May 22, 2013

Kentucky Tea Party Blasts IRS Corruption

The story concerning the targeting of conservative groups by the IRS is getting worse for the corrupt agency, as it increasingly appears it was a coordinated effort going beyond low-level employees.

Tea Party activists in Kentucky have been expressing their outrage over the scandal, showing up at the IRS building in downtown Louisville Tuesday to let it be known how they feel.

The IRS has admitted it in fact did target conservative groups, asking for private information far beyond what was needed, and in many cases not allowing the process to go forward if the groups applying for non-profit status didn't comply with the unethical requests.

A lot of emotion was shown at the rally, where some called for a flat tax, and others for the outright abolishment of the tax-collecting agency.

In response to the practices of the IRS, the Kentucky 9/12 Project and 27 other groups have filed lawsuits against the agency, being represented by the American Center for Law and Justice.

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