June 7, 2013

Kentucky Board of Education Supports False Evolution, Climate Change "Science"

In a vote that confirms the ungodly have taken over as gatekeepers of what they want espoused as truth in Kentucky, the Kentucky Board of Education voted 9-0 to include the "latest research" that purportedly supports the unproven theories of so-called climate change (global warming) and increasingly silly and unprovable evolutionary theory, which proponents have largely abandoned Darwinism because of it having more leaks than the Titanic.

While I oppose this on the revelation given by the Bible, which is the truth, it's not the reason this is so outrageous. It's comments by the clueless Board of Education Chairman David Karem that is so despicable.

He said:

“You are going to always have some areas where there is pushback. These are not something that just came out of thin air. Real professionals, real scientists, real educators developed these standards, and I think they are legitimate.”

For anyone that has studied both the evolution and climate change theories, they are in fact created out of thin air. Keep in mind when talking about climate change it's referring to man-made climate change, not the always changing climate that all of us have experienced all of our lives. For well over a decade there has been no warming at all, and expectations are growing that we could easily be entering a cooling off stage on the earth, as the last cold winter can testify to.

To call these ridiculous and unproven theories legitimate, either means the Chairman of the Board of Education is completely clueless and hasn't studied the theories, or he's not telling the truth. Both are scary propositions for the people of Kentucky.

Worse yet, the goofy president of Kentuckians for Science Education, Robert Bevins, said not only will forcing these theories on our children help them to "improve their careers prospects," but will help to "attract high-tech industry to the state."

So according to Bevins, forcing Christian children to believe in these false theories is going to attract high-tech industry to the state. Does this guy really believe what is coming out of his mouth?

This dishonest guy even says that the unproven theories of climate change and evolution are “politically controversial, but they are not scientifically controversial.” He obviously only moves in a tiny circle of colleagues that are a bunch of yes men. Get out more Robert, people have successfully and totally undermined the false science of evolution and climate change, showing in fact it's not science at all; it's more akin to science fiction, although unbelievable science fiction because it's so far removed from reality.

Can you believe these crazy assertions of the Kentucky economy being improved because of this nonsense, along with the science education in the state? It's simply another attack on children as they are separated from parents and attempted to be socially engineered by the state.

Even Education Commissioner Terry Holliday joined the circus, saying, “Certainly people can make their own judgments. We are not asking people to change their beliefs. We are just asking people to understand the science so they can be successful in entry-level college science courses.”

Okay Terry, let me talk slowly so you can understand. Ready? Evolution - and - climate - change - are - not - based - on - science. Got it? It's not science Terry, so it's impossible to be understood.

This isn't simply about changing someone's beliefs. That's naive to the core. It's about the fact that there is no science at all related to these two theories. If there is so much science involved, then lets see the complete and total proof offered concerning climate change and evolution. It can't be provided because neither have been scientifically proven.

Below are some questions one Christian asked an evolution supporter. You don't have to understand them, I'm only showing it to prove there is in fact no science behind evolution. We all know that climate change is a joke, based upon less made-up facts than even evolution. I would also love to see those calling evolutionary theory science attempt to answer these questions.

Now so-called science people and Kentucky Board of Education, answer these questions concerning evolution, especially you David Karem, who has publicly asserted these are "Real professionals, real scientists, real educators [that have] developed these standards" which are going to be used to brainwash the children of Kentucky with these lies:

1.There are an estimated 1,263,186 animal species and 326,175 plant species in the world. Assuming the age of the Earth is 4.54 billion years, what is the average rate of speciation?

2. How many mutations, on average, are required per speciation?

3. What scientifically significant predictive model relies primarily upon evolution by natural selection?

4. Which of the various human sub-species is the most evolved; i.e. modified by mutation and natural selection from the most recent common human ancestor? Which is the least evolved?

5. Is the theory of evolution by natural selection strengthened or weakened by the claim that most DNA is devoid of purpose?

For those that understand how those questions decimate the "science" behind evolution. Good for you. For those that don't, believe me, it undermines the false science.

As for the people of Kentucky, you have to understand there is an planned effort to undermine the values and God we believe in, and we need to hit back hard against evil, no matter how it is delivered to us. That and think seriously about getting your kids out of the increasingly anti-Christian public school system.

For the people of Larue County, don't think this isn't going to affect your children or grandchildren. We have to understand that this is a war, and the enemy is attempting to infiltrate at all levels in order to destroy the faith of these students.

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