll never use.

The first thing that must be done is to repeal Obamacare. That's the first and only step that needs to be considered. Everything else is speculation as to what happens next.

All this law is doing is causing hardships for working people.

McConnell has it right in saying once Obamacare is eradicated, at that time health insurance companies should be released to compete in all states without government interference. In that market atmosphere, prices would fall because of the intense competition for customers.

His opponent Grimes won't even say whether she would have voted for the unpopular law. She knows if she does, the people of Kentucky will quickly let her know at the ballot box.

The hardworking people of Kentucky need to closely watch how their lives are being affected by the higher cost of health care, and vote accordingly in the next election.

Grimes' unwillingness to tell the people of Kentucky how she would have voted, only underscores the fact she will do what her handlers from Obama tell her.

Wait until the time when your life or the life of your loved ones are on the life, and the death panels decide whether or not Obamacare will take care of you. Vote Grimes and the death party out of Kentucky.

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  1. I was a registered Democrat until I learned that the Democratic party had been taken over by Social-Marxists.