June 25, 2013

Obama's Attack on Kentucky Continues - Lies About Global Warming

In a pathetic and outright string of lies, the president of the United States, Barack Obama, used the bully pulpit in an attempt to deflect attention away from his corrupt administration and on the fictitious tale that there is something called global warming happening in the world.

He didn't mind lying, even though there has been no global warming for 17 years. So why is he doing this? He's pandering to his base, which has been upset with him, along with the majority of Americans.

This will especially hurt Kentucky, as Obama has taken aim at the coal industry specifically, saying he will further reduce carbon admissions, which would drive up the cost of energy in the state.
"The policies of this administration are threatening the very way of life that has sustained Kentucky communities for generations," U.S. Sen. Rand Paul said in a statement.

Obama has been under pressure as leaks of corruption in his administration has resulted in only 43 percent of voters approving of his performance. To that end he has had to resurrect one of the few remaining issues he has that will rally his base, which has been increasingly dissatisfied with his presidency.

One poll shows that "majorities disapprove of his handling of the deficit (63 percent disapprove), the economy (58 percent), gun control (57 percent), health care (55 percent) immigration (53 percent) and foreign policy (50 percent)."

Obama's whore, Democrat, John Yarmuth, of Louisville, as usual backed the destruction of Kentucky's way of life for a climate change work of fiction that has never existed as far as it being related to man.

The people of Kentucky can choose what direction they want to go with energy, and Obama needs to focus on cleaning his own house before he attempts to destroy so many jobs and the people that have relied on their for so many years.

This is way the people of Kentucky must vote the Democrats out of office in our own state, as they have been far too complicit in backing and reinforcing this corrupt president.

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