May 31, 2013

Kentucky Democrat Operative Admits to Secret Recording of Private Mitch McConnell Meeting

Kentucky Democratic operative Curtis Morrison, who worked with the unethical, liberal group
Progress Kentucky, admitted in an article he wrote for, that he did in fact illegally, secretly record a meeting between Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell and his aides.

Next Friday a grand jury will convene to consider whether or not to allow charges to be brought against Morrison, according to Morrison's attorney.

Since it is illegal under federal and Kentucky state law to electronically record someone without their knowledge, specifically if those recording it aren't part of the conversation, it's almost a surety that charges will be filed against Morrison and approved by the grand jury.

Also as part of his article, Morrison confessed that he was the on that gave the recording to Mother Jones magazine, which released the audio transcript online. As long as they weren't part of illegally getting the recording, a company like Mother Jones may release the information.

McConnell asked the FBI to investigate how the recording had been made.

Don't get the idea that this Kentucky Democrat is contrite, he concludes this: "It was a frustrating moment, but in truth, I’ve never doubted that making the recording was ethical. I believe in the philosophy of Julian Assange: When we open up governments, we bring in freedom. Helping the voting population better understand a political leader’s true priorities is a good thing. And hell yes, it’s ethical."

This is of course hypocritical to the core. He isn't about freedom in the way Julian Assange was, he is about selective freedom, i.e., attacking conservatives and Republicans. I haven't seen anything about liberals and Democrats coming out of Morrison's disturbed mind.

More troubling, the failing ethics of the Democratic Party, not only nationally, but in Kentucky, is stirring up a growing number of people to be sure to vote them out of office next election.

One of the worst was when Democrat Kentucky Governor Steve Beshear said Christians were dangerous, as he vetoed the religious freedom bill, which weakens the ability of government to force Christians to do things against their will. Kentucky lawmakers had to override the bill in order to keep it as law in the state.

We are starting to see the true colors of the Democrats, who act in line with conservative and Christian values until they get a majority in power. You can see what that has brought us with the corrupt and dictatorial, anti-Christian Obama administration.

Let's send a message to Kentucky democrats that they better adhere to conservative principles, although that's hard to do when they represent a party that legalizes the murder of babies, homosexual everything, and isn't afraid to do anything to obtain and remain in power. The only message they understand is to vote them out of office.

As for Morrison, let him spend some time behind bars to contemplate on his wrongdoings. He definitely needs help.

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