August 12, 2014

Owensboro May Support Homosexual Attacks on Christians

While calling it a fairness ordinance in relationship to forcing the people of Owensboro, Kentucky to accept the anti-Biblical homosexual lifestyle, it is in fact an attack on the followers of Jesus Christ, which these types of ordinances are always adopted in order to use to legally attack them.

Knowing Jesus Christ rejects homosexuality, supporters of the aberrant lifestyle choice attempt to persuade city leaders that it's only a case of them wanting 'fairness,' rather than what it truly is: an attack on the beliefs of real Christians.

The fact that the Owensboro City Commission is even taking this into consideration points to it being infiltrated by homosexuals, or being pressured behind the scenes by them and their supporters.

With the ordinance being brought to the Commission by the Director of Owensboro’s Human Relations Commission, it means questions need to be asked as to the motives behind it. Is that person a homosexual? Does that person have a child that is homosexual, so is attempting to force the acceptance of that sinful lifestyle on the people of Owensboro?

Since there is not need for an ordinance put in place that forces Christians and others to go along with this lifestyle (they attempt to spin it as a ban on discrimination), there is no need to have the ordinance. After all, who knows if a person is a homosexual or not? How can you discriminate against a person who has no discernible means of identifying as gay, unless they're flaunting it?

This sinful Director of Human Relations Commission of Owensboro reveals the agenda behind the proposed ordinance: to make the city more culturally diverse, i.e., attract more homosexuals to the area. The result, according to this person, is it would attract more economic development.

In other words, the Director of Human Relations Commission of Owensboro is attempting to turn the city more gay, which of course would result in the gay evangelizing of youth, and an increase in unwanted same-sex sexual advances. The result will be more people turning against God and adopting the lifestyle choice from that added pressure.

I've seen other cities use economic development as an excuse to bring in more homosexuals, and the people I've talked to say they had to leave and work somewhere else because of the aggressive sexual advances from the homosexuals who wouldn't leave them alone. This included women approaching and harassing other women all the time.

We are starting to see what the gay movement is trying to do in Kentucky, which has been one of the stalwart states against this evil activity. They're targeting one city after another with these ordinances, which eventually will lead to an attempt to change state law concerning same-sex marriage, and other ungodly sexual sin.

Anyone that doesn't admit this is a subtle attempt at promoting homosexual behavior by force of law, doesn't follow the strategy of gay activist. Eventually there will be lawsuits and other actions directed towards those that reject homosexuality as a sin.

Worse, the city could become a cesspool of sin, as evidenced by cities embracing  homosexual activity and the accompanying agenda. Owensboro needs to soundly reject this, or replace the people on the Commission if they don't have the courage to stand up for what Jesus Christ stands for.

The Christians of Owensboro need to rise up strongly in rejection of this ordinance, telling the Commission there is no way they can support this direct attack on their faith in Jesus Christ.

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