June 11, 2013

Over 3 Dozen Kentucky Students Hurt in Bus Crash

Returning from a visit to Eastern Kentucky University in Richmond, a bus carrying 42 people,
including students from Waggener High School in Louisville, crashed, resulting in injuries to all passengers, with some of them being critical. Most injuries were identified as minor to moderate, according to emergency management spokeswoman Jody Duncan.

Of the 42 passengers, thirty of the students and four adults were taken to hospitals. 

The chartered bus was going west on Interstate 64 close to the Jefferson-Shelby county line when the crash happened at about 2:30 p.m. EDT.

An investigation is underway over the cause of the accident, with one possibility it being related to tires, although nothing is conclusive at this time.

There was another bus involved with the trip which wasn't involved in the accident, with all aboard being returned safely to Louisville.

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