May 31, 2013

Abortionist Monster Douglas Karpen's House of Horrors Exposed

Abortionist Douglas Karpen
As despicable as the story of abortion monster Kermit Gosnell was, who was convicted with first
degree murder, the story of another abortion monster - Douglas Karpen - is even worse, at least as far as the evidence goes, as it is damning.

Four whistle blowers have come forth to talk of what is really happening at the "clinic," and it is as bad as anyone could imagine.

The women took photos of some of the murdered babies, and two of them were far beyond the legal limit in Texas of 24 weeks. The photos show the babies had had their knecks cut, which is a polite way of saying this monster and his people were decapitating babies at the clinic.

What this does is expose the lie of abortion supporters, who have asserted the Gosnell clinic was an aberration, rather than the common practice believed to be performed at these murder factories.

You can go here for a detailed story on what these women witnessed at the clinics of Douglas Karpen.

They claim Karpen would hold babies out of the womb and stab them to death, while holding them by the feet. Other times they said they seen Karpen literally twist the head of the baby off by the neck; the despicable animal.

What if the babies didn't come out cleanly? No problem. Karpen would simply dismember them. It would be the worst of the worst if it was a Hollywood movie, but this is more than fiction, is a brutal reality committed every day in America.

Three Women Exposing Brutal and Murderous Practices of Douglas Karpen

Photos of Last Term Babies Murdered at Karpen's "Clinic" - Caution

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