August 4, 2014

Grimes: Obama's Rubber Stamp

Source: WFPL
A sign at a church picnic where Republican Mitch McConnell and Democratic opponent Alison Lundergan
Grimes were both in attendance, revealed the huge problem Grimes has going forward, as a growing number of people understand the hypocrisy between the official teachings of the Catholic Church, and the decision by Catholics who are Democrats, to ignore them.

One sign said this: "Alison's dilemma ... be a devout Democrat or a real Catholic."

Democrats who are Catholics have increasingly flaunted and ignored official Catholic teachings, while parading in front of voters as if they have some type of moral superiority.

Grimes is definitely one of these Catholics in name only, and rejects in many ways the core teachings of the Church; one of which is opposition to gay marriage, which Grimes has stated she totally supports.

It of course rejects all true Christians and Christian churches, which overwhelmingly oppose the sin of homosexuality and gay marriage.

The reality is Grimes is just another Obama robot ready to do her master's bidding, no matter what the people of Kentucky want.  

Grimes is a big government Democrat, as evidenced by her ridiculous accusation against McConnell for opposing a so-called fair wage bill for women, which was simply a bill introduced for the purpose of being used against Republicans during the next elections, because of the out-of-control Democrats and presidency, which operates as if it were a monarchy instead of being a representative government.

Her answer to everything is more government intrusion into our lives. Everything is about taking money from the productive and redistributing it to those that haven't earned it.

She is just another anti-Christian, big government liberal who believes government is God, and not Jesus Christ.

A vote for Grimes is a vote for Obama, no matter how it is spun. She's just an extension of who he is.

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