August 11, 2014

Kentucky School District Rejects Government Food Police

Fort Thomas Independent Schools, located in the Campbell County district, has decided to opt out of the draconian federal school lunch program, as students reject the so-called healthy, bland food attempted to be forced upon them by big government.

More and more schools are making this decision for the obvious reason that it doesn't work.

Students have decided in many cases they would rather eat nothing at all, rather than be forced to eat what the government puts on the lunch menu. I've heard from a number of Larue County students that this is what's happening there as well.

Other things students do is go to a local restaurant or bring their own lunches.

Since how many students eat the government-designed menu are tied into funding, those schools where students reject the federal diet, lose money.

Across the country, about 47% of school meal programs had federal revenue associated with the program decline because of student choices to eat what they want.

This is the reason government needs to stay out or the business of its citizens. It has no authority to decide what children should eat, and then if they don't, punish the school for their choices.

In 2013, 146 of the schools surveyed had dropped the program.

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