June 6, 2013

Growing Number of Kentucky Churches Reject Gay Boy Scouts

In a move that any real church obedient to Jesus Christ should do, some in the central Kentucky area are no long supporting the Boy Scouts of America for rejecting the Christian faith and allowing homosexual boys into the organization.

Standing against this tide is Severns Valley Baptist Church in Elizabethtown, Kentucky and Rineyville Baptist Church in Rineyville, Kentucky, who publicly announced they will no longer support the former quality organization.

Southeast Christian Church in Louisville has also pulled support from the Boy Scouts, one of the largest churches in Kentucky.
Severns Valley Baptist Church, which has over 4,000 members stated:

“the new Boy Scout policy doesn't adhere to Biblical and church standards.”

Rineyville Baptist Church Pastor, Mitch Ash rightly said the new policy isn't "in line" with his church's beliefs. More importantly, it's not in line with the Bible either.

James "Chip" Armishaw, the Scout Executive/CEO of the Blue Grass Council, continues to flaunt the decision:

"At the Blue Grass Council, I take great pride in creating an environment where people and religious organizations, who may disagree on a variety of topics, still work together to achieve life-changing benefits to youth through its program."

This isn't about some petty disagreement, this is about the eternal lives of homosexuals who are increasingly being coddled by so-called churches in the name of tolerance, even though their eternal lives are at stake.

And the idea that Armishaw focuses on the pathetic idea of the Scouts offering "life-changing benefits to youth" while young boys in the Scouts will be evangelized to the lifestyle, while gays are reinforced in their sinful lifestyles, is a direct assault on the commands of God Himself.

The greatest life-changing benefit is for everyone to repent from their sin and sinful lifestyles and come to Jesus Christ. To ignore that is to ignore the most important thing in the world. The gay Boy Scouts of America now do that.

Christians everywhere must remove support for the gay organization completely and totally, while not being afraid to verbally let it be known.

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