August 15, 2014

Ken Ham's Kentucky Noah's Ark Project Construction Launches

With permits in place and other necessary elements in place, excavation on the long-promised Kentucky Noah's ark project is now under way. It is scheduled to be opened sometime in 2016. The location of the project is in Grant County in Northern Kentucky.

Ken Ham, most recently noted for his debate with Bill Nye the 'alleged' Science Guy, is heading up the project. Ham leads the ministry Answers in Genesis.

The ark itself will be built in exact proportion to the ark as it is described in the Bible. It will be 510 feet long, surrounded by a variety of other attractions of interest to families, including a petting zoo. Overall the project will entail about 200 acres.

Since the announcement the ark was going to be built in 2010, the project timeline fell behind donations, which resulted in delays.

Millions of feet of lumber will be needed to complete the overall project.

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers approved of a stormwater permit in July, clearing the way for construction to begin.

Also part of the ministry is the Creation Museum that was built near to Cincinnati, and has attracted over 1 million visitors since opening in 2007.

Originally published at Acts29review

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